Best Rolling Backpacks [2021] Top 6 Wheeled Backpacks Reviewed 

 September 29, 2021

By  Keith Terrell

When you go on your first few trips, you’re likely to carry around a backpack or heavy luggage, as many other novice travelers have. Sure, it probably did the job; these styles of bags will never go out of style because they’re just so useful.

Wheeled Backpack Rolling in Airport

But frequent travelers and those constantly on the go know that these styles are no longer enough. In fact, it can be impractical when you have to carry a serious amount of belongings on trips that require airplane or train rides; or both! For this reason, busy travelers know that the secret to travelling success lies in the wheeled backpack.



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High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

Best Overall: High Sierra AT3 22” Carry-On 

Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage

Runner-up: Osprey Packs Sojourn 

Hynes Eagle 42L Rolling Wheeled Backpack

Best Budget: Hynes Eagle 42L Rolling Backpack

Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

Best Rolling Laptop Case: Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

Osprey Packs Meridian

Best for Long-Term Travel: Osprey Packs Meridian 75-Liter 

Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

Best Convertible: Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

This gem of a luggage is extremely versatile and its biggest selling points are mobility and flexibility. They give you two options of carrying your bag: you can either wheel it around like a trolley, but you can also switch it up to a backpack in an instant.

Nothing beats the efficiency of traveling with a rolling backpack, particularly if you frequent airports and train stations. These two places can be frustrating to maneuver if you don’t have the right gear to hold your belongings as you whizz through them. Wheeled backpacks are also super handy for college students who need to carry heavy textbooks and notebooks to and from campus.

Perhaps the most significant advantage that backpacks with wheels offer, aside from the obvious logistical benefits, is that it’s just so much better for your health. Sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations from carrying around weighty backpacks are a real, common health hazard. It might be more stylish, but the last thing you need, whether you’re traveling or not, is a health problem that could have been avoided simply by going with a more practical choice in bags. As a plus, quickly making your way to and through airports and train stations is a breeze with a rolling backpack, all while giving your back a much-needed rest. 

Now that you know the importance of rolling backpacks, making the switch is the best investment you can make for your health and future travels. We’ve scoured the market to find the best wheeled backpacks available to cater to busy travelers. We have selected models based on quality, comfort, features, price, and of course, customer reviews.

Frequent travelers, whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, know that a good piece of luggage will go a long way. Any traveler who’s ever experienced the frustrations of dealing with broken bags, a painful backpack, or worse, having to run through airport security with either of these will tell you that a rolling backpack is the only travel companion you will ever need. Students who are always on the move also know that reliable wheeled backpacks will make all the difference and eliminate the hassles (and pain!) involved in carrying around weighty textbooks.

We’ve done the work inspecting reviews from countless customers to narrow down the best rolling backpacks in the market for you. Here’s what we found:

Best Overall - High Sierra AT3 22” Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

High Sierra AT3 Carry-On Wheeled Backpack

Source: highsierra.com

Whether you’re a student looking for a spacious backpack to comfortably carry those million textbooks, a camper needing a bag that can fit all your gear or a very lucky person getting to go on a vacation, the High Sierra AT3 22” Wheeled Backpack has literally got your back! (Pun totally intended). 

With its internal organizer, headphones port, large compartment and padded shoulder straps, to name a few, the High Sierra AT3 rolling backpack presents a world of comfort. Trust us when we say that no one’s gonna be complaining about the baggage you carry!


