Hikpro 20L Daypack Review

  • October 7, 2020
  • / By Keith Terrell
Hikpro 20L Daypack

Oh, what a time to be alive if you love the outdoors. These days, there’s absolutely no shortage of any kind of hiking equipment for every trip and every budget. In fact, the market is saturated with endless options when it comes to daypacks, shoes, pants, jackets, and all other kinds of apparel you’d possibly need for trekking both urban and rugged outdoor destinations.

Hikpro 20L Daypack

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Packing all these things for a cross-country or international trip is also crucial if you want to be prepared. What if you suddenly decide to go on a hike? What if you end up visiting an unexpected destination during your travels? The last thing you want is to scramble around for gear. 

For all these reasons and so much more, it’s so convenient to have the Hikpro 20L Daypack. This clever, foldable and ultra-lightweight backpack can fit in any overnight bag or suitcase without being a burden. It’s so affordable and convenient that there’s no reason you shouldn’t have one, because you’ll definitely find a use for it in your travels. 

This daypack is small, but it’s just the right size for holding two water bottles, hoodies, a first-aid kit, and snacks. Perfect for those spontaneous day trips! It can also serve as a light daypack for a full day of sightseeing when you want to keep your hands free for taking photos, trying out street food, or ticking attractions off your itinerary. Perhaps best of all, this pack is really simple and it keeps your hands free.

You could use other styles of bags to serve the same purpose, but nothing really beats the convenience that a backpack can offer.

Hikpro makes some of the most affordable, lightweight daypacks in the world. Their products are extremely versatile, useful, and handy. Whether you’re a student or professional who needs a book bag, a traveler requiring a bag for those unpredictable situations on the road, or you’re an outdoor lover who needs a daypack for camping or hiking, you’ll definitely find a use for Hikpro’s backpacks.

Hikpro 20L Daypack Back View

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The Hikpro 20L Daypack may be foldable and thin, but it packs a punch with its 20 liter carrying capacity. Keeping your things organized is simple with three zippered compartments. The spacious main pocket is great for keeping your essentials and daily needs, while its inner zippered pocket doubles as an extra compartment for keeping valuables such as your travel documents, passport, credit cards, and cash.

A smaller pocket on its exterior is perfect for storing a notebook or guidebooks, camera, and snacks. On each side, you’ll find two large mesh pockets for water bottles so you never have to worry about dehydration on the road. Alternatively, these can also be used to stash small travel-sized umbrellas. 

It’s the perfect travel companion. Weighing just 7.5 ounces, you can fold this bag up to the size of a sandwich. The Hikpro 20L Daypack is also made with water-resistant nylon that keeps your belongings dry for as long as an hour under the rain. Its superior material is tear-resistant, and when you combine that with its double fabric at the bottom and reinforcements in 14 areas in the pack, you know you’ve got a bag that can last you a lifetime. 

That’s not all – the Hikpro 20L Daypack has so many features you’ll love. Comfortable, breathable, mesh S-style ergonomic shoulder straps are easily adjustable for a snug fit. 


Here’s a rundown on all the features of the Hikpro 20L Daypack:

  • Weighs just 7.5 ounces, and foldable down to the size of a sandwich
  • 20L capacity
  • A total of three zippered compartments plus two mesh side pockets
  • Made with quality water and tear-resistant nylon
  • Ergonomic breathable S-shape shoulder straps
  • Double fabric at the bottom of the bag
  • Reinforcements in 14 areas

Spacious and light, the Hikpro 20L Daypack is a practical and resilient backpack for vacations, camping, shopping, school, and hiking.

Insider Thoughts

Given all the excellent features of the Hikpro 20L Daypack, we weren’t surprised to read the reviews and find out that people from all around the world love this daypack. Its price points are lovable too; it’s so affordable that there’s no reason to think twice about purchasing this bag.

Hikpro 20L Daypack Details

Source: ebay.com

According to customer reviews, the Hikpro 20L Daypack is the perfect travel bag. It’s so easy to fold up and repack to take with you on your travels. After all, it weighs pretty much next to nothing. Customers also appreciate how easy it is to clean this bag if you’ve gotten it dirty.

People were also surprised at how well this bag holds up; at first, you might think that it’s made with flimsy material but it’s actually really flexible and durable as they found out when they broke this bag in.

Some customers disagree with its “tear-resistant” quality, as they found that small rips do occur. A few have also found that its interior lining fell apart. However, if you run into issues with this bag, Hikpro does offer a five-year warranty for peace of mind. 

Thousands of reviews have poured in about the Hikpro 20L Daypack, and with most of them praising this bag’s excellent features and affordable prices, you know you can buy it with confidence. 


  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Easy for travel
  • Improved version is more durable


  • Not waterproof
  • Some find the material very thin
  • Wrinkled appearance

Who's This For?

The Hikpro 20L Daypack is perfect for ultralight and minimalist packers who are always traveling. The material is light but very durable. There is a roomy main compartment, zippered pocket on the outside, as well as two side pockets for water bottles or an umbrella. A small zippered pocket on the inside doubles as its carrying case when not in use. 

If you are traveling and are not sure what your activities might be, this bag is very versatile. If you go on an unexpected hike or trek outdoors, this daypack will easily fit a light jacket, water bottles, maps and even some light snacks. If you are on a city tour and would like to shop for small souvenirs, you can store your purchases in the bag to keep your hands free as you stroll through town. 

Did we mention it enough that this bag is foldable? Even as a lightweight packer, if you think that you might need an extra bag that is small and easy to stow, then this bag is also for you. Just fold the bag and tuck into the internal zippered pocket, which is also its case. 

This bag is also for those who want value for money. Why spends hundreds of dollars for an ultralight packable daypack when you can buy it for less but with all the features that you are looking for? This bag costs a lot less than its competitors but it performs just as well as its more expensive counterparts.  

Where To Buy

The Hikpro 20L Daypack is available at affordable prices from many online sellers. Amazon is known for having terrific service and shipping, so you may want to check it out before buying online.

The Verdict

You can’t go wrong with the Hikpro 20L Daypack. It’s the perfect choice for any kind of travel, and the bag is so affordable too. You’d be hard-pressed to find a daypack in the market that can match its functionality and durability while beating its price.

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