A rolling backpack  is a backpack that has wheels and allows the user to either pull the bag behind them, or to wheel it in front of them. They’re a great choice for those travelers and college students who need to carry heavy belongings long distances, and can switch between using it as a traditional backpack or wheeling it when you want to give your back a break.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Rolling Backpacks

When shopping for a rolling backpack, you should consider five factors: capacity, comfort, convenience, mobility and durability. The best rolling backpacks will tick all the boxes in the following categories.
Capacity refers to the size of your bag; this determines how much stuff you can safely bring along. Comfort is an important factor when it comes to anything you will be wearing or carrying around. Convenience refers to both the number and location of pockets, as well as whether the bag has any other useful features like a dedicated media pocket. Durability refers to the durable material used in the backpacks construction, such as durable polyester and whether the backpack is water resistant.

Padded Laptop Sleeve

A padded laptop compartment is an effective way to ensure your laptop or tablet stays protected while you’re on the move. Apart from the obvious benefit of protecting your device, a laptop pocket will also be useful in keeping other items in your backpack safe — like tablets, phones, and other electronics.

Shoulder Straps

Shoulder straps make a big difference in how a regular backpack feels when you’re wearing it. The best rolling backpack should be held close to your body, with the weight evenly distributed on your hips. Whether you’re comparing the top rated rolling backpacks for busy students, work or backpacking adventures, make sure the padded straps fit comfortably and won’t slip off your shoulders. A hip belt is also worth considering.

Roomy Main Compartment

A spacious main compartment is important when choosing a rolling backpack because it ensures that you can bring your laptop and all kinds of other supplies while leaving room to spare for all your clothes or school books. While some traditional backpacks may be too small, a large rolling backpack with multiple compartments, extra pockets and zippered pockets gives you the space you need to grow as your personal items collection expands.

Internal Compression Straps

Make sure that compression straps are considered when choosing your next rolling backpack. These straps will help you to have a more organized travel backpack whether you’re carrying a lot of materials, or just a few items. Most importantly, the straps keep the weight of your load even, so you don’t end up with too much pressure on one shoulder, or an uneven load when rolling your backpack which makes carrying around extra weight a little less stressful.

Smooth Wheels

Wheels are the single most important part of rolling backpack. If the wheels aren’t tough and sturdy, they’ll get stuck in a crack or fall off completely when you’re carrying something heavy. Make sure the wheels have a smooth roll, so your travel bag won’t be wobbly as you pull it along. Rolling backpacks with smaller wheels can be difficult to maneuver, while wheeled backpacks with larger wheels can actually be more difficult to carry.

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