More people these days are giving up the office job that ties them to the desk. The gig economy is expanding quicker than ever, and more people are working remotely or off their laptops in places other than the office. But whether you work in the office or not, laptops are by no means cheap and this is why it’s crucial to take good care of your investment and the data that it contains. This is especially important if you’re a professional on the go.

Sure, a regular backpack can store your laptop. But that doesn’t mean that it will protect your laptop in a way that a dedicated laptop backpack will. Laptop backpacks are designed with padding, which average backpacks don’t have. This padding is critical to protecting your computer from physical damage which will cost you money to repair, if it can even be repaired. The point is, you wouldn’t want to take the risk of damaging your laptop because it wasn’t given the protection it needs.

Additionally, standard backpacks don’t have the same kind of compartments and organizational features that a laptop bag has. Individuals who need a laptop backpack don’t only need it for that purpose: they also need space for things such as other gadgets. Perhaps a busy salesman needs a tablet plus a slot for other documents and notebooks, which your standard backpack doesn’t have. On the other hand, laptop backpacks have these thoughtful features, because they are constructed with busy people in mind who value staying organized.

Another primary reason why people should invest in laptop backpacks is for comfort and health. You probably don’t realize it, but your shoulders and back take a serious beating every time you use a heavy backpack with flimsy, uncomfortable shoulder straps; not to mention the extra weight added by your laptop content. In fact, using the inappropriate backpack for heavy things such as your laptop for a very long time can cause serious injuries in the future. This is one major health hazard that you can prevent by investing in the right laptop backpack.

But it doesn’t always have to be a major investment. There is a misconception that laptop backpacks are always expensive because of all the added features. The truth is that there are so many choices in the market that are so affordable, you won’t even have to think too hard about making that purchase. There are so many terrific brands out there that create world-class laptop backpacks, which will last you for years to come as long as you take good care of them. So even if you’re on a budget, finding the right style is easy.

The Features To Look For In Laptop Backpacks

Not all laptop backpacks are made equally. They come with a great array of features, each designed for different lifestyles and needs in mind. As you shop for your next accessory, here are some features to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Durability – Laptops are expensive electronic devices, and taking them to and from places has become a necessity. If you own a laptop, you might as well invest in a bag that is made to take care as you travel or commute. Durability in build and construction is critical in preventing your laptop from getting jostled around, especially if you’re on the go a lot. Look for padded sleeves, cushioned chambers, and well-sealed seams. Water-resistant fabric, or at least a rain cover, would also give you an added line of defense against the elements especially if you’ll be using it in the outdoors often, or if you’re a business traveler.

Security – Considering how expensive your laptop is, not to mention all the confidential data it stores, it’s important to choose a laptop backpack that has security features. When you’re tired from traveling, the last thing you need to worry about is a pick-pocket. And these days, thieves are getting smarter by the minute. Anti-theft features such as lockable zippers, cut-proof material, RFID technology will go a long way in protecting your sensitive and valuable items, giving you the most important benefit of all: peace of mind.

Thoughtful compartments – Not all laptop backpack users may find this necessary, but for many, having a good number of thoughtful compartments helps with organization. This feature is especially important for individuals who carry a lot of small pieces of equipment or things with them in their laptop backpack, such as cables, headphones, calculators, tablets, mobile phones, keys, passports, and more. On the other hand, there are also some individuals who prefer minimalist travel backpacks that have less compartments. Choosing a style with the right number and kind of compartments that you need helps you stay organized in exactly the way that you want.

Size – The most common laptop has a 15-inch screen display. But with new technology coming out faster than you can say computer, we’re now seeing laptops that cater to more specific needs. This is why there are smaller notebooks, as well as laptops with massive 17-inch screens. It’s important to take into consideration the size of your laptop, as well as the other things you’d like to keep in it, when choosing the size of your laptop backpack. If the laptop sleeve is too large, your computer will end up moving around the bag during travel, and the impact from this can lead to permanent damage.

Ergonomics – When you’re on the go a lot, you’ll need a laptop backpack that doesn’t weigh you down and cause burden to your shoulders. A model with ergonomic features such as fully-padded straps and weighted construction adds to the comfort, especially if you’re carrying a heavy load. Other features you may want to look out for include load-lifting straps, a contoured shape, or a stabilizer.

