Why Are Tumi Backpacks So Expensive? 

 March 10, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

Tumi is considered a luxury backpack and luggage brand. Prices for backpacks start at around $320. But what makes them so expensive?

Since Tumi was founded in 1975, they have been committed to world-class quality. All of their innovative backpacks and bags undergo rigorous testing, involving 30 pioneered tests to ensure they are exceptionally durable. Tumi also constantly innovates lightweight and long-lasting products.

Want to know more about the reasons behind the cost of Tumi backpacks? Read on below.

Are Tumi Backpacks Worth It?

Tumi is a luxury bag brand that has a strong reputation for quality.

All the pieces in their highly-coveted line of backpacks cost at least $320 up. Tumi backpacks are elegant, lightweight, and durable. Some examples include:

There are also very specific reasons why people are loyal to the Tumi brand, and continue buying their backpacks even if they are expensive.

Rigorous Testing

Every Tumi bag undergoes rigorous testing. The brand believes that stringent testing is the only way to find out if their backpacks will outlast the wear and tear that travel is notorious for putting on bags.

All Tumi bags go through 30 unique tests, many of which they have developed, that gauge the durability of each bag. Backpacks that don’t pass the tests are rejected. For the customer, this kind of testing means you have peace of mind that your investment in a Tumi backpack is safe because it will not break down easily, unlike other brands.

Some of these tests include:

  • Product safety
  • Tensile strength
  • Stiffness
  • Drop test
  • Mini-tumble
  • Salt spray
  • Colorfastness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Operational forces


Innovation has always been in the Tumi DNA.

Through the decades, Tumi has patented several excellent designs in their backpacks. To date, they have around 125 patents to their name. These patented features and designs all ensure that the lives of travelers using their backpacks are simpler and more convenient.

For example, the Tumi Alpha 3 Brief Pack is manufactured with the Tumi patented FXT ballistic nylon, designed to be ultra-durable. The same backpack also utilizes their patented Add-A-Bag hook and secure fastened tab that can hold 200 pounds. In addition, the Tumi Alpha 3 Brief Pack features a patented closure system which is extremely effective in reducing the risk of zipper damage.

Another excellent feature they have developed is the Tumi ID lock to prevent identity theft. They created the RFID-blocking ID Lock which is found in pocket linings to prevent wireless identity transmission and making sensitive data unreadable.

Excellent After-Sales Service

Tumi promises world-class after sales service with their backpacks and all products. Customers can reach them 24 hours a day through several methods: online, via email, WhatsApp, or through a direct hotline. If customers have any questions about products, repairs, warranties, or the likes, it’s reassuring knowing that you can contact them easily.

This is much more than many backpack brands offer.


Tumi stands by the quality and durability of their backpacks.

This is evident in the comprehensive warranty that they offer. There are limited exceptions but for the first 12 years that you own a Tumi backpack, the warranty covers damage due to wear and tear, transit damage, or airport handling. They will cover all expenses associated with repair as well as shipping costs involved with taking the bag to and from their repair location.

For year two through five after purchase, Tumi will repair items that have suffered damage due to wear and tear, or issues that arise due to workmanship or material problems.

Again, their warranty is superior to what other backpack brands offer.

These factors, not to mention the sheer elegance and beauty of Tumi backpacks, are reasons why customers buy from Tumi. For many, shelling out more than average for the incredible durability and quality of Tumi backpacks is definitely worth it.

Best Alternative to Tumi Backpack

There are many brands that are similar to Tumi in terms of quality, durability, and luxury – but are more affordable. Check out these brands below:


Samsonite is an American brand of backpacks and luggage. Established in 1910, Samsonite is renowned for ultra-durable, high-quality pieces that are trusted by business travelers worldwide.

The brand has invested in breakthrough research and continues to innovate. With over 100 years in the industry, Samsonite has pioneered numerous designs in their premium backpacks and bags that cater to discerning customers. These include innovation in materials, as they have decided to focus on sustainable fabrics made from re-purposed waste, such as their Recyclex which is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic bottles.

In addition, Samsonite puts all backpacks through testing. All products must comply with strict manufacturing standards. Should a customer have issues with defects in material or workmanship, they offer to replace or repair the item free of charge.


Delsey was founded in France back in 1946. Since then, they have designed and innovated unique travel backpacks and bags to meet the needs of all lifestyles.

They now have dozens of awards and patents that are testament to their continuing dedication to quality and workmanship. Delsey specializes in lightweight bags that are environmentally-friendly and have a superior fit. All Delsey products undergo testing, and all fabrics used are extensively scrutinized so that customers only buy top-quality bags from the brand.

Delsey also has that distinct French design for a touch of elegance, loved by customers worldwide.


Tumi backpacks command a very high price. However, they are worth the investment for customers who are serious about durability and quality, given the brand’s commitment to long-lasting backpacks.

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Diane is our head writer and researcher for our backpack informational content. Her everyday carry is a Herschel.

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