JanSport was founded in 1967 by Skip Yowell, Murray Pletz, and Janis Lewis. After Pletz won an award for designing an adjustable aluminum backpack frame, his then-girlfriend (and later, wife) Jan was tasked with creating a backpack pattern for the frame. After everything worked out well enough for the trio – as is evident – the company was named JanSport, after Lewis.

While the first products launched by the company were hiking packs inspired by the founders’ love for the mountains and hiking, there was a shift in priorities after 1972, when it was found that a bunch of students are the University of Washington were using these hiking packs to lug around their books so that they were kept a safe distance from the rain. At this moment, JanSport decided to venture into the realm of daypacks, which were produced by bolstering the backpacks first with vinyl and then leather.

From here, it didn’t take long before students on campuses across the country were stuffing their books, gym equipment, water bottles, packed lunches and more in these sturdy, well-built packs that were seen to combine quality with style.

Many years later, the backpacks designed and manufactured by JanSport are still considered one of the most durable packs available in the market, offering students, office goers and travelers with impressive functionality and versatility that makes JanSport their go-to company for bags. The company truly believes in its products, which is easily showcased by the lifetime warranty that comes with the backpacks and other products put out by them.

Things to Consider While Picking a Jansport Backpack

Picking the right backpack for your needs can get a little tricky if you want a product that gives you a stylish edge without compromising on the functional aspects of things. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind while choosing a backpack

  • Fabric – Backpacks are supposed to withstand a great deal of daily wear and tear. Whether it is the rain or other harsh weather conditions on the outside, or a water leak or similar problems on the inside, the backpack should be made of a material that is sturdy and will not get damaged easily.
  • Size – The size and capacity of the backpack is a major consideration as having a pack that is too small or too large for your needs can completely defeat the purpose of choosing that particular model. JanSport offers different backpacks for campus use, different ones for when you are traveling and so on, ensuring that the size is appropriate for the use.
  • Compartments – A good backpack comes with plenty of compartments so that you can keep different things in different sections to avoid any confusion later. Within the compartments, there should be organizer sections for things like pens and pencils, or even a laptop sleeve. The focus on such organization is one of the reasons why people love JanSport.
  • Padded Straps  If you are carrying around heavy textbooks or a bulky laptop all day, your shoulders are going to start feeling the pressure after a while. To help avoid such a situation, it is important that the straps that go around your shoulders are padded to give you maximum comfort.
  • Sturdy Wheels – Many travel backpacks also come with wheels so that they can be dragged around with ease. As these bags can often get quite heavy with all the clothes, toiletries and other items you stuff into them, good-quality wheels attached to their base make things so much easier in the long run.
  • Warranty – One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking at backpacks is the warranty offered by the company manufacturing the pack. JanSport lays great emphasis on this factor and offers a lifetime warranty on its backpacks to ensure that your purchase gives you maximum bang for your buck.

Final Thoughts

All the JanSport backpacks mentioned on this list have been chosen because of their individual features and how well they fit the particular category that they have chosen for. For example, if you carry a laptop to work and want a stylish and sturdy backpack to carry it, the Envoy Laptop Backpack works exceptionally well. The Big Student backpack has been the cult classic for school and college-going students who need enough space and sections to truly organize their lives.

If you commute a lot – whether it is to work or university – the Hatchet Backpack is a good option, while the Driver 8 Core Series is the undisputed leader for travel backpacks. There are multiple unisex options when it comes to backpacks but active men and women can also seek out the Odyssey and Women’s Agave backpacks for their respective needs.

Pick the JanSport backpack that is most in line with your requirements and be ready to have a companion for life!

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