NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag Review

  • April 6, 2020
  • / By Keith Terrell
NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag

Cycling as a means of commuting to and from work or the outdoors is becoming increasingly popular. Not only is it an eco-friendlier way to get around because it reduces your carbon footprint, but biking also gives you more control whenever you’re on the road since you no longer have to chase a cab, train, or bus. It allows you the freedom to bypass traffic in busy city centers, which is what makes cycling the preferred mode of transport for a great deal of people.

NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag


However, cycling can present a logistical nightmare if you have to bring along daily necessities that are larger in size than just your mobile phone and wallet. You’ll also have to consider how to stash your helmet because it’s the one piece of gear that’s crucial to your safety on the road as a cyclist. For this reason, cyclists have unique needs for bags.

Of course, there is the option of using a pannier rack or handlebar bags. But cycling backpacks are still a superior option. The main advantages of using a cycling backpack instead of other bags is that backpacks don’t require fixings to be attached onto your bike. It assists with weight distribution, and because it sits on you, swapping bikes isn’t a problem.

This is why NatureHike has created the ideal cycling rucksack. The NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag has spacious interior pockets that can hold other necessities like sporting goods, clothing, and snacks. Outdoor cyclists will appreciate its specially-made helmet net. It also has a small front pocket, strategically designed and placed to ensure you’ve got easy access to your essentials such as your wallet and mobile phone. This bag is a no-frills cycling backpack; it’s equipped with all the right features both an urban and outdoor cyclist could need.

This biking backpack is so lightweight, too. Weighing just 460 grams, you won’t feel anything on your back, save for your very own belongings.

Since 2010, NatureHike has been creating professional outdoor travel products that cater to cyclists, hikers, climbers, campers, and everyone else in between. They specialize in designing unique and affordable yet functional and practical equipment that outdoor enthusiasts appreciate.

NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag Side View


The NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag ensures that riders are always comfortable, thanks to its ventilated shoulder girdle. The bag has an overall slim design; plus, breathable material helps make sure that this bag doesn’t weigh you down while you’re on the road. If it starts raining, there’s no need to worry because it’s made from waterproof material. It’s also an added bonus that the design of this cycling bag allows it to be used beyond biking: you can use it to store just the essentials for a short day hike, walking or trekking short distances, and even as you run errands. The helmet holder mesh pocket can also be used to keep other things aside from your helmet. Considering its low price, the NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag is a nifty, versatile little bag that you can’t go wrong with.

This cyclist bag has many other useful features:

  • Spacious 15L capacity, 50 x 33 x 18 cm, weighs just 460g
  • Made from waterproof lightweight fabric (5% chinlon and 95% nylon)
  • Ventilated shoulder girdle, a slim design and breathable one-piece net pad
  • Strategically-placed small front pocket for keeping smaller items (mobile phone, wallet, keys, etc.)
  • Lightweight straps
  • Helmet net for outdoor cycling

Pros and Cons

The NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag is perfect for urban and outdoor bikers. Get from point A to B on your bicycle without any hassles or worry. It’s got you covered even in the event of a downpour because it’s constructed using durable waterproof material. Its lightweight and breathable fabric doesn’t impose any constraints on your upper body, allowing you the freedom to navigate, move, and cycle as comfortably as possible. Its thoughtful mesh helmet net allows you to keep your helmet close by whenever you use it, too.

NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag Back View


Based on reviews online, customers are very pleased with the versatility of this bag. Customers have used it for day hikes, daily work use, and short trail hikes. People love how lightweight and small this bag is, yet it’s got adequate space for carrying important essentials – even a camera. Customers also appreciate the pockets and compartments that help you stay organized no matter where you are. The NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag also has useful chest and back straps which prevent this backpack from bouncing – even if you use it for running. Because customers are so happy with this bag, some reviews indicate that a second one was purchased, too. It also helps that this product is very affordable!

On the other hand, some customers found this bag to be too small even for day hikes, which require bringing just a small number of articles. Some have written about its lack of space, and its side pocket for water bottles isn’t snug enough.

However, since this bag was designed to carry essentials with you as you get to and from work on a bicycle, it clearly serves its purpose just fine.

Where To Buy

Get ready for your next cycling trip by ordering the NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag today. For the best deal on this backpack, head over to Amazon, and if you order it today, you’ll have it within a few days.

The Verdict

The NatureHike 15L Outdoor Cycling Bag is a small cycling bag that packs a punch, in terms of functionality and practicality. The lightweight design of this bag combined with its strategic straps ensures that it stays close to your body, and you’ll barely feel it when you’re on the go. If you have an active lifestyle, you can’t go wrong with this choice in backpacks.