DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack Review

  • April 6, 2020
  • / By Keith Terrell
Hush Gecko Outdoor Backpack Review

When you leave your house and pack all of your essential belongings in your backpack, the last thing you want to worry about is someone getting hold of them and stealing them.

Try as we might to keep an eye on the people around us and make sure our bag is fastened securely to us, thieves today are quite good at taking stuff from our backpacks without us ever being the wiser.

Hush GeckoOriginal Design Anti Theft Backpack

What the modern commuter and traveler needs is a bag that’s been designed to protect against these unwanted thieves, packed full of features that deter them and make it impossible for them to get inside. When you’re carrying around a backpack like this you don’t have to give the safety of your goods a second thought and can get on with enjoying your adventure.

A backpack like this might sound a little futuristic, though, and when you think about what it would cost to make such an accessory you probably believe you won’t be able to afford it. However, DYSU has managed to create an anti-theft backpack that is affordable and well made, so you never have to worry about your belongings again.

This anti-theft backpack features durable materials and hidden zippers and compartments so no thief will be able to penetrate it. Whether you’re traveling overseas or riding the train on your way to work, anything you put into the DYSU Backpack will remain safe and sound.

About The Product

DYSU is one of the most respected names in bag makers, with everything from backpacks to makeup bags on offer. Their range is known for being innovative, fashionably designed, but reasonably priced, which make them a popular choice for a wide range of customers.

The DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack has a particular customer in mind, though, and that’s someone who wants to keep their belongings safe and sound. At around 16” tall it’s the perfect size to take along to work or study and would be the ideal traveling companion for interstate or overseas trips.

The key difference with this backpack is the anti-theft measures built in, making it a smart choice for those who favor safety over anything.

This backpack has plenty of enviable features, and a lot more than you’d imagine for something in this price range. When you choose the DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack to keep your belongings safe, you’ll get:

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    Cut-proof material to stop straps being slashed;
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    Integrated USB charging port;
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    Water repellant fabric for extra protection;
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    Hidden YKK zippers and secret compartments;
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    Measures around 16” x 13”;
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    Fits some smaller laptop sizes;

If you’ve been looking for a backpack that offers a little more than the rest, the DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack is certainly a great choice. With all the futuristic features you’d expect to find on a product that costs hundreds of dollars, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how little this one is.

Pros And Cons

The most amazing thing about this backpack is its comfort and quality, and that’s what customers seem most happy about. Although it’s been designed as an anti-theft accessory that doesn’t mean it’s tough and uncomfortable, so if the thought of this has been putting it off you can ease your mind with these reviews.

Hush GeckoOriginal Design Anti Theft Backpack

One thing you’ll need to be careful of is the phone charger that comes with this, as people who have certain smartphones have found it isn’t compatible. Those with an iPhone X or iPhone 8 won’t be able to use the USB function, so be warned if you’re purchasing it for this purpose alone.

The backpack is a little on the smaller size and probably not ideal for someone looking to use it just as a laptop bag. Although it can carry small laptops it’s probably better for storing tablets, smartphones, paperwork, wallets, keys, and travel documents, as these are all things you’d want to keep safe from thieves.

Where To Buy

To get yourself a great price on the DYSU backpack and their other items, you can head to Amazon.  You might even like to get yourself a second bag or buy one as a gift for a friend or relative, as it’s something that will get a lot of use.  Amazon will ship them straight to your door and they offer this service worldwide, with some places getting free shipping altogether.

DYSU offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and will gladly offer a full refund for the first 45 days after purchase. This means if your product turns up faulty or it doesn’t do the job as described you can return it free of charge with no hassle. Judging by the reviews, though, there doesn’t seem to be any cause for concern in this area.

The Verdict

There’s no quicker way to ruin a day at work or overseas trip than having your belongings stolen straight out of your bag and the DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack is the simple way to prevent it. This simple backpack might look normal enough on the outside but it’s packed full of features that keep thieves away and ensure your belongings are safe.

Hush GeckoOriginal Design Anti Theft Backpack

For such a low price it’s amazing to find such a feature packed and futuristic backpack, and even better when you take advantage of the current promotion online. Get yourself the DYSU Anti-Theft Backpack and keep your goods as safe as they deserve to be.