Xibonwe Anti-Theft Backpack Review

  • April 6, 2020
  • / By Keith Terrell
Womdee Anti-Theft Backpack Review

Our laptops are some of the most important possessions we own, and often some of the most expensive purchase we ever make in life. They hold our prized family photos, give us a way to connect with our friends, view our favorite entertainment, and get our work done when we can’t be in the office.

As important as we know these devices are, though, we often don’t give enough thought to how we store them or travel with them. These devices can cost thousands of dollars and we simply throw them into any old laptop bag or backpack and hope that it will keep them safe.

Womdee Laptop Backpack

When you’re carrying around something so expensive and that holds so many important parts of your life, it makes sense to choose a bag that’s been specifically designed to keep it safe. That’s what Xibonwe has done with their Laptop Backpack creation which offers everything you could ever ask for in a laptop bag.

The Xibonwe Laptop Backpack is the perfect travel companion for taking your most prized possession with you, whether you’re going to the mall or traveling overseas. It’s got all the right features to keep it safe and will have you looking stylish at the same time, so it ticks all the boxes for what today’s laptop owner needs.

About The Product

Xibonwe is a modern brand that prides themselves on tackling modern problems, and their range of backpacks and bags proves this. Never forgetting the importance of style in their creations, Xibonwe manages to make backpacks that are practical and helpful all the while looking on trend.

The Xibonwe Laptop Backpack has been created for both men and women as a way to carry around their most important device. Any time you leave the home with your backpack in tow, this nifty little bag will keep it safe and sound, and give you plenty of room for all of your other important belongings as well.

This backpack is full of features and really understands what the modern laptop owner’s needs. Best of all, it’s extremely affordable and incredibly stylish, so it’s not all just about functionality. The Xibonwe Laptop comes with such features as:

  • check
    Space for a 17” laptop;
  • check
    USB charging slot and headphone slot;
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    Anti-theft lock to keep everything safe and secure;
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    Sunglass holder, card holder, trolley band for travel;
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    10 separate compartments to store all your possessions;
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    44lb weight capacity and 12.6 x 7.1 x 20-inch measurements;
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    Ergonomic design with a curved shape, padded straps and more;

The Xibonwe Laptop Backpack is made of oxford material which makes it lightweight but durable, and it’s full of cushioned padding throughout to keep your important gadgets protected. There’s really nothing that the Xibonwe Laptop Backpack can’t offer, and any modern laptop owner would be thrilled with how it performs.

Pros And Cons

One of the best things about this backpack is its design, with so many happy reviews about how stylish it is. Most of the time when buying a laptop bag or anti-theft bag you have to sacrifice on the style factor, but Xibonwe has managed to make this one look incredibly trendy.

Womdee Laptop Backpack

There were a few reviews that wondered whether or not it would last the entire year as the material felt quite lightweight. However, provided you can for it there shouldn’t be a problem with this. Oxford material is known for feeling lightweight but actually being quite durable so you can put your mind at ease.

For all of the tech features that this bag has, you’ll need to be aware that some of them aren’t as simple as they seem. Most importantly, the USB charging port requires you to supply your own power source and plug it in, so don’t buy it assuming it will be able to power up your devices on its own.

The headphone slot is a nice addition and means less fumbling around with cords when you’re using your laptop on the go.

Where To Buy

When you’re ready to upgrade to a seriously stylish and functional backpack for your laptop, you can get the Xibonwe Laptop Backpack on Amazon for a great price.

This item comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and a 12 months of quality warranty which means if it arrives and it’s not up to your standard or you find something wrong with it they’ll gladly take it back and refund your money.

Amazon also offers free shipping over $25 for eligible items or affordable shipping options otherwise, making it even greater value. Nowadays, shopping for backpacks and bags doesn’t have to mean spending hours in the mall and paying more than you should when you can get great bargains like this online.

The Verdict

When you think about just how important our laptops are to us, it makes sense that we should spend our time and energy investing in somewhere good to keep them. The Xibonwe Laptop Backpack is not only a stylish accessory but it’s full of features that will protect your favorite device from theft, water, and other forms of damage that can occur during travel.

Womdee Laptop Backpack

Xibonwe is known for making products that answer the modern problems we all face, and this laptop backpack certainly delivers. Get yourself a protective but stylish home for your most prized possession, and check out the Xibonwe Laptop Backpack today.