What Is the Best Skateboarding Backpack? 

 June 28, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

Skateboarding gives you the opportunity to see new places and try new rinks. Having said that, you need a proper way to transport your skateboard securely – which is why skateboard backpacks are so popular. But how do you find the right skateboarding pack?

Think about your skateboarding lifestyle and needs before you buy a skateboarding backpack. The pack should be able to fit your skateboard, plus have room for other essentials such as your hoodie, skate tools, wax, and shoes. Lightweight material, pockets, and comfort are important too.

There are other factors to understand before you decide to purchase a skate backpack. Read about the details in this helpful article below.

Features To Look For in the Best Skateboard Backpacks

For anyone who skateboards frequently, it’s essential to have a rucksack that enables you to take it along with you. No other style of bag compares to the convenience of a backpack, which leaves your hands free. 

Each skater will have specific needs when it comes to a skateboarding backpack. The good news is that there are plenty of options on the market, all over the price spectrum.

Here’s a guide to walk you through features to consider: 

Design: Skateboarding-Specific or Regular Backpack?

There are brands that specialize in making stylish backpacks that specifically meet the needs of skateboarders. These enable you to attach your skateboard either through external straps or carry it inside the bag. Skateboard-specific packs are a great choice for skaters who travel frequently because they are filled with practical features so that you have more time to enjoy your sport.

If you choose a skateboard bag with straps, look for a pair of Velcro straps since they are more durable. Velcro is recommended, though heavy-duty skateboard straps work well too.

Whether you need the straps to carry a deck, penny boards, or longboards, skateboard traps should always be of superior quality. They provide your equipment with the protection and security it needs while you travel. 

On the other hand, many traditional backpacks can also be used for skateboards. Spacious backpacks, even though they were originally intended for use in school, hiking, or traveling, are a good alternative to the best skateboarding backpacks. These are ideal for individuals who want more versatility out of a backpack.

Just be sure that you can fit your board and other gear inside it securely. With a regular backpack, skateboards can be hooked into the backpack straps as you wear them. Taller backpacks may be able to fit the skateboard within the primary compartment.


Backpacks come in an array of sizes, but the right volume will always depend on the pack’s ability to store exactly what you need. Think about your skateboarding lifestyle and the purpose of your skateboard travel bag; below are some questions to consider: 

  • How often do you travel or commute
  • What do you intend to pack into the backpack? 
  • What are the dimensions of your skateboard?
  • How will the pack carry your board?

If you have a small skateboard and only need a pack for the day, a backpack with a capacity of around 20 to 25L should be enough. However, if you have a larger skateboard and plan to travel overnight or longer, you will need lots more space. Consider a pack with a capacity of around 30L.

Keep in mind that it isn’t advisable to skateboard with a heavy backpack. This can make it more difficult and may compromise your safety.

When it comes to product dimensions, the standard skateboard width ranges from 7.5 to 8.5 inches. However, look for a longboard backpack if you have a larger board. There are backpacks that can also accommodate smaller boards.

If you’re unsure about the right size to get, it can give you peace of mind when buying from a company or shop that offers free returns. This way, you can exchange it for a larger model should you discover that you need more space.

Lightweight Fabric

The best skateboard backpack is made with lightweight yet durable materials. The most popular yet reliable fabrics commonly found in skateboarding backpacks are nylon and polyester.

Nylon is known for its light weight, durability, and strength. It has some water-resistant properties, which is beneficial for those who travel to or live in areas prone to rainfall. Nylon can also protect your bag’s internal contents from moisture and water.

Polyester is a great option for those who need toughness and durability.  It can withstand heavy use while resisting wear and tear, so some polyester skateboarding backpacks may have a higher price because they are designed to last longer.


Skate bags come with different compartments and pocket designs. 

All backpacks have a main compartment, where you can store anything, especially bulky items. You can pack your t-shirts, hoodies, grip tape, and shoes inside the main compartment.

The main compartment will sometimes have a smaller pocket inside, which may be zippered or not. These smaller interior pockets are a useful place to store your other stuff such as snacks or your skateboard wax. 

A laptop compartment is useful for keeping devices, such as a tablet or laptop, safe from the rest of your accessories. This part is also helpful for the organization of books and documents. 

