Herschel Little America Backpack Review 

 July 12, 2021

By  Keith Terrell

Laptops are easily the most indispensable device today. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, manager, or employee, laptops provide you with the necessary portable connectivity that the world runs on today. 

Herschel Little America Backpack

Source: herschel.com

If you buy a laptop, you have the intention of taking it with you wherever you go. This is why you need the correct bag to keep these pricey devices protected from physical damage, dust, and the elements during your travels. Laptop bags come in many shapes and sizes, and there’s a laptop bag that can literally cater to everyone’s needs. But considering the increasing popularity of laptop backpacks, it’s understandable why people prefer to keep their hands free especially if you’re always on the go.

Backpacks allow you to take your belongings everywhere while allowing you to use your phone, navigate, commute, or do other important tasks with your hands.  

In the world of laptop bags, the Herschel Little America Backpack truly stands out. It’s ultra-stylish without cutting corners on practicality. Constructed with the iconic unisex silhouette that the brand is known for, this cleverly-designed backpack is the epitome of elegant functionality. Both men and women will find all its features useful; it’s got a spacious main pocket with a padded and fleece lined laptop sleeve, adjustable drawstring closure for easy access, front pocket for smaller belongings, contoured shoulder straps for comfort, and much more.

Herschel Supply Co. is a brand synonymous for high-quality backpacks and accessories. Known worldwide for its famous style and modern functionality, Herschel has been a tried-and-tested brand among travelers, professionals, and people who are constantly on the go.

Herschel Little America Backpack Back View

Source: herschel.com

The Herschel Little America Backpack is one of the most popular bags in their collection. In fact, you’ve probably seen this bag during your commute. It’s such a great choice for an everyday laptop backpack thanks to its simple yet stylish features, elegant touches, and excellent craftsmanship. The problem with far too many laptop backpacks is that they are complicated, but that’s where this bag excels in.

You don’t get any of those fussy details, and there’s no need to unzip its main compartment. An adjustable drawstring closure allows you to grab things whenever you need to, quickly and easily, while ensuring that nothing ever falls out of the top. 

The Herschel Little America Backpack can accommodate up to 25 liters, that’s pretty generous for an everyday laptop backpack. Its exterior is made with thick nylon, making it durable plus very easy to clean. From the outside, it may look flimsy, but that’s actually furthest from the truth: the heavily padded base provides you with added support and stability, while allowing it to sit upright even when its contents are light. It also gives your laptop extra protection when you plop it down on a hard surface. 

Here’s a summary of this bag’s many excellent features:

  • Made with durable, thick nylon
  • Lined with its signature striped fabric
  • Synthetic leather exterior straps 
  • Contoured shoulder straps with air mesh padding on the back for comfort
  • Padded, fleece-lined 15-inch laptop sleeve
  • Unisex design
  • Adjustable drawstring closure for the main compartment
  • Front pocket with concealed zipper and a key clip
  • Magnetic strap closure equipped with metal pin strips
  • Internal media pocket and headphone port
  • Generous 25-liter capacity
  • Dimensions: 19.5 inch x 11.25 inch x 7 inch

The Herschel Little America Backpack isn’t just a great laptop bag for everyday use. You can also take it to weekend trips and outdoor expeditions. The bag’s features are minimal but it has all the essentials that you need. Though they omitted water bottle pockets outside, the interior of the bag has lots of space for it.

The main compartment is pretty cavernous so you can have the option of stuffing your goods or using little organizers for your smaller belongings.

Pros and Cons

The Herschel Little America Backpack is a popular choice for men and women of all ages and needs. Durable, stylish, and practical, you can take this bag wherever you go, knowing that your belongings are kept safe. It’s such a well-loved bag that you can even gift this to a loved one and be sure that it will be appreciated and will go to good use.

Herschel Little America Backpack Details

Source: herschel.com

According to customer reviews, the Herschel Little America Backpack is definitely worth every penny. Customers rave about how useful this bag is, even if it’s on the pricier side of the spectrum. Students in particular find this bag extremely beneficial; it’s got more than enough room for a laptop, binders, textbooks, and a jacket. Other customers agree that it’s the ideal everyday bag, and love that it’s comfortable to carry despite having a heavy load. 

Just be sure to watch out for fakes when buying the Herschel Little America Backpack. Other than that, the reviews for this backpack are clearly glowing.

Customers have also found this bag to be the perfect size for traveling. That’s just another one of its many versatile uses. You can’t go wrong with the Herschel Little America Backpack.

Where To Buy

Herschel has a presence worldwide, and getting your own Herschel Little America Backpack is easy with online shopping. With just a few clicks on your favorite online shop, this bag can be delivered to your doorstep. Amazon is one of the most reliable internet merchants, so you might get lucky with a great deal on this backpack.

The Verdict

Everyone can find a use for the Herschel Little America Backpack; it’s such an essential must-have bag for people from all walks of life. There’s no surprise that it’s one of the most well-loved styles in the Herschel range. If you need a reliable laptop bag, this is an investment that you’ll never regret making. The only regret you’ll have with this laptop backpack is not getting it sooner.

Our Rating

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