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Backpacks are a special kind of bag that offer benefits that others just can’t. These bags can help you store a large number of possessions, keep your arms and hands-free while you wear it, and are comfortable and supportive of the human body.

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Waiting for the Train

How to Pack for a Week in a Backpack

One of the most common mistakes people make is to pack more than they need for a trip. They end up carrying an extra bag or a particularly heavy ...

Child in School

How to Pack a Backpack for School

It’s normal to feel a bit out of depth when your child first starts going to school. The number of things you need to take care of, as compared ...

Woman At Airport

How to Pack a Backpack for Air Travel

One of the biggest decisions you have to take before flying off for vacation, backpacking trip or even a hiking trip, especially if it’s a long haul flight, is ...

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Product reviews

Man with Blue Backpack

Our Favorite Under Armour Backpacks

There was a time when backpacks were for hikers and trekkers and the folks who loved the outdoors. Then there was a time when it was about style. From ...

Playing Football

Our Favorite Adidas Backpacks

Renowned the world over as a premier athletic brand, Adidas is a leading sneaker, workout apparel, and backpack manufacturer. Stylish and functional, Adidas backpacks are perfectly designed to carry ...

Basketball Park

Our Favorite Nike Backpacks

You do not need to be in school to appreciate a good backpack. Backpacks are one of the most efficient ways to carry your belongings and ensure that everything ...


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