  • Dimensions: 22 x 13.5 x 9 inches; dimensions of removable day pack: 17 x 12 x 7 inches
  • Weighs 10.47 pounds
  • Internal organizer with pen holders, a key fob and a pocket for your smartphone
  • A port for your headphones
  • 900D 
  • Duralite and Tech-Weave construction (the latter ensures that the bag is also water-resistant); highly similar to ballistic-strength nylon
  • A 3-in-1 bag; can be used as a backpack, a day pack (by unzipping the front) or a regular bag with wheels
  • Multiple compartments - one large main compartment (book-style opening) and a removable day pack (with S-shaped, padded shoulder straps) which has dual pockets for your water bottles, and an accessory pocket with a zip closure 
  • Non-slip shoulder straps that are contoured and padded 
  • Compression straps inside 
  • Skate wheels (inset) that are corner-mounted
  • A handle that is Soft-Grip (as are the rubber-grab handles with their Vapel mesh padding) and retractable; the handle locks in place on full extension
  • Padded backpack straps that are hidden - they’re stored behind the back panel (zip closure)
  • Quality Assurance Guarantee


Whether you’re hitting the road on your next big adventure or are looking for a comfortable travel bag that can easily accommodate your belongings, this High Sierra rolling backpack is it. Extremely durable, this backpack is sure to last you for a long time to come, regardless of the weather conditions and terrain, whether it’s enjoying a comfortable place in the cargo hold or tossed into the back of a bus!

The telescoping handle and skate wheels ensure that you have an easy time transporting the bag, whereas the hidden padded straps ensure that you can turn it into a backpack any time you desire, which makes it a perfect option while maneuvering around uneven terrain. 

With tons of storage space and advanced features that are smart as well as comfort-oriented, the High Sierra AT3 bag is engineered to be practical and efficient without compromising on the comfort and convenience of users.


  • Super durable; sturdy make, including the straps and wheels and strong base material
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Cabin-sized
  • Highly versatile as it can be converted into 3 different types of bags
  • Comfortable to carry; the shoulder straps ensure that weight is evenly distributed  
  • Multiple large and spacious compartments for efficient organizing, tidiness and fitting in more belongings
  • The detachable day pack is a huge plus!
  • Great value for money


  • Some users have complained that the backpack can be on the heavier side.  
  • No lifetime guarantee, unlike certain other competitors
  • Flimsy zippers that break easily after a few uses
  • Fitting the day pack back on to the backpack may take a bit of time and effort.

Our Verdict

The High Sierra AT3 Wheeled Backpack has users singing its praises all over the internet; the detachable day pack is the star of most reviews! The backpack can be used for a variety of purposes and is almost unparalleled when it comes to its durability. Having said that, the bag may be a size too big for the overhead cabins in smaller airlines and you may also face an issue in airlines that allow only one bag as hand baggage. 

With a price tag just a little shy of $130, it’s still a cheaper option than most other premium wheeled backpacks; even if it isn’t, it’s definitely a worthy investment!

Runner-up - Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage

Osprey Packs Sojourn Wheeled Luggage

Source: osprey.com

Perfect for week-long getaways and light packers, the Osprey Packs 22-inch/45-liter rolling backpack is the very embodiment of “good things in small packages”! Skip long baggage check-in lines at the airport; this backpack is built specifically to suit carry-on specifications in most airlines. It can also fit all your essentials, and then some more.


  • Dimensions: 22 x 9 x 14 inches
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Equipped with the HighRoad Chassis (telescopic wheel handle and lightweight aluminum frame) 
  • Equipped with a hip belt, back panel and deployable harnesses 
  • Comes with the Osprey All Mighty Guarantee 
  • 420-Nylon-Shadow-Box construction (used in sleeping bags) with 1680D-Ballistic-Nylon highlights; the pack’s bottom is made of 900D Super Oxford fabric (abrasion-resistant; used in tents and beach chairs)
  • Water-resistant material
  • Sternum strap that doubles as an emergency whistle 
  • Built-in grab handle on the base 
  • Polyurethane wheels 
  • A Straight Jacket Compression System 
  • Dual front daisy chains, lockable zippers and internal key attachment clip


The backpack comes with a top pocket (zip closure) that lets you conveniently store small items such as liquids or toiletries and a large panel zip lets you easily access the main compartment. The internal compression straps could probably hold your belongings in place through a hurricane, and the wheels are built for any terrain, whether cobbled streets, carpets or pavements. When the going gets too tough, thank your stars for the backpack’s ventilated suspension system and just carry the pack on your back. 

