What Features Should I Look For in a Skateboard Backpack? 

 August 11, 2023

By  Chloe Farro

Are you a skateboarding enthusiast eager to take your precious board along with you on every journey you embark upon? If "absolutely yes!" is your answer, then this article might just be your roadmap to finding the best skateboard backpack. But let's hit the pause button for a second - have you ever wondered what makes certain skateboard backpacks stand out from the rest?

When choosing a skateboard backpack, prioritize durability, ample storage for your gear, padded compartments for protecting your skateboard, adjustable straps for comfort, and water-resistant material for all-weather use.

With countless options flooding the market, how do you identify that one backpack that ticks all the boxes? Come, let's unravel these secrets together and make your quest for the perfect skateboard backpack much simpler. Buckle up and hang tight; we're going on a thrilling ride!

Understanding Your Skateboard Backpack Needs

So you've decided to invest in a skateboard backpack, but the question is, how can you really know what you're looking for? Well, the answer to that inquiry is rooted deeply in comprehending your personal skateboard backpack needs. Let's delve deeper, shall we?

Identifying Your Packing Habits

First and foremost, take a good, hard look at your packing habits. Are you the type who prefers to pack light, carrying merely the essentials - your skateboard, wallet, and perhaps a bottle of water? Or, are you more of the prepared type, toting along spare parts, extra snacks, and even going as far as bringing a change of clothes for post-skateboarding activities? Assessing this can contribute significantly to the type and size of backpack you'll require.

Assessing Your Travel Frequency

Another aspect to ponder over is your travel frequency. How often do you take your skateboard backpack out with you? If it's part of your everyday carry, you might want to seek out backpacks known for their durability and comfort. On the contrary, if you're an occasional user, a straightforward, budget-friendly option might serve your needs just fine.

Factoring in Your Skateboarding Activities

Consider your skateboarding activity. Are you an urban skater who spends most of their time cruising city streets, or are you more of a park skater, conquering ramps and rails in various locations? Your answers will weather the choice between a compact, lightweight pack and a sturdier, roomier backpack that can accommodate protective gear.

In the pursuit of the perfect skateboard backpack, understanding your needs is key. By recognizing your packing habits, travel frequency, and skateboarding activities, you've already made the first step towards making an informed choice. So, which will it be? Light and compact or durable and roomy? Remember, the choice is yours!

Key Features to Look for in a Skateboard Backpack

When the skateboarding culture took a turn for the mainstream, it brought forth the genius invention of the skateboard backpack. With function and style coalescing perfectly, skateboard backpacks are a blessing for every lover of the sport. But, hold up there! Before you rush to purchase one, let's take a voyage through the most essential features you should look for in a skateboard backpack.

Adequate Board Carrying Capacity

Picture this. You're hustling through the city, with your board under your arm. Suddenly, you need to stop for a coffee or simply walk through a crowd. Wouldn't it be convenient if your backpack could securely hold your board? That's the basic premise of a skateboard backpack. Look for one with sturdy straps ready to hog your board snug against its back when you're not riding. It's like having an extra set of hands, isn't that a treat?

High-quality Material for Durability

Skateboarding, while exciting and adrenaline-pumping, might not be the kindest to your gear. So why would you want a backpack that can't take a hit? The answer, you wouldn't. Look for a skateboard backpack made of high-quality, durable material. Cordura or high-denier polyester usually does the trick, being resistant to tearing and abrasion. And, don't forget about the rain! An additional feature of waterproofing or at least water resistance could be a lifesaver for your electronics or precious doodles you've casually thrown in. So, remember, the higher the quality, the longer your skateboard backpack will stick around.

Comfort and Fit

Let's be honest, would you continue wearing a shoe that hurts? No matter how stunning it looks? The same theory applies to your skateboard backpack. A comfortable fit is key. Ensure the design complements the human body's contour and stance while skateboarding. Adjustable straps are a great addition to help offer a customized fit. It's also a good idea to look for padded shoulders and back panels to cushion any hard objects inside the bag. A comfortable fit won't just keep your back happy, but it will also streamline your skateboarding style. Ain't comfort the real king?

