A skateboard backpack is a type of backpack made specifically to hold your skateboard. They are often used by skateboarders to carry their clothing, skateboards, school books and other accessories.

Unlike conventional bags, skateboard backpacks are designed for the specific needs of skateboarders – they’re often smaller, with special straps and compartments for your deck, wheels and axle!

Not having to carry your board everywhere is a huge time saver and eliminates the possibility of damaging the deck.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Skate Backpacks

If you’re a new or experienced skateboarder, finding an ideal backpack can be a long and frustrating process. If you’re a newbie, there’s a lot to learn about brands, design, material quality, sizes, colors, and features.

Skateboard Straps

Skateboard straps are an essential part of a skate backpack. Typically made of nylon or polyester, these exterior straps allow the user to fit the skateboard or longboard onto the bag and carry it around hands-free. Board straps can also be used as a way to strap loose items to the bottom of the backpack.

Helmet Holder

A helmet holder allows you to carry your helmet around with you on the outside, which is often much more convenient than stuffing it into your bag. For kids, wearing a helmet is just part of what they do on their skateboards or bikes. So, having a helmet holder for their helmets makes it easier for people to put their helmets away after use.

Padded Shoulder Straps

Padded shoulder straps on a skateboarding backpack are critical for supporting the weight of the bag while you skate. Without them, it’s possible to hurt your shoulders or back while skating. Foam padding ensures comfort even when your bag is full, you can still skate without discomfort.


The ideal skateboard bag should have various compartments with lots of space for your belongings, some of which can be used for storing larger stuff like clothes, shoes, sunglasses, and water bottles. Often there will be a compartment with zippers specifically designed as a place for storing smaller things like USB chargers, electronics, accessories and your phone.

Water Bottle Holder

A water bottle holder can make your skateboarding experience much better. For one, having a water bottle holder will help you keep your hands free to concentrate on skateboarding. You won’t constantly be worrying about losing your water or having to constantly stop at the skate park to take a sip.

Laptop Pocket

You want your laptop to be safe. That’s why laptop pockets are so important in skateboarding backpacks. A laptop compartment will keep your laptops or tablet items away from everything else you’ve got tucked away inside your bag or pack, keeping them safe and secure in the laptop sleeve while you ride.

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