Additionally, the Osprey All Mighty Guarantee is a huge plus, a lifetime guarantee against damages and defects with free-of-cost replacement when a repair isn’t possible, regardless of whether you just bought the product or have had it for years. Not only does this indicate the company’s faith in its products, but the long life they expect it to live.


  • The StraightJacket Compression System lets you compress and tighten your bag even if it’s filled only to half its capacity.
  • Excellent quality and durability 
  • The size allows you to pack quite a lot of belongings, especially with the compression straps and external compression jacket.
  • Spacious and large main compartment
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Great for the long haul thanks to the comfortable hip belt, back panel and deployable harnesses 
  • The efficient suspension system makes it a great pick for carrying heavy loads on uneven or rough terrain. 
  • HighRoad Chassis for smooth gliding over any type of surface


  • Though the size lets you pack a lot, it can mean that it may get too big for airline carry-on limits, unless you stick to domestic flying.
  • The main compartment is large and spacious; however, it’s the bag’s only compartment! There are no specially-designed laptop sleeves or external pockets, which can be a huge turn off for all those who believe everything has its place, suitcase or otherwise!
  • The bag’s suspension system can be a bit of work, as you’ll have to clip the straps into the hip belt and also attach the load lifters to it, which then straps to the bag’s bottom. If you’re in a hurry, this could cost a few precious minutes!

Our Verdict

At around $300, this backpack may seem a little pricey, which is why it’s our runner-up, but given its durability, quality and lifetime guarantee, it’s definitely a great investment, and there’s nothing like going for it if you can afford it. It’s a comfortable backpack thanks to the padded straps and ventilated harness and can easily accommodate a ton of your belongings!

So don’t let the price tag scare you; it’s probably going to be a one-time investment that’s going to pay returns for a long time to come!

Best Budget - Hynes Eagle 42L Rolling Wheeled Backpack

Hynes Eagle 42L Rolling Wheeled Backpack

Source: hyneseagle.com

With a price tag quite substantially below $100, it’s no wonder that the Hynes Eagle 42-liter backpack gets our vote for the “best budget” pick. Available in black and grey, this airline-approved backpack doesn’t compromise on its quality or efficiency despite the relatively cheap price. The backpack is part of the company’s Travel Lite series that combines fashion and efficiency, resulting in some pretty chic rolling bags. Perfect for cabin baggage (whether overhead or under the seat), the backpack is a 2-in-1 bag that can serve as both a luggage bag as well as a backpack and quite efficiently at that!


  • Water-repellant 900D polyurethane construction
  • Equipped with zippers and rolling wheels 
  • Backpack straps are stored behind the back panel when used as a luggage bag 
  • Hideaway backpack straps that are contoured and air-mesh padded 
  • Special back design to protect your pack against the pressure of the pull rod, when used as a backpack
  • Telescopic handles that can be neatly stored under zippered compartments when not in use
  • A capacity of 42 liters, a weight of 4.6 pounds and dimensions of 13.8 x 9.1 x 21.3 inches
  • Detachable laptop sleeve (dimensions: 16.1 x 11.8 x 1 inches)
  • Main compartment, 4 compression buckle straps on the exterior, and a pocket organizer in front (includes 2 pencil holders, a slip pocket made of mesh, 2 mesh zip pockets and 2 regular slip pockets) 
  • A limited warranty of 1 year 
  • Wheel cover for the back wheels
  • Sternum and waist straps


If you’re working on a budget (and who isn’t? It means more money to blow on the vacation!), look no further than the Hynes Eagle 42-liter Wheeled Backpack, our “Best Budget” pick.  Equipped with a ton of features such as the quiet wheels, multiple compartments ensuring organizational efficiency, durable and sturdy construction, lightweight composition and of course, the great price, the bag is a great pick overall. 