There you go! Remember these three key factors – carrying capacity, material, and fit – when you're on the hunt for the perfect skateboard backpack. Trust us, your skateboarding journey will just get smoother and cooler! 

Practicality in a Skateboard Backpack

To truly appreciate the qualities of a great skateboard backpack, you first need to understand the importance of practicality. After all, what's the point of having the most stylish backpack around if it doesn't fulfill its basic function well?

Multiple Compartment Design

Picture this: You're preparing to pack for one action-packed weekend of skateboarding. You’ve got your protective gear, extra clothes, electronics, water bottle, and, of course, your faithful skateboard. How in the world are you supposed to fit all these into a single backpack? The answer is quite simple, really - a multiple compartment design. Doesn't that just make total sense?

Imagine a backpack with several pockets, each one different in size, perfect for fitting everything from your skateboard tools to smaller accessories like caps or sunglasses. Plus, the separation means you won't rummage around in frustration for that sneaky bottle opener you just can't seem to find. So, when reviewing your options, consider a skateboard backpack with several compartments. Trust me; later, you'll thank yourself!

Compactness and Weight

Clothes? Check. Accessories? Check. Skateboard gear? Check. Heavy backpack that's out of this world? No way! This is where compactness and weight crash into the scene. Picture a skateboard backpack light as a feather, and compact enough not to turn you into a hunchback juggler.

A lightweight, sturdy backpack doesn't only save your back but also enhances your mobility. Whether you're hitting the streets, cruising around the city park, or trekking up to that sweet, secret skate spot up in the hills, a compact backpack always feels like a breather. The key here is balance. You need a backpack big enough to carry all your things yet light enough to make sure your skating adventures remain just that – adventures, not endurance tests.

Ease of Access

Ever been in a situation when you need something urgently, but your bag seems like an endless pit of despair? Well, in comes ease of access. A skateboard backpack with wide, unobstructed openings, and easily accessible pockets is a blessing in disguise. Be it quickly reaching for your water bottle after an exhausting ride, or swiftly pulling out your keys to unlock your door, accessibility in a skateboard backpack is not something to be ignored.

So guys and girls, when looking for your new skateboard backpack, remember this - practicality is king. A bag with a clever multiple compartment design, just the right mix of compactness and weight, and easy accessibility could make all the difference between a ho-hum skateboard experience and a rad one! Wait no more, get out there and start your hunt for the perfect skateboard backpack today. 

Skateboard Backpack Safety Features

When scoping for your new skateboard backpack, safety should never be an afterthought. Keep in mind that a good backpack is not just about carrying your skateboard; it's also about ensuring your safety when riding particularly during dawn, dusk or night times. That's why it's crucial to look for these fundamental safety features:

Reflective Material for Night Visibility

Ever found yourself zipping through the city lanes in the twilight, relishing the adrenaline rush, the wind on your face? Sounds poetic, right? But here's the deal! In low light conditions, visibility could be a challenge that may unintentionally put in harm's way. This is where reflective materials come into play.

High-quality skateboard backpacks usually incorporate reflective strips or logos that bounce off the incoming light, making you visible to vehicles and other road users. This is a must-have feature for those of you who love riding during dim lit hours. So go ahead, embrace your night owl spirit, but safely, with reflective backpacks.

Lockable Zippers for Security

Here's a question: how secure do you feel leaving your personal belongings in a backpack without lockable zippers? Pretty vulnerable, right? Your skateboard backpack is more than a portable storage for your skateboard. It's where you stash your wallet, phone, keys, perhaps even your laptop. Lockable zippers, therefore, are vital to keep your valuables safe from prying hands, especially in crowded places.

Lockable zippers don’t just mean your zippers can be locked together, but also they are more robust and less likely to break, providing an extra layer of protection to your belongings. It's like having a home security system but for your backpack. You surely don't want to welcome trouble by leaving your gears unprotected.

Water-Resistant or Waterproof

Ever got caught in a sudden downpour while riding your skateboard? And we're not just talking about you getting drenched, also imagine your precious belongings seeping with water. Hurts, doesn't it?

