Skateboard Backpack vs. Regular Backpack: What’s the Difference? 

 August 11, 2023

By  Chloe Farro

In a world where convenience, style, and practicality are key, picking the right backpack becomes an imperative decision. Whether you're an avid skateboarder cruising the city streets, or a regular Joe with a penchant for relaxed style, the question arises – what's the difference between a skateboard backpack and a regular backpack?

A regular backpack is a versatile option for everyday use, while a skateboard backpack is designed specifically for skaters, with features like straps to hold a skateboard. Consider your needs; if you skate, the skateboard backpack may be a better fit.

Are they as different as day and night, or merely cousins vying for popularity? In this piece, we'll step onto the board of knowledge, ride down the lanes of specifics, take a few ollies into the world of backpacks, and determine what sets these two apart. Ready to strap in and join the ride? Let’s get rolling then!

Basics of a Backpack

Hang on just a moment! There's something rather essential we must explore before plunging headfirst into the thrilling world of backpacks. What is a backpack, first and foremost? Let's discover!

Defining a Backpack

Picture this; you're all set to step out and explore the world, your possessions are your companions, and you need a simple yet reliable storage to carry them around. This is where a backpack comes to your rescue! A backpack is a cloth sack, carried on one's back and secured with two straps that go over the shoulders. Its design is rooted in convenience, allowing you to contain your belongings while your hands remain free.

But hold up! Not all backpacks are created equal, are they? Absolutely not. Just like the different spices that add unique flavors to your favorite dishes, the many backpack types are explicitly designed to cater to a variety of roles depending on the user's needs.

The Standard Features of a Backpack

You may now think, what sets a backpack apart from other bag styles? Regardless of its specialized purposes, each backpack shares common features that define its identity. Let's tick them off, shall we?

First off, there's the shoulder straps. These are arguably the most defining feature of your average backpack. Sturdy yet comfortable, they are designed so the weight of the pack is evenly distributed across your shoulders.

Next, you have the compartments. From the sizeable main storage for bigger items to small pockets crafted for your essentials like a cellphone, keys, or wallet, these compartments ensure everything is secure and easy to access.

Last but not least, is the material. The fabric of a backpack is the unsung hero as it must withstand daily wear and tear. Whether it's fortified polyester, genuine leather, or water-resistant fabrics, it all depends on the intended purpose of the backpack.

So there you have it, a brief rundown of what a backpack is and what characterizes it. You're probably wondering where skateboard backpacks come into all of this, am I right? Well, hold on to your excitement! That's exactly what we'll be diving into next.

Dive into Skateboard Backpacks

You've probably heard about skateboard backpacks, but what exactly are they? Let's take a deep dive and explore.

What is a Skateboard Backpack?

In the simplest terms, a skateboard backpack is a special type of bag designed meticulously with skateboarders in mind. It is not just any ordinary backpack; it's your ultimate skateboarding companion. It's a multi-functional bag that caters to the travel, storage, and comfort needs of a skater. This bag has specific compartments not only for your board but also for other items you might need when skateboarding. The design allows for easier transportation of the skateboard, especially when you're not riding it. Fascinating, isn't it?

Special Features of Skateboard Backpacks

What makes a skateboard backpack different? Well, it's all about the unique features that you won't find in your regular backpacks. So let's shed light on these features that set skateboard backpacks apart.

Skate Straps

Firstly, skateboard backpacks include adjustable skate straps. Don't you find it inconvenient to hold onto your skateboard every time you're not using it, like when you're walking around or shopping? This is where skate straps come into the picture. They keep your skateboard secure even when you're on the move, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Helmet Attachment

Safety is paramount when skateboarding, and we all know how crucial helmets are. These backpacks understand this too! They offer a specific helmet attachment, ensuring that your helmet is with you at all times. This feature allows you to easily carry your helmet around when not in use. No more worrying about forgetting your helmet at home!

Board Carry System

Perhaps the most vital feature of a skateboard backpack is the innovative board carry system. This system allows your backpack to carry the weight of the board, balancing it evenly. This not only makes carrying the board hassle-free but it also helps protect your back from strain. Skateboard backpacks are adaptive and built to cater to your board carrying needs in the most efficient way possible.

Now, with all these features in mind, doesn't a skateboard backpack sound like a skateboarder's best friend? I bet it does! But let's not make any hasty conclusions. How does it compare to a regular backpack? Keep reading, and we'll find out together.

Exploring Regular Backpacks

Now, let's switch our gaze towards the trusty old companion of many- the regular backpack. Popular among schoolgoers, office workers, and travelers alike, the regular backpack undoubtedly brings familiarity and ease.

Defining a Regular Backpack

So, what exactly is a regular backpack? Simply put, it's a traditional backpack design with size, pocket arrangement, and other features optimized for a broad range of general uses. Crafted with versatility in mind, regular backpacks are your quintessential all-rounders, ready to jump into any task you throw at them. They may not be specialized for any particular activity, but that's where their charm lies - in their adaptability.

Key Features of Regular Backpacks

In terms of features, every regular backpack has some common threads that separate them from their specific-purpose cousins. Let's delve into some of these key factors:

Generic Compartments

Unlike skateboard backpacks and other specialized backpacks, regular backpacks present a simple, yet effective compartment system. They usually come with one large primary compartment for bulky items like books or clothing. Alongside that, they feature smaller zip pockets for keys, wallets, and other tiny essentials. Some even offer padded compartments for laptops or tablets. If you need a bag that's easy to organize and can hold an array of items, a regular backpack is always a reliable choice.

