A backpack with laptop compartment is built to carry a variety of things in general, but is also designed specifically to carry laptops and smaller electronics, including tablets.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Backpacks with Laptop Compartments

When you buy a good laptop backpack, you might be tempted to just pick the one that looks the coolest or that has all of the features you like. But before you do, you should think about how many things you need in your backpack, the size of your laptop and whether it needs protection, what roles will it serve you for (school/work or sports), and if you’re going to use it for traveling.

Padded Laptop Sleeve

Padded laptop sleeves are an important addition to laptop backpacks because they protect the computer. A quality laptop sleeve reduces the risk of a puncture or tear when you pack and unpack your backpack, protecting your pricey electronics. A separate tablet pocket is also an important addition for many users.

Water Bottle Pocket

Water bottle pockets are a must if you’re a student. Water bottle pockets keep water bottles in a convenient place — right where you need them. It makes it easy to drink water as you walk from class to class. The best laptop backpack will be made from water resistant fabric that also has a water bottle holder.


Compartments make all the difference when it comes to bags and backpacks. From multi-purpose pockets to dedicated sections for a laptop, tablet, or other technology, a separate compartment is essential for staying organized — even if you don’t know exactly how or where you’ll use them. They keep small items from getting lost inside the main compartment and ensure that you always have quick access to what you need most.

Easy Access

With easy access to your laptop compartment, you’ll save yourself from unnecessary headaches — you can quickly grab your device without unnecessarily digging around for it. More than that, a backpack with a dedicated laptop pocket ensures that your device is fully secure and safe from damage.


The best laptop backpacks are usually carry on size backpacks, carry on size is just enough for a typical trip and great for the airport. You can take it when traveling, hiking or anything you need. The design is compact, there are plenty of pockets to keep all your valuables in order and most importantly, it makes carrying your bag comfortable at any time.

Zippered pocket

Laptop backpacks with a zippered pocket inside are helpful for keeping your valuables secure. Whether you have smaller items like a phone, keys and wallet, or larger items like papers or stationery — zippered pockets help contain small and large items. A zipper prevent your belongings from falling out of the pocket if you happen to lose the other bag compartment, whether it’s deliberate or accidental.


Shoulder straps are an integral part of all laptop backpacks. If a backpack doesn’t have shoulder straps, it’s not really a backpack. Instead, it’s just a bag that you have to throw over your shoulder. Padded straps are essential. It is always a good idea to choose a backpack that has padded backpack straps as this allows you to carry the bag for extended periods of time with minimal discomfort.

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