This is why considering a skateboard backpack that is water-resistant or better still, waterproof, is imperative. Water-resistant materials shield your gear from light rain or accidental beverage spills. But if you're a hardcore skater who wouldn't mind skating on a wet day, pick a waterproof one for the highest level of protection from water. Think of a waterproof feature as an umbrella for your gear to keep them dry under heavy rain.

In essence, remember that a great skateboard backpack combines utility with safety. While there are countless backpack options out there, choosing the one that serves safety-first features like reflective material, lockable zippers, and water-resistance can make a world of difference. So shall we hit the skate park, safely and stylishly packed? 

Style and Personal Preference

When it comes to finding the perfect skateboard backpack, functionality should always be your top consideration, but let's be honest, style isn't too far behind, right? When we're talking about style and personal preference, there are a plethora of aspects to take into account. It's important to remember that the backpack you choose is a reflection of who you are. It speaks volumes about your personality and your taste.

Variety of Colour Choices

First things first, the colour of your skateboard backpack. Just think about it, isn't life too short for boring colours? Of course, the array of colours available is as diverse as the skateboarders themselves. If you're more of the conservative type, you may feel more at ease with the basic black or gray. But if you're someone who likes to make a statement with what you wear, you're in luck with the variety of vibrant colours and patterns that are on offer. We're talking neon greens, fiery reds, and even bags adorned with street art-inspired designs. The key is to pick a colour that aligns with your vibe and wardrobe.

Unique Design Features

Apart from the colour, unique design features also play a big role in the style of your skateboard backpack. Some packs come with sleek minimalistic designs, while others are loaded with trendy aesthetics such as patches, badges, and chains. Consider what catches your eye, but also what works best for your lifestyle. Do you need multiple compartments for your gear, or do you prefer a single large compartment for a more streamlined look? Remember, you're not just carrying your skateboard; you're making a style statement!

Brand Reputation

Let's not forget about brand reputation. Yes, this matters too! The skateboarding community is pretty tight-knit, and certain brands have earned a reputation for producing high-quality, durable, and stylish backpacks. Brands with a storied legacy in the skateboarding world are often a safe bet when it comes to choosing a reliable, stylish, and practical skateboard backpack. Don't be afraid to indulge in some brand name gear, if it fits your personal preference and budget. Remember, a good brand doesn't just offer you a product; it tells a story that you'll be wearing on your back.

So, when choosing your skateboard backpack, remember to put your personal style at the forefront. After all, why blend in when you were born to stand out? 


Picking a skateboard backpack that fits your needs ideally is more about personal preference guided by the essential features of durability, size and capacity, comfort, skateboard holding mechanism, and numerous compartments. Remember, the perfect skateboard backpack isn't just the one that holds your board. It is that faithful companion that carries your dreams on wheels, ensuring your prized skate tool remains guarded as it tags along in your urban adventures.

So when you go shopping next, and can't choose from the million fancy varieties lining the racks, just take a step back and think - does this backpack stand up to my needs and offer me what I truly require on my skating journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is having numerous compartments crucial in a skateboard backpack?

Numerous compartments help in keeping your belongings organized. Whether it's your earphones, spare clothes, water bottles, or your skate tools, you'll precisely know where to find them.

How does the durability of a backpack affect its performance?

Durability is essential for skateboard backpacks. A durable backpack can handle the rough and rugged demands of a skater's lifestyle and hold up through numerous skating adventures.

Why is the skateboard holding mechanism an important feature?

A good skateboard holding mechanism ensures your board is secure during travels. It prevents the board from wiggling around, which can be a distraction or even cause accidents.

Is there an ideal size and capacity for a skateboard backpack?

This largely depends on your personal needs. If you'll be carrying lots of items, you'll need a larger size. It's vital to ensure your backpack has enough space to fit all your necessities along with your skateboard.

How does comfort contribute to the choice of a skateboard backpack?

As a skater, you might be traveling long distances with your backpack. A comfortable backpack ensures minimal strain on your shoulders and back even after long periods of carrying it.

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