What stands out most about the backpack is its comfort-oriented features, such as the back design to protect your back against the pull-rod, padded straps, sternum and waist straps, and the rolling wheels - all of these features ensure that the user’s comfort isn’t compromised, whether you’re using the bag as a rolling suitcase or a backpack.

In the case of the former, the bag’s lightweight and engineered-for-portability design makes it easy to lug around, and in the case of the latter, the many comfort-oriented features ensure that you can easily carry the bag for long distances and time periods.


  • Highly durable
  • Airline carry-on approved 
  • Extremely comfortable to carry thanks to the adjustable padded straps and back design 
  • Multiple compartments, with a specific laptop and tablet pocket (for 17-inch and 10.5-inch laptops and tablets, respectively), for easy and neat organization 
  • Very reasonably priced, especially compared to other competitors 
  • Extremely lightweight


  • There isn’t a day pack, let alone one that’s detachable.
  • No strap around the lower back to support the backpack’s weight; this can be a problem when you have to walk long distances with the backpack or carry a heavy load in it. 
  • Some users have also complained of noisy wheels and the fact that it isn’t easy to pack as the top doesn’t open all the way out.

Our Verdict

The Hynes is a great budget pick, and though it may function better as a rolling bag than a backpack, it’s still one of the best sellers in the market for its nearly-unbeatable price and the quality and features it offers at the said price. You may miss the day pack that most competitors are offering in their models, but there’s still plenty to cheer about!

Best Rolling Laptop Case - Targus Compact Rolling Business and Travel Commuter Backpack

Targus Compact Rolling Backpack

Source: walmart.com

Whether you’re a traveler or a student, the Targus Compact is akin to manna from heaven! A sleek and compact combination of a backpack and a wheeled luggage bag, this backpack has some pretty hard-to-beat features, such as a laptop sleeve that’s soft-lined and can easily accommodate a 16-inch laptop (and tablet) or a 17-inch MacBook, quiet and efficient roller wheels unlike the noisy ones that come with most other carry-on bags, and a retractable handle.

Oh, and of course, the most important part — 29 liters worth of storage space to pack in all those things you need, you don’t need and you need but didn’t know you needed for your vacation!


  • Main compartment for books, folders and the like, two side pockets of mesh for the essential items you need to quickly access and an organizer compartment (or workstation) to store your pens, keys and other stationery2 elastic straps to keep your clothes in place
  • A specific laptop and tablet pocket (soft-lined)
  • Dimensions: 13.8 x 9 x 19 inches A weight of 4.34 pounds
  • Dimensions of laptop pocket: 10.5 x 15.25 inches, whereas the dimensions of the tablet compartment are 5.5 x 9.25 inches
  • Limited lifetime warranty available, though this doesn’t apply to the product’s purchase from third-party vendors
  • Retractable handle that’s also soft touch
  • Roller wheels 
  • Extended compartment space


A perfect companion whether you’re using it around campus or from one destination to the other, the Targus Compact Rolling Backpack is all kinds of sleek and functional. The quiet roller wheels and retractable handle ensure that your belongings are carried with the utmost ease and comfort, whereas the soft-lined laptop and tablet pockets ensure that your gadgets are protected against any scratches or bumps. 

Spacious as it is, the backpack comes with additional storage space, with separate compartments for different types of belongings, ensuring that you’re at your organizational and efficient best. The two hidden shoulder straps are padded and ensure that carrying the backpack is as comfortable as rolling it along, and the tuck-away wheel cover performs the dual functions of keeping your wheels clean as well as protecting them, when not in use.


  • The extended compartment space is a huge plus.
  • Smooth-rolling wheels for easy moving around
  • A good capacity to hold belongings quite comfortably
  • Perfectly sized to function as a carry-on bag
  • Lightweight (20% lighter than other bags in the same range)
  • Padded back straps to ensure extra comfort while carrying the bag
  • A dedicated laptop and tablet sleeve 
  • Sturdy construction and extremely durable thanks to a polyester exterior


  • The wheels get easily scratched by rough surfaces such as concrete.
  • No zipper cover over the shoulder straps; there are only two Velcro strips to hold the cover in place, which wear out with continued use.
  • The above factor also results in the straps falling out while using the bag in its rolling form.
  • Some customers have had issues with the durability of the bag, saying that it doesn’t last as long as it should with everyday use and at full capacity.

