One of the leading footwear brands in the world, Adidas is renowned for manufacturing sports shoes of the highest quality. Adidas AG is a German multinational company, which was originally founded in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and has its headquarters there.

Apart from shoes, the multifaceted company also manufactures apparel and accessories. Adidas is the largest manufacturer of sportswear in Europe and the second largest in the world, after Nike. In 2019, the company generated sales of €23.6 billion.


Adidas was founded by Adolf Dassler in the laundry room of his mother’s home in Herzogenaurach. In 1924, his elder brother, Rudolf joined him and they named their business “Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik” or Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory. Dassler helped in developing running shoes with spikes that were used for several athletic events and began using rubber and canvas spikes instead of the heavy metal spikes that were used earlier.

Dassler convinced Jesse Owens, the US sprinter to use the handmade spikes at the Summer Olympics of 1936. After Owens won four gold medals, Dassler shoes’ reputation and the name became popular among athletes and their coaches worldwide. Before World War II, Dassler was selling around 200,000 pairs of shoes a year.

During the World War, Dassler was operating the last shoe factory in Germany and was the main supplier for Wehrmacht. In 1943, shoe manufacturing was halted and the manufacturing facilities and workforce of Dassler were used to manufacture anti-tank weapons and were almost destroyed by the US forces. Later, the American occupying forces became major customers of Dassler shoes.

In 1947, the Dassler brothers split. Adolf started Adidas, while his brother Rudolf founded Puma, which went on to become Adidas’ competitor. In 1952, Adidas bought the three stripes logo from Karhu Sports, a Finnish athletic footwear company for two bottles of vodka and EUR 1,600.

Synonymous with the best footwear, apparel, and accessories, today, Adidas has become a household name across the world.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Adidas Backpack

When purchasing an Adidas backpack, there are so many designs and models to choose from that selecting the best one can be a challenge. Here are a few factors to consider when looking for your Adidas backpack.


The main consideration when purchasing a backpack is how much gear you can fit inside it. This essentially depends on the design, shape, and style of the Adidas backpack. Small size backpacks usually have a capacity of around 10 to 20 liters, while larger models typically, have a capacity of around 30 liters or more and can hold a few binders, a laptop, and a soccer ball.


Usually, Adidas backpacks are made from nylon rip-stop or polyester blend materials. These materials not only make the backpack extremely lightweight, but they also offer high tensile strength and are very strong and durable. Adidas backpacks are often equipped with mesh panels or vents that allow airflow throughout the pack.


Adidas backpacks mainly have two closure styles. You have backpacks with a top-loading opening or a traditional zipper opening. The traditional zipper opening typically exposes the contents in the backpack vertically and allows you to slide the item in and out of the backpack easily. Top-loading backpacks allow you to stuff the items via the opening at the top; although not many people prefer this style.


Since you will be using your Adidas backpack as a sports, travel, or school backpack, comfort and convenience are the two main factors to consider. The backpack should be lightweight and ergonomic and not put a strain on your back and shoulders. Proper padding and the correct size can make all the difference.

The backpack should sit comfortably on your back and the base of the pack must rest just above the waist to reduce the strain while carrying the bag.

Compartments or Pockets

Laptop Compartment

Adidas backpacks usually have a laptop compartment and most of them can accommodate up to 15-inch laptops. Some backpacks have larger compartments that can fit up to 17-inch laptops or larger, although these may be harder to find.

Accessory Pockets

Usually, Adidas backpacks have a couple of external, as well as internal pockets for all your essentials, snacks, keys, pens, and wallet. Usually, these have zippered, Velcro, or elastic closures.

Media Compartments

The backpacks have a media compartment that allows you to store all your electronics such as a phone, media player, and gadgets. Some backpacks even feature a hole at the top for your headphone cables. Some backpacks also have smaller-sized media pockets for smartpens, USB drives, and others.

Water Bottle Pocket

Adidas backpacks usually have one or two water bottle compartments, which allow you to carry your water bottles comfortably, instead of having to carry it separately or inside your bag, where it could leak. Usually, the water bottle pockets are mesh pockets at the side of the pack that has an elastic or drawstring neck for easy access.


Adidas has a wide range of backpacks for every need. There are simple and lightweight styles starting at USD 25 to more complex styles and larger capacities costing between USD 50 to USD 100. Adidas also has backpacks costing over USD 100; however, these are either limited edition backpacks or having sports team branding.


Most Adidas backpacks come with a lifetime warranty and are built to last for several years. With good care, your backpack can last for even longer.

Adidas has become a global manufacturer of shoes, apparel, and accessories combining the worlds of fashion and functionality successfully. All Adidas products are trendy, stylish, yet incredibly functional. And, these are the qualities you would want in an Adidas backpack too.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack with a bold brand logo or a backpack with a clean and simple design sporting the small Adidas crest or three stripes, there are loads of backpack options available.


Overall, if you’re purchasing an Adidas backpack, consider your requirements. A backpack for everyday use should not only be comfortable and durable but also be affordable too. We hope that with the information and reviews of the various Adidas backpacks in our guide, you will be able to buy the best backpack for your use.

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