Kids Backpack with wheels are a backpack for kids with a unique design that allows children to easily pull their belongings on the floor. They can be used as a school backpack, travel backpack, carry-on luggage and more.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Kids Backpacks with Wheels

When comparing kids backpacks with wheels, there are a few factors to take into account. Functionality is the most important one. Make sure that the backpack has features that make it easy to carry around and use throughout the school day. Padding is useful for protecting delicate laptops and books from shocks, and increasing comfort against your back for longer periods of walking around.


Pockets are a must-have for any backpack, but that’s especially true for rolling backpacks. Kids need to be able to carry their “stuff”, and they need to be able to store and access this stuff when they’re on the move. A front pocket organizer on a rolling backpack makes it easy for kids to have easy access. A separate pocket for water bottles is also a great addition to consider.


Shoulder straps are important when comparing kids backpacks with wheels, because not every child has the same carrying capacity. Some little ones still can’t carry more than a few books, while others use their wheeled backpack to haul their entire lives around.

Lunch Bag

When comparing kids backpacks with wheels, parents should consider the lunch box. Some backpacks have an insulated lining where snacks can be stored in a separate compartment while the main compartment allows room for notebooks, pencils and other school accessories


A padded laptop sleeve is the most important feature in a kids backpacks with wheels, especially if your child is in middle or high school. A computer sleeve is a safe place for carrying around a laptop, and also makes transporting for school much easier than using traditional book bags.

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