Style – Laptop backpacks come in an extensive range of styles to suit different needs. There are casual bags for students, as well as more elegant styles for professionals. Before you settle on a design, consider if its style reflects your personal style, which doesn’t have to be sacrificed for function. Many laptop backpacks these days are actually designed to be fashionable, because no one wants to purchase a useful bag which lacks greatly in aesthetics.

Extra features – While laptop bags are primarily designed to store your laptops, many styles on the market come with extra features that do come in handy. These include exterior mesh pockets for water bottles, USB chargers, or reflective straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best laptop backpack?

The best backpack for laptops should offer enough space to properly stow the laptop inside. It should contain straps to secure the laptop in place to prevent it from shifting during movement. It should offer easy accessibility, yet a secure closure; zippers are ideal.

The straps should be padded and adjustable. It should also feature a carrying handle along the top. Pockets that can be used to store accessories and other essentials are also recommended. The best backpack for laptops should also feature a protective, shock-proof material to prevent the laptop from becoming damaged if the backpack is dropped or handled roughly.

How are laptop bags measured?

To ensure a laptop will properly fit inside a laptop bag, it’s important to measure the laptop itself. Measure the screen, from the bottom right corner to the upper left corner. Measure the height of the laptop; while the laptop is closed, measure along its side, from the left or right bottom corner to the left or right top corner.

To measure the depth, close the laptop and measure from one edge to the other. Measure the width by placing a tape measure on the bottom right corner and positioning it to the bottom left corner.

The dimensions taken while measuring your laptop should be used to find a bag that will properly accommodate the device.

What is a TSA-approved laptop bag?

A TSA-approved laptop bag is one that meets regulations that have been established by the Transportation Security Administration.
Ideally, these bags should contain a compartment that provides access to a clear, unobstructed X-ray image of a laptop; a section that is specifically designated for a laptop and that can be laid flat on the belt of an X-ray machine. Additionally, the bag should not contain any zippers, buckles, or snaps that are made of metal, either underneath or on top of the section that is designated for the machine.

The laptop-only section should also be free of pockets, both on the inside and on the outside. While these qualities will make a laptop bag TSA-compliant, it is important to note that it does not mean that the laptop will not need to be removed from the bag while it is being X-rayed; if a clear X-ray image cannot be taken, you may be asked to remove the laptop.

What is the best laptop case for a Macbook Pro?

The best laptop case for a MacBook Pro is one that properly fits over the exterior of the machine. It should be lightweight and thin, yet made of a highly durable material. Ideally, the material should be shock-resistant and scratch-proof, yet breathable.

Some high-quality cases for MacBook Pros also come with matching keyboard covers that protect the keyboard of the machine, as well.

What is the best laptop backpack for a college student?

The best laptop backpack for a college student depends on the specific needs of the individual. It should the appropriate size to properly accommodate the laptop and feature a compartment that is designated specifically for the laptop. It should also contain straps that can secure the laptop in place to prevent it from moving around.

There should be a supportive material that provides cushioning and offers shock absorbency around the laptop. The backpack should contain padded, adjustable straps, as well as a carrying handle. Easy, yet durable, accessibility is key; zippers are ideal. Pockets that can be used to store other necessities are also ideal.

The Best Way To Keep Your Laptop Safe

No matter what you use your laptop for, investing in one means that you have to commit to taking care of it too. Even if you handle your laptop gently, the inappropriate laptop bag can result to damage all too quickly.
Selecting the right laptop backpack involves a lot of time and consideration, because there are a lot of things you should think about.

Where do you plan to take your laptop? How far is the distance you have to commute on a daily basis? What else do you intend to carry in your bag? Once you’ve decided, you then have to factor in the comfort and security aspects of the bag. These preferences are all very personal, yet far too many people place little importance in these things. You don’t want to have to wait until you accidentally break your laptop because you used a laptop without sufficient padding, or until you’ve lost your belongings because a thief outsmarted you.

Laptop backpacks are the next most important investment you can make after buying a laptop. When you have one that meets all your needs, there’s no need to worry about mishaps or losing your belongings. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last minute. Remember, your laptop backpack is likely one you will use throughout the week or take in your travels. When you have a laptop backpack that you’re happy with, you have one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on what’s important.

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