Our Verdict

Despite the customer complaints, the Targus Compact Rolling Backpack is one of the most comfortable and convenient bags out there, especially thanks to its dedicated laptop and tablet sleeve — a feature that most other bags don’t come with. Whether it’s travel use or usage as a study bag, this backpack ticks all the right boxes. 

Do keep in mind the issues you may face if you’re using the bag every day at its full capacity; in such a case, you may have to use it at lesser-than-full capacity and infrequently or for certain kinds of trips only (ones that require light packing or are of short duration).

Best for Long-Term Travel - Osprey Packs Meridian 75-Liter Wheeled Luggage

Osprey Packs Meridian

Source: osprey.com

Another offering from the house of Osprey, one of the premier backpack brands in the world, the Meridian Wheeled Luggage Bag is everything that you’d expect from a brand such as this! At 28 inches, this backpack-cum-wheeled bag is definitely no carry-on baggage but it is super flexible in its use and super comfortable, as well.


  • 1680D-Ballistic-Nylon and 420-D Nylon construction
  • Weighs 9 pounds
  • Dimensions: 28 x 13 x 14 inches Zip-on/ clip-on daypack with a laptop sleeve, lined pocket on top (perfect for protecting items against scratches), a pocket for water bottles, and organizational pockets on the inside
  • Padded handles (both top and side carry)
  • Oversized zipper pulls that allow panel access
  • An attachment strap for courier bags (hideaway)
  • The main compartment is lockable thanks to the lockable zipper
  • Compression straps in the interior
  • The front panel has a large mesh pocket with zip closure.
  • Detachable harness and a hip belt that are also torso adjustable
  • The hip belt closure is ErgoPull.
  • Padded lumbar and ventilated back panel 
  • Sternum strap that doubles as a safety whistle 
  • A name card/ address-holder that’s retractable
  • 2 pockets (mesh) on the front panel (inner), an internal side mesh pocket and an accessory pocket for quick-access items
  • The daypack has the following features: Carry handle; padded laptop sleeve that can fit a 15-inch laptop; Adjustable sternum strap that also has a safety whistle; Taped edges on the padded harness; The ventilated back panel can hold papers and maps; Panel access with zip closure; Pocket with zip closure on top; and MP3 port 
  • The standard HighRoad Chassis and Osprey All Mighty Guarantee
  • Aluminum frame


The rolling backpack comes with a handy zip-on daypack that seamlessly fits in with the rest of the bag; however, it also functions perfectly well as a backpack on its own. You can either clip it or zip it on (though the former is faster) and unlike the Ozone Convertible offering from the same brand, the strap system in this one is fully detachable, which means that you can lessen the load on your back when necessary. 

Perfect for rugged adventures, the Osprey Meridian can adapt to any type of travel; with a superb suspension system that is adjustable as per torso size, mesh back panel and even weight distribution, you’re assured of comfort with every step, regardless of the terrain. You’ll also be at the peak of your efficiency with the multiple compartments in the backpack that allow you to store gear in an organized manner and reach them quickly when required.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to carry thanks to the detachable harness system
  • Adjustable according to varying torso lengths
  • Stowable straps to ensure easy carrying if you want to use it as a suitcase 
  • Detachable daypack that can accommodate a 15-inch laptop
  • Sturdy build thanks to the aluminum peripheral frame


  • Expensive
  • Issues with quality and durability faced by some customers
  • Can’t be used as a carry-on bag

Our Verdict

As with all Osprey products, the lifetime guarantee seems to negate the high bill you’ll be ringing up on this purchase. The bag may have issues with durability and quality, especially when compared to its predecessors, but is still a super-versatile bag that’s perfect for long-term and frequent travelers and functions just as well on full capacity as it does on half.