Additionally, the best skateboard backpack would have a secondary pocket. It’s commonly located on the front of the bag so you can store something smaller that requires easy access, such as your keys, wallet, and mobile phone.

Last but not least, side pockets are handy for keeping water bottles. At least one water bottle pocket will come in handy at all times. You can also use it for other purposes, such as keeping your shoes or sunglasses. 

Always review the pockets available before you buy a skate bag. 


The best skateboarding backpacks may have all the features you need, but there is no point in shelling out money for it if it isn’t comfortable. How you feel when you use a bag always makes a big difference, and not just how it looks. 

There are many ways comfort can be achieved with a backpack. First, padded shoulder straps are critical since these cushions your shoulder to prevent you from feeling the whole weight of the pack. 

Second, shoulder straps should always be adjustable. The ability to adjust the straps’ length greatly enables the pack’s stability on your body. It also ensures even weight distribution between your hips and shoulders. 

A sternum strap may also be useful for heavier loads.


Skateboarding rucksacks come in a variety of trendy styles and colors. 

But at the end of the day, get a bag known for its sturdy and solid construction if you have the chance. Durability is the one most important thing, especially if you count on it to protect your skateboard and valuables. Skateboards are heavy, especially when you are carrying them with laptops and other belongings. 

No skater wants to experience the hassle of a bag breaking down while away from home, because it has run its course in a short amount of time. Look for metal zippers or resin zippers since they last longer and are easier to use compared to nylon or plastic zippers. YKK zippers are the gold standard when it comes to zipper quality.

It helps to read reviews to better understand the experience of other customers with a product. Skate bags that are rated highly will always be a better option. 

Other Factors To Consider

Depending on your lifestyle, you may find these additional features useful:

  • Skateboard backpack with wheels: Going on an overnight or multi-day trip can be a bit cumbersome with a skateboard. In this case, consider a skateboard backpack with wheels. It enables you to shift from wheeled luggage to backpacks with ease anytime you need.
  • Weatherproofing: Look for materials that offer some degree of water resistance. It pays to research the fabric used because it provides essential protection for your belongings if you are exposed to rain.
  • USB charging port: A USB charging port is a useful feature for those who constantly need to charge their tablets, mobile phones, or other electronic products. They let you effortlessly store your power bank inside the backpack and charge anytime, anywhere. 

Our Recommendations for the Best Skateboard Backpacks

Skate backpacks each have their own pros and cons based on individual preferences. Check out the buying guide below, which features a list of popular skate bags and links to sites where you can find more information:

Skate Home Longboard Backpack: Skate Home specializes in all things skateboard. But for a user looking for a fuss-free backpack just to carry a longboard, look no further.

Skate Home Longboard Backpack

This lightweight and practical pack has two adjustable straps that can accommodate longboards up to 25 cm width. It also has one large and one small pocket for other smaller belongings, as long as they aren’t too bulky. Wear it over your shoulder like a shoulder bag as you cruise around the city with just the essentials on hand.

The Skate Home Longboard Backpack is ideal for skate enthusiasts who need a reliable way to travel with the basics.

Simbow Skateboard Backpack: Simbow is an independent brand known for their stylish yet high-performance skateboarding and business bags. For many years, the Simbow Skateboard Backpack has been a favorite of skaters as it accommodates the needs of both the sport and business. 

Simbow Skateboard Backpack

This pack comes with double straps that can carry a small deck or a penny board. It also has numerous features that will come in handy for school or work, such as a charging port. The laptop sleeve can hold 13 to 15 inch computers. 

The Simbow Skateboard Backpack also has an anti-theft pocket and password-protected lock for security. The pack’s exterior is constructed out of high-density and water-repellent polyester that will last many years of rugged use.

It’s clear that the Simbow Skateboard Backpack is the trusted skate bag for users with busy lifestyles. 

Fuel USA Pro Skater Backpack: Fuel is an all-American brand specializing in backpacks as well as accessories. Each of their products is carefully constructed with durable materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Fuel USA Pro Skater Backpack

The Fuel Pro Skater Backpack lets you travel with your board as comfortably as possible. The back is ergonomically designed and offers lumbar support, while the shoulder straps are soft and have ample padding. Access your gear with no stress thanks to the easy-glide zippers that are designed with pullers.  

