One would be hard-pressed to come across an individual who has not at least heard of Nike, even if they have never purchased a product from the renowned sports brand. Nike was founded in the United States of America in 1964 and is a brand name that epitomizes the American Dream.

The company started out small in Portland, Oregon, and entered the business of selling shoes at first as a distributor for Tiger shoes, a Japanese shoe brand now known as Asics. As the distributor of these Japanese shoes, the company was known as Blue Ribbon Sports (BRS) but when they ventured out on their own, the “Nike” name came into being. Interestingly, very few people who were involved in the decision-making process initially liked the name, Nike.

The iconic brand could very well have been named something else had it not been for a pressing factory deadline that demanded a name immediately so that the boxes could go into print. Today, the company is an American multinational with million-dollar deals signed with several sports-persons of the top-most billing.

What Are They Best Known For? 

While Nike initially started out as a sports shoe brand, the company soon began to venture into other apparel and accessories. Today, the company is known for its shoes, sportswear, backpacks, etc. But the product that put Nike on the map and made it one of the most important sportswear companies in the world was the famous Nike “Jordans”.

These are the Air Nike’s popularised by basketball icon Michael Jordan in 1984 when they were made exclusively for the NBA star and later released to the general public. The Air Jordan line has possibly been one of the most popular and profitable ranges of products for the company. Since 1984, the shoe design has seen multiple upgrades and versions. The 2019-2020 NBA season saw the release of the Air Jordans XXXIV (34)!

The airbag technology that drives these shoes allows them to be lightweight yet resilient and durable –  one of the best basketball sneakers in the world. Since then, however, the company has also shown innovation in a variety of other sports-related accessories and apparel.

If it is something related to sport, you name it and Nike will present an innovative design that few in the market can match. From track pants, breathable clothes for a workout to water bottles, socks, headbands, and backpacks, there is everything that one may think of and more!

Who Is Their Target Audience?

Nike has catered to people of all ages, since its inception. If you are looking to give the Air Jordans to a small child, you will be surprised to find how many small and adorable sizes you can find. While one would imagine the company only caters to people who play sports, it actually has products that cater to a more general audience.

You do not have to play sports to have a Nike backpack for school. You also do not need to be a professional track runner to own a standard pair of Nike shoes. This is a brand that has products for regular people, even if they are only mildly inclined towards sports.

However, if you are a serious sportsperson, this is naturally the brand that you should turn to because the design and innovation have been conceptualized keeping movement, agility, and sporting technique in mind.

How Are the Backpacks Priced?

It is difficult to answer this question because the company offers so many ranges in backpacks. The ranges differ in style, size, design, color, and naturally even in price. However, the one thing that is common in all Nike backpacks is that they are designed keeping sports in mind, even though they can be used as regular backpacks for school, university, and others.

By keeping sports in mind while making all their backpacks, the company manages to create backpacks that are lightweight and have diverse storage space. With a Nike backpack, you can be assured of an innovative zipper technology and clean compartments that allow you to keep your items safely.

However, apart from these basic similarities, all the ranges the company has to offer in terms of backpacks differ to a large degree. However, it must be said that one is likely to find a Nike backpack within its price range as the products are diverse and range from the reasonably-priced to the more expensive, exclusive lines.

Final Thoughts

Nike is a household name that anyone with even the slightest interest in sports would be familiar with. The Nike backpacks offer several versatile ranges that are great for a regular day of school as well as a full day of training at the gym.

The backpacks that have been mentioned above are an avid mix of general bags as well as bags for sports. All the backpacks are made of durable polyester and the innovative designs will keep you coming back for more.

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