Best Convertible - Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

Hypath 2-in-1 Convertible Travel Bag

Source: hypathtravel.com

This 2-in-1 convertible bag is the perfect travel companion, given its airline carry-on approval and versatile uses. With its 2-in-1 solution (meaning 8 possible uses), you’ll not be saving a ton of time avoiding the long baggage check-in and claim lines but also a ton of money by way of baggage fees. Oh, and remember those chunky bracelets and that pair of Adidas that you didn’t need but wanted to pack anyway for your Bahamas vacation and are now leaving behind with a heavy heart?

Well, with the Hypath travel bag, you can pack those in and another pair for good measure! No more debates of packing extra and baggage line vs packing light just to avoid the baggage line.


  • 2-in-1 convertible luggage, which means you can use it as a duffle, a backpack, a rolling carry-on, or a combination of any of these!
  • Airline carry-on approved Hex-Nylon Ripstop and water-resistant PVC coating
  • Dimensions: 22 x 14 x 16 inches (overall)
  • Detachable backpack with a felt-line pocket for your tablet or laptop, a backboard for additional support, a sternum strap and a reflector, in addition to several other pouches and pockets
  • Upgraded wheelbase (treaded wheels that ensure your bag doesn’t trip over)
  • Customized zipper handles with lockable loopsInner lining and mesh pockets on the side 
  • Weighs 7.65 pounds


One of the biggest benefits of the Hypath Travel Bag is its versatility that allows you to pack in all your belongings but avoid paying baggage fees or standing in long lines at baggage claim. The bag strikes the perfect balance between size and spaciousness, being the perfect carry-on size (whichever version of it you choose to use!) but spacious enough to let you pack enough and more! Say hello to carrying the maximum amount of luggage with the maximum ease and comfort!

Whether you’re planning an international trip, a weekend hiking trip or a quick business trip, the Hypath backpack is an ideal travel companion. Additionally, the company seems to actually listen to customer feedback; a fact that reflects in the constant improving and upgrading they do, as is the case with the upgraded wheelbase in this bag that’s stronger, more stable, better looking and ensures that you can roll the bag around smoothly, regardless of the terrain. 

The Hypath Travel Bag is a great option for those who travel frequently and appreciate an efficient, versatile bag to carry their belongings in. Whether short or long, the bag’s got your back with its convertibility, durable construction (though you’ll have to keep an eye on the seams) and a price tag that won’t decimate your bank account.


  • The company will buy the product back from you if you don’t like it, provided you return it within 30 days of the purchase.
  • Super affordable with a price tag below $100
  • Versatile 
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Airline carry-on approved
  • Super spacious 
  • Saves you a ton of money and time that you would have spent on extra baggage


  • Some users have stated that the bag doesn’t last as long as it should when used at full capacity and daily.
  • The bag tends to tip over when fully loaded. 
  • The standard-issue wheels that come with the bag can be noisy on pavements. 
  • Most users have complained of durability issues with the stitching and wheels.

Our Verdict

Some users have also complained that the bag is on the heavier side, even without loading it to full capacity. Most complaints, though, center around the bag’s durability, though its functionality goes undoubted and unquestioned even in the not-so-positive reviews! In fact, you’ll be saving quite a bit with this bag by not spending on extra baggage!

The ability to use this bag in 8 different ways (a unique feature that competitors’ offerings lack) is what made this an obvious winner of our “Best Convertible” category.

Why a Wheeled Backpack Is a Must for Busy Travelers

The world of travel bags can be overwhelming to explore. With dozens of styles out there in different shapes and sizes, finding an appropriate one for your needs can be difficult. However, wheeled backpacks are definitely in a league of their own. For many, especially seasoned travelers, it’s simply the cream of the crop; the best and most efficient travel bag one can own.

