What Is the Best Backpack for Nursing Students? 

 March 10, 2023

By  Keith Terrell

Backpacks have become a popular style among nursing students because of their ability to carry all their school things comfortably. But with so many backpacks out there, how do nursing students choose the best one?

The best backpack for nursing students is one that is spacious enough for all your essential school and medical gear. It should also look professional, have padded straps, protect your belongings, be durable, and support good posture.

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These are qualities that make specific backpacks better for nursing students compared to other backpacks. Read on to learn more about what you should look for in a backpack for nursing students.

If you are studying nursing, campus life is going to be different compared to other students. The biggest difference is that you’ll have to carry an array of heavy medical equipment on top of already burdensome textbooks, laptops, and scrubs  among others. This is why more nursing students see backpacks as the most practical style of bag for school. Thankfully, there’s a great array of backpacks that are perfectly suited for nursing students.

These are the essential features you should look for:

  • Space: A backpack that is at least 20 liters in capacity is recommended in order to fit your textbooks, school, and medical gear. Depending on how many things you have to carry every day, you may even want to consider a backpack as large as 40 liters.
  • Professional style: A functional nursing school backpack doesn’t have to cut corners in the style department. Find a backpack that looks professional while reflecting your individual fashion sense. Remember that while backpacks are meant to carry your belongings for you, they are also a reflection of you. Your reputation in the medical field starts in school so you want to come off as professional as possible.

Look for backpacks in neutral tones; you can’t go wrong with black, grey, beige, or white. Other suitable colors include red, muted shades of green, royal blue, or deep purple. Loud colors and prints are not recommended.

  • Padded straps: Your nursing school backpack should be comfortable to carry, especially considering the serious load you are transporting on your back and shoulders. Comfort starts with wide, padded shoulder straps which are necessary for carrying a heavy backpack. Thin, narrow, and unpadded straps will only dig into your shoulders and add pressure on your neck and back.  Load stabilizers on straps are also great to keep the bag close to your body for added comfort.
  • Padded laptop sleeve: With the variety of items stashed in your nursing school backpack (medical equipment, textbooks, notebooks, and pens), it’s important to keep your laptop extra safe. A padded laptop sleeve will keep your computer safe from falls and bumps.
  • Durable: Your investment in a nursing school bag should last you a long time. Not only does it save you money in the long run, but also reduces the chances of it breaking at unexpected times. Look for backpacks made from sturdy materials such as Cordura, ripstop, polyester, and nylon, especially around the straps which are most prone to breakage. Leather is great too, but it tends to drive up the cost of a bag.
  • Ergonomic build: Ergonomic backpacks, especially those with an S-shaped back, conform to your curves when carrying a heavy load. Padded, breathable straps as well as shoulders go a long way in improving comfort, while straps for the chest, waist, and shoulder help mold the backpack to your body shape. Ergonomic backpacks are built sturdily, so that they don’t change shape when you are carrying objects that are of an odd size and shape – which many medical supplies are.
  • Anti-theft: It’s likely that everything you are carrying in your nursing school backpack has a high price tag, especially when combined altogether. Losing your valuables is something you shouldn’t risk. For this reason, backpacks with anti-theft features are extremely beneficial for preventing loss. Look for slash-resistant fabric, knife-resistant zippers, and pockets located near the lumbar for added protection when commuting.

Here are other features that are nice to have:

  • Wheels: Wheeled backpacks, also known as rolling backpacks, combine all the benefits of a backpack with a traditional wheeled luggage. If you find that your nursing school load is too heavy or uncomfortable to carry on your back as you commute or walk back to your dorm, wheeled backpacks are a terrific alternative that also offers health benefits for your back and shoulders.

The biggest advantage of using wheeled backpacks is that you can switch from backpack to wheeled luggage whenever you need to.

  • Pockets: Extra pockets for smaller items such as your mobile phone, pens, keys, and tech accessories such as chargers will help you stay organized. No one enjoys having to sift through a bag to look for a ringing phone or a key, most especially not busy students. Some people also prefer backpacks built with a side pocket or two for efficiently carrying a water bottle.
  • Compartmentalization: Some backpacks are made with just one or two main compartments in its interior, while others have more compartments designed for specific purposes. For example, a zippered file compartment can help you organize documents, while a large main compartment will help you pack your scrubs, lab coat, and other belongings that occupy more space.
  • Water-resistant or waterproof: As we’ve mentioned earlier, almost everything contained in your backpack are of significant value. But exposure to rain or snow can quickly damage electronics, medical equipment, and textbooks. Backpacks made with  water-resistant or waterproof material will reduce the risk of your valuables getting soaked. Alternatively, you can purchase a rain cover separately or opt for a backpack with a hidden compartment equipped with a rain cover.

Nursing Student Backpack Examples

Backpacks for nursing students come in a great array of styles and prices. Here are some of the best ones in the market:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any backpacks you shouldn't use for nursing school?

Backpacks that are designed for fashion rather than function, space, or comfort should not be used for nursing school. Mini backpacks, traditional school backpacks, or those that are made with thin fabric are not practical for the purpose. Laptop backpacks are far too small for what you will need in school. There are many styles available in every budget, so be sure that you take your time researching the features of backpacks that catch your eye.

What other backpack styles are best for nursing school students?

Generally speaking, sports and travel bags are excellent candidates for nursing school students’ backpacks. They’re usually ergonomic, and are made to be durable as well as comfortable even if you are carrying a heavy weight. Most of these kinds of backpacks will tick all the boxes when it comes to the best nursing backpack for students. You can’t go wrong with a sports or travel backpack made by reputable manufacturers as long as it has all the features you need.

About the author

Keith is a one bag traveler and the owner of Backpacks Global. His go to backpack is the Osprey FarPoint 40.

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