A backpack with charger is an all-in-one solution that offers users the ability to charge devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops, while on the go. Just like a regular laptop backpack smart backpacks feature multiple compartments, are available in multiple colors but also come with USB ports for charging.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Backpacks with Chargers

When comparing backpacks with chargers, there are a few factors which you may want to consider. First, when using your smart backpack with usb charging, make sure you charge it until the light on the USB backpack turns green. This means that the battery of the bag is fully charged. Second, when charging the battery within the bag, then it is important to note that each charger will come with a separate charging cable.

USB Port

USB is the standard port that allows you to charge up your devices. However, you will find a variety of USB ports for charging cables. Make sure the laptop backpack you choose has the external USB port for the device you plan to charge. With a USB charger, you can charge your mobile phone and tablets on-the-go with the external USB charging port.

Laptop Sleeve

A separate laptop compartment is a must because it keeps your computer safe. Whether you’re carrying your laptop to class, work or doing some travel, you need to make sure that it will be protected from any damage. Although most backpacks have a laptop compartment regular laptop backpacks don’t usually have a built-in portable charger like charging backpacks do.


Your backpack with charger should have adjustable padded shoulder straps that allow it to hug your shoulders and waist, putting all the weight on your hips where they should be. Hip and chest straps are also good, as they keep the pack balanced no matter how much gear you throw in. Look for breathable straps to stay cool if you plan to wear your backpack for long periods and a luggage strap is also useful for travel.

Charge Multiple Devices

Being able to charge multiple devices, whether it’s your smartphone or tablet, is important. Consumers today own multiple devices and they need to stay charged. But with the size of our smartphones and other devices growing each year, keeping all of those power-hungry devices charged can be a challenge.

Water Resistant

Water resistant material is crucial in chargers backpacks as it allows you to not worry about rain or water damage. We all have enough on our minds and dont want to worry about damaging a backpack with charger when caught in the rain. Look for a backpack that is shock resistant and made from water resistant fabric to make sure your devices are safe.

Compartments / Pockets

One of the most important features of high quality backpacks are compartments. There are number of storage compartments that should be included in a backpack for it to be used as a travel charger. The charging backpack should have a large main compartment, key fob hook, side pockets and a special pocket where you can place your chargers, power banks and other laptop accessories with good cable management. Having a hidden pocket inside the bag will help you keep all your electronics safe, organized and accessible.

Power Bank

The battery pack is crucial to the performance of your smart backpack. Even the most efficient charger can run out of steam if you’re not using the right one. Understanding how battery packs work is important in choosing your own battery for your needs. The battery capacity and battery life are important factors to consider when choosing the power bank in your backpack with charger.

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