Traveling can be physically strenuous, but your bag should never cause you added pain. Rolling backpacks save your back by giving you the option of using it as rolling luggage whenever needed. If you restrict yourself to just a backpack, this can take a serious toll on your health if you have to carry it around for a long period of time. Busy travelers also prefer backpacks with wheels because of ease of use particularly in train stations and airports. You’re lucky if you’ve never experienced a mishap with a bag in any of these places, but for the rest of us who are all too familiar with the stress and frustrations it presents, rolling backpacks always save the day.

As you can see from the choices we’ve narrowed down earlier, rolling backpacks also come in a variety of styles and designs. Whether you need a professional-looking model, or a fun and casual design, wheeled backpacks run the gamut. At the end of the day, it still functions perfectly as a versatile travel bag that saves your health, time, and money. 

Features to Look for When Choosing a Backpack With Wheels

Wheeled backpacks are essentially rolling luggage that can be converted into a backpack. The premise is simple; but the great thing about them is that they come in many different styles, sizes, designs, and added features that can cater to everyone’s preferences.

Here are the features you should be looking out for when shopping for a wheeled backpack:
  • Laptop compartment - For busy travelers and professionals, it would defeat the purpose of buying a rolling backpack if you have to lug around another laptop bag. Fortunately, many wheeled backpacks these days already come with a built-in padded laptop compartment. Protecting your valuable electronics with the rest of your belongings on the move is made much simpler without having to bring around another bag just for your laptop.
  • Two wheels versus four wheels - Two and four wheel rolling luggage each have their own advantages and disadvantages, which ultimately boil down to the kind of traveling you’ll be doing. Four-wheel bags are much easier to maneuver, especially if you have more than one bag with you. It’s the most efficient when it comes to airports. Individuals with joint issues are better off with four wheeled luggage since it helps to decrease pressure from the wrist and elbows. They’re also a favorite of seasoned travelers because they’re much easier to transport on the airplane aisle. Four wheeled bags offer more balance and effective weight distribution as well. On the other hand, two wheeled bags are better for use on cobblestones, footpaths, and dirt roads. Two wheeled bags also tend to weigh and cost less, while giving you more packing space on the bag’s interior. They can be taken across virtually any surface since you pull them as opposed to pulling it.
  • Size - Wheeled backpacks come in a wide array of sizes these days. From small rolling backpacks for toddlers to seriously spacious bags that can accommodate 40 liters or more, there’s a backpack with wheels in every size you need. Before you decide on a model, it’s best to evaluate what you’ll be packing in your bag, how much it would weigh, and what purpose you’ll be using it for. If you prefer a multi-purpose bag, one that you can use for short and long trips, you can also opt for an expandable wheeled backpack for travel. Expandable storage allows you to keep it compact when you aren’t packing too much, and it offers handy flexibility for unexpected uses. Another thing to consider in the size department is its ability to fit airline carry-on restrictions, which is important for frequent flyers.
  • Durability - There is a huge difference in the amount of damage wheeled backpacks will endure if you use it for the city versus rugged use traveling or in the outdoors. Having said that, you’ll want to consider a brand renowned for its ability to withstand wear and tear, the elements, and the outdoors. Take into account the materials used in constructing the bag, the quality of its wheels and handles, and of course, customer reviews.
  • Retractable handles - Not all rolling backpacks come with retractable handles (also known as telescopic handles). However, these features can have a negative impact in ease of use and convenience. Taller individuals may also struggle with the limited mobility provided by towing handles that aren’t retractable.
  • Access - If you’ll be traveling for long periods of time, living out of your suitcase can be challenging. A wheeled backpack model designed with easy-access compartments on the front and/or side can make it much simpler to rely on it especially when you need to get to your things such as travel documents, immediately.
  • Comfort - Comfort may be an issue for wheeled backpacks that aren’t equipped with adjustable back systems, which allow the straps to be adjusted according to your build and height as well as the weight you’re carrying. Some people may prefer fixed back systems, but ultimately, an adjustable strap and back system is the most reliable way to ensure you stay comfortable and reduce risk of injury when using your bag as a backpack. The presence of sternum and hip straps is also desirable for larger bags that are designed for heavier loads, such as those that are 30 liters or more in capacity.
  • Compartments - This isn’t the most necessary feature; it’s actually a matter of personal preference. Some travelers just prefer to have a lot of unobstructed space to work with in their luggage, while others would rather work with several compartments. There are rolling backpack models that are equipped with both small and medium-sized pockets to neatly stash your belongings. Choosing a wheeled backpack with the appropriate quantity of pockets and organizers will help you customize the way you pack down to your very own likings.
  • Style - Wheeled backpacks come in all kinds of designs. From casual and fun, to more serious and professional, you can easily find one that suits your personality. There’s no need to sacrifice style for function, and many of the bags nowadays are designed to be stylish and elegant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best wheeled backpack?