Minimalistic Design

The word minimalistic and regular backpack often go hand in hand. With a design focusing on simplicity and user-friendliness, a regular backpack is often less 'busy' compared to a skateboard backpack. It lacks specific hooks, straps, or specialized pockets, making it less intimidating for those who prefer tidy simplicity. The minimalistic design often translates into lightweight and compactness, making regular backpacks a favorite for daily use. So, if simplicity is your thing, a regular backpack might just be your match in heaven.

The Great Comparison

In the world of backpacks, the debate between the skateboard backpack and the regular one is a hot topic. So, let's take a deep dive and start examining these contenders from various aspects.

Utility Comparison Between Skateboard and Regular Backpack

When it comes to utility, both backpacks have their specific advantages. The skateboard backpack is a godsend for avid skateboarders. It offers a unique feature to securely strap your skateboard, freeing your hands for other tasks - a freedom that's treasured in the bustling city streets or while hiking up a challenging trail. You can fit your essential stuff in it, without worrying about juggling them along with your skateboard. Quite a convenience, isn't it?

On the other hand, a regular backpack simply aims to be a reliable old friend. It shoulders your burden, quite literally! There’s plenty of space and compartments to neatly organize your books, laptops, water bottles, and more. Plus, without the additional skateboard straps, it has a more streamlined look that's preferred by some.

Aesthetic Differences

Turning towards the aesthetic aspects, skateboard and regular backpacks follow a different style philosophy. The skateboard backpack doubles up as an extension of your skating personality with vibrant colors, radical designs, and the cool factor of displaying your skateboard proudly. It’s a fashion statement, reflecting your adventurous spirit and love for the sport.

On the flip side, the regular backpack opts for a style that is both classic and versatile. Its simple, clean, and understated design fits in any setting - be it a college campus, office, or evening outings. With an array of colors, patterns, and materials, you can match them with your style, mood, or occasion.

Durability and Comfort

Finally, let’s talk about durability and comfort, two features that none of us can compromise on. Both types of backpacks stand tall on these fronts with their robust built and ergonomic design. Skateboard backpacks are crafted to withstand rough and tumble while holding the heavy skateboard securely. They often come with padded straps and back panels for extra comfort during extended use.

Similarly, regular backpacks are designed for longevity too. They handle a substantial weight of books, laptop, etc., keeping their shape intact, no matter what. Thanks to the padded straps and back, carrying them even for long stretches is no sweat.

So, what's your pick? The skateboard backpack resonating with your thrill-seeking self or the regular backpack resonating with your versatile lifestyle?

Who Should Choose What?

When it comes to choosing between a skateboard backpack and a standard backpack, the decision largely depends on your lifestyle and daily needs. You might be wondering, who exactly should choose what? Let's break it down.

Ideal Users of a Skateboard Backpack

So, who would be the perfect fit for a skateboard backpack? Really, it's like asking, who could resist the allure of a swiss army knife's versatility? If you're a skater or someone who spends a large chunk of their day riding around on a skate deck, then a skateboard backpack would be an ideal choice.

Imagine this. You are on your way to school or work, skating through streets and pathways. Suddenly, you come across an area not suitable for skating. Well, you can't just carry your board in your hands for the rest of the journey, right? That's where the magic of a skateboard backpack comes in. With specifically designed straps and holders, it makes carrying your board a breeze. Plus, it even has space for your daily essentials and extra compartments for your skating gear. Think of it as a habitat your skateboard never knew it needed!

But it's not just about skating. Perhaps, you're a commuter for whom portability is key or a travel enthusiast searching for a comfortable, versatile bag that can accommodate more than just clothes. Well, my friend, your search ends right here with a skateboard backpack!

Who Would Benefit Most from a Regular Backpack?

Let's not forget the charm and utility of a regular backpack. It's like a loyal companion that never lets you down. But who should ideally pick a regular backpack over a skateboard backpack?

A regular backpack is a universal soldier – it's for everyone! Whether you're heading to class with heavy textbooks and a laptop, commuting to work packed with files and presentations, or traveling light for a weekend getaway, a regular backpack will cater to your needs.

It might not have specific attachments for a skateboard, but it doesn't skimp on space and organization. Pockets? Check. Compartments? Check. Laptop sleeve? Double-check. In short, if your journey does not involve a skateboard and calls for utmost storage organization, a regular backpack should be your go-to.

But more importantly, remember that there's no right or wrong here. It's all about your personal preferences and needs. So, skateboard backpack or regular backpack, which one sparks joy for you?


So there you have it, the intricate differences between a regular backpack and a skateboard backpack laid bare. They may seem similar at a glance, but a keen eye will understand that they serve varying roles more expertly than the other.

While the skateboard backpack may not cater to all your needs like its jack-of-all-trades counterpart, the regular backpack, it holds its ground admirably in its specialized area of focus. It all boils down to what you need your backpack for and understanding these differences is vital to making the right choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carry other things in my skateboard backpack apart from my skateboard?

Certainly! A skateboard backpack includes specific compartments for the skateboard, but also offers additional spaces for your other belongings. However, these backpacks are typically designed with a streamlined profile hence fewer compartments compared to regular backpacks.

Is it possible to strap a skateboard on a regular backpack?

While some people attempt to improvise, a regular backpack usually lacks the necessary straps to securely fasten a skateboard. Hence, it's neither comfortable nor safe.

What should I check for when buying a skateboard backpack?

Ensure it has the necessary straps or slots for a skateboard. It should also be durable, comfortable to wear, and suit your style. Features like a waterproof material and additional compartments could also be beneficial.

Do I need a skateboard backpack if I don't skate daily?

Not necessarily. If you're not a frequent skater, a regular backpack might serve you better due to its multipurpose design.

Are skateboard backpacks significantly more expensive than regular backpacks?

Not always. The price mainly depends on the brand, materials, and specific features. Some skateboard backpacks may be priced similar to high-quality regular backpacks.

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