Front-facing and durable velcro straps hold your board in place while the roomy main compartment houses a padded laptop sleeve. A solid frame and durable construction ensure years of utility and functionality. 

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack: Ronyes is a backpack brand that is known for creating functional and stylish backpacks for a wide array of uses. The Ronyes Skateboard Backpack is great for active people with many sporty interests: it has space for everything you need in and out of the rink.

Ronyes Skateboard Backpack

The adjustable board straps let you carry a skateboard or vertical board. Skaters who play ball sports will appreciate that it’s designed with a concealed net for storing a basketball, football, soccer ball, baseball, or volleyball. 

The Ronyes Skateboard backpack has so many useful and practical features. It’s big on organization too: aside from the hidden net, it has a double zippered exterior pocket, a thickly-padded laptop sleeve, a tablet compartment, back compartment, zippered pockets on each side, and two more compartments. Staying organized for all your interests has never been this easy.

Nike SB RPM Skate Backpack: Nike is a legendary brand when it comes to sporting goods and fashion. They manufacture top-tier quality products for almost every sport, and the Nike SB is no different. 

Nike SB RPM Skate Backpack

Store your gear and skate in a number of ways. The pack comes with a versatile strap system plus several zip pockets that can hold 26 liters of your valuables. Even when loaded to capacity, the padded back panel and ergonomic shoulder straps make sure that the wearer doesn't feel it.

The Nike SB RPM Skate Backpack is designed with durable polyester on the bottom, which prevents scratches, abrasions, and damage from wear and tear. Use this pack to take you from school, work, the gym, the rink, and everywhere in between. It has a lot of storage for your skateboarding essentials and other belongings.

Fortnite Kids’ Structure Skate Backpack: Fans of the world-famous game will appreciate this cool kids’ skateboard backpack. One version features a vibrant gradient jacquard game logo on the pack’s front exterior, functioning as the skate straps, which contrast beautifully with the rest of its black body. Another version is designed with a camouflage print and red skate straps. 

Fortnite Kids’ Structure Skate Backpack

More importantly, this is a durable backpack for young skaters. It’s equipped with a tricot-lined tech pocket, while the spacious main compartment has a padded sleeve for laptops and multiple other storage pockets. 

The Fortnite Kids’ Structure Skate Backpack has zippered pockets with easy-pull fabric. Opening and closing pockets to access your gear is made more convenient. In addition, the padded straps and utility webbing ensure your kids are always comfortable whenever they use this pack.

Dakine URBN Mission 18L Backpack: Dakine has backpacks for all kinds of sports and adventures. The Dakine URBN Mission is one of the best skate daypacks that’s got just enough storage for going to and from the skate park and school or work. 

Dakine URBN Mission 18L Backpack

This small but mighty pack features tough cargo straps to carry your board, though it can also be used for storing a hoodie. It comes with a thoughtful fleece-lined pocket, ideal for keeping your sunglasses safe from scratches. Inside, smaller pockets let you organize pens, your mobile phone, headphones, and other smaller accessories so they stay organized.

The Dakine URBN Mission 18L Backpack is made to last. The 600D polyester has a water-repellent finish, and it’s also low-maintenance. When all that outdoor use gets it dirty, keep it clean with a gentle hand or machine wash. 

Adidas Kelton Backpack: Adidas is a brand synonymous with quality, and they are ready to back that up with a lifetime warranty. The prices of their sports bags are higher than others, though it's worth it given the superior quality they are known for. 

Adidas Kelton Backpack

The Adidas Kelton Backpack gives you more time to focus on enjoying skateboarding while they take care of the rest. Its elegant shape and compact structure makes it easy to use whether you are skating or not. The two front straps allow you to attach your skateboard, but it also provides your back and shoulders with the support it needs through cushioning. 

The Adidas Kelton Backpack is one of the most long-lasting out there. Its exterior is constructed with durable polyester while its interior is lined with nylon. 


Skateboarding backpacks these days can cater to skaters with various lifestyles outside of the rink. Whether you have to report to school, the office, or gym, the best skateboard backpacks let you live your best life in and out of the rink. This guide can help you find the ideal skate pack for your individual needs. 

And, if you haven't already found the perfect skateboard backpack you can use our comparision tool to find a skateboarding backpack that's right for you.

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