The best wheeled backpack depends on the personal needs of the user. Sturdy swivel wheels, a retractable handle, a carrying handle, a secure closure, and interior and exterior storage compartments should all be featured. A wheeled backpack should also be appropriately sized for the user’s specific needs. 

Do college students use rolling backpacks?

Not all college students use rolling backpacks. Some of them do. It depends on the specific needs of the student. For example, a student who has to carry a lot of gear and does not want to be burdened by carrying excessive weight on their person would benefit from using a wheeled backpack. 

What is the best rolling backpack for students?

The best rolling backpack for students depends on the age and size of the student. For example, for elementary students, small rolling backpacks would be suitable, while medium-to-large wheeled backpacks could be used by students who are in high school or college. These backpacks should feature a retractable handle that is easy to use, a secure zipper closure, and padded, adjustable straps that will fit the user. 

Are rolling backpacks good for kids?

Yes, rolling backpacks can be good for kids; especially children who have a lot of gear to carry. Students, for example, who have heavy books and other equipment to carry would benefit from using a rolling backpack. Additionally, students who have physical limitations would also benefit from these wheeled backpacks. 

What are the best wheels on luggage?

The best wheels on luggage depend on the user’s specific needs. There are two main types of luggage wheels, spinner and in-line skate.

Spinner wheels allow wheeled backpacks to move a full 360 degrees and allow the luggage to be pulled, pushed, or carried alongside the user. However, the wheels may not be as durable as in-line skate wheels. In-line skate wheels are highly durable and allow the user to pull the luggage behind them but, the luggage can only be pulled, it cannot be pushed or toted alongside the user.

Therefore, the best wheels depend on the particular needs of the individual using the luggage. 

Rolling Backpacks: Versatile Luggage for People on the Move

No other kind of bag can compare to wheeled backpacks when it comes to the flexibility it offers travelers and people who are constantly on the move. It’s a freedom you didn’t know you needed until you give it a try. Seasoned travelers are familiar with the experience of lugging your luggage behind you in a far off land only to have it end on the sidewalk, putting a halt to your momentum. Or perhaps the dread that comes with the realization that you still have to walk some 5 kilometers to get to your destination, knowing that you have 30 liters on your back.

Women walking with rolling backpack

With wheeled backpacks, you no longer have to wish that you had the best of both worlds: rolled luggage and backpacks. Mobility, ergonomics, and convenience blend seamlessly into a model that’s no less than perfect if you’re on the go. Backpacks are great, but backpacks with wheels? Even better.

Like many, once you give a rolling backpack a chance, you may never go back to ordinary travel backpacks or wheeled luggage. Choosing the right one will require some research, as well as a good understanding of how and where you intend to use the bag. Preferences in the features and styles of the best rolling backpacks are very personal in nature, but luckily, there’s one for every need out there. If you value your health, and want to enjoy convenience as much as possible when traveling, wheeled backpacks are your best bet. Trust us, you won’t want to wait until you do go through a mishap while traveling, then regret not getting a wheeled backpack earlier. A rolling backpack is the best investment you can make for your busy lifestyle.  

About the author

Keith is a one bag traveler and the owner of Backpacks Global. His go to backpack is the Osprey FarPoint 40.

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