What Is the Best Longboard Backpack? 

 May 2, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

Longboard backpacks are the most efficient and comfortable way to travel with your skate gear. There are all kinds of designs in the market, so how do you choose the best one for your needs?

There are certain features to look out for in a good longboard backpack. Its dimensions should fit your longboard, but also have enough space for your other belongings. The best longboard backpack should also be durable, comfortable, spacious, and made specifically for longboarding. 

Want to know more about finding the best longboard backpack? Read up below. 

Features of the Best Longboard Backpacks

Longboarding isn’t just a fun sport: it’s also an efficient way to commute. 

Either way, it’s essential to have a skater backpack that can carry your deck, as well as all your other gear, safely and securely. There are many pack choices on the market, but this guide will help you find the best longboard backpack for your needs.

Longboard-Specific Backpack

When it comes to board sports of any kind – whether snowboarding, skateboarding, or longboarding – you need a backpack specifically designed for the job. A regular skateboarding backpack won’t suffice, either, given their size differences. A skateboard is 28 inches long and 6.5 inches wide, on average, while longboards can be anywhere from 25 up to 50 inches in length and as much as 10 inches in width.

Skateboards also must be carried horizontally through a pair of straps usually located outside of the pack. Other longboarding backpacks’ main compartment is designed to carry the board in their interior. 

Novice longboard skaters may not see the importance of investing in a longboarding backpack. However, as you get more serious about the sport, you’ll understand why investing in a backpack created for it is important. A regular backpack simply cannot provide the same level of protection, comfort, and support that a quality board backpack can. 


Longboards come in a range of sizes to accommodate various riding styles: freestyle, freeride, downhill, and cruising longboards all have various dimensions.

The best longboarding backpack for you is one that can fit your board. Having said that, it’s crucial to take the dimensions of your board to ensure it can fit in your pack.

Longboard Straps

Most longboard backpacks are equipped with a pair of straps to hold boards securely in place. Proper board stowing makes you feel like you aren’t carrying your board on your own while improving your overall mobility and stability. 

Board straps should be strong, durable, and adjustable. Review the closure mechanisms before you buy a bag: they should be as easy to use as possible. Velcro straps and buckles or clips are both popular choices, widely seen in many longboard backpack models. 

If you end up choosing a backpack with buckles, it’s best for buckles to be in the center of the backpack. Buckles on this part of the bag contribute to more efficiency in board carrying compared to those on one side. 


Consider how you plan to use your longboard backpack before deciding on how much storage space to get. You will likely need to carry other gear, so make sure that the backpack has enough room for it. A backpack that is too small will simply not be useful, while one with excess material due to unused storage can be an obstacle. 

A longboard backpack should at least have some space for other items such as water bottles, spare clothing, your wallet, laptop or tablet, and a mobile phone. Some longboard backpacks have extra space for gear such as a helmet and shoes. If you commute to and from school or the office, the pack should have plenty of room to fit your laptop, books, and notebooks. 

It also helps to think about seasonality and versatility when buying a longboard backpack. For example, in cooler months you may need extra storage to keep a sweater and thicker clothes.


The contents of a backpack are only as secure as the quality of its zippers. Imagine using your backpack during a commute, then coming home only to find out that it’s been open all along because of a faulty zipper. This puts your valuables and gadgets at serious risk.

Unfortunately, far too many backpack users underestimate the importance of this feature. Save yourself the hassle and always make sure the zippers are sturdy before you buy a bag. Look for metal, heavy-duty zippers that run smoothly and close properly. 

It’s difficult to tell the zipper quality of a bag when shopping online. That’s why buying from renowned skateboard bag brands that offer a warranty is recommended. Should you experience product defects, you may be able to return the bag or ask for a refund.  


Every longboard skater has their own unique style. This should be reflected in how you organize things inside your luggage.

The number and style of compartments vary from one longboard backpack to another. It helps to carefully consider what you need to keep in it, so you can make sure that all your stuff is secure and protected. Depending on what you need to take with you, it usually helps to have some of these pockets:

  • Fleece-lined pocket for sunglasses
  • Padded laptop sleeve 
  • Mesh water bottle pocket
  • Helmet pocket
  • Zippered side or front pockets for smaller belongings
  • Small pocket for tiny belongings, such as your keys or other accessories


Carrying a longboard plus other belongings on your back can get a bit cumbersome due to its heavy weight. It’s important to use a backpack with padding in strategic areas such as the shoulder strap and back panel for maximum comfort. This helps minimize discomfort and injury while carrying it, and also assists with weight distribution for comfort. 

A back panel that is made with mesh or other breathable materials also adds to comfort and breathability. Ventilation in the back panel prevents the accumulation of sweat, which can make you uncomfortable. 

An adjustable sternum strap is important if you plan to longboard while using your backpack. It prevents the pack from sliding to one side or the other. 


Nylon and polyester, as well as combinations of them and other fabrics derived from them, are the best choices for skateboard backpacks.

However, nylon is much stronger and weather-resistant. It also resists abrasion more effectively. Having said that, there are a few other differences between the two when it comes to durability. 

Cordura fabric is also widely used in skateboard bags. Cordura is recognized as one of the toughest fabrics out there, ideal for use in rugged environments. Backpacks with Cordura are known to have some of the best construction out there, though they also do tend to have a higher price tag. 

Check for the denier rating of a skateboard backpack fabric as well. Fabrics that are at least 200D polyester are stronger; the higher the denier rating, the stronger it is. 


Depending on the kind of lifestyle you live, you may find more value in a versatile longboard backpack design. Thankfully, many backpack manufacturers take this into consideration. These days, it’s easier than ever to find a skateboard bag that can also be used while hiking, traveling, as a college backpack, and much more.

A skate backpack that offers flexibility through multiple uses has more value for many buyers, compared to one that you can only use for one purpose: going to and from the skate park. For example, you may need a skate bag that also doubles as a laptop backpack for work or school. It will also be worth spending a little more money on a quality bag that you can use on several occasions. 


Skateboard bags range from $25 to $100, some even more. And just like other consumer products, the price will always play an important role. 

You should spend an amount you’re comfortable with. There are dozens of affordable bags on the market, so you can be sure that there is something for all budgets. Just because a backpack is priced low doesn’t automatically mean it’s made poorly, in the same sense that a high price tag doesn’t automatically equate to durability. 

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to how much money you should spend on a longboard backpack. It does help to read customer reviews to see what the opinions of buyers are, and analyze product information provided by the manufacturer online. 


Longboard backpacks tend to get dirty quickly and easily, given that they are exposed to dirty concrete and the elements.

Different kinds of backpacks will have their own care and maintenance guidelines. This is another aspect that should not be overlooked, because one must take good care of a pack for it to last many years. Otherwise, improper washing and drying can cause colors to fade, or even damage the fabric.

If you like a bag’s features but think that hand washing is too cumbersome, then it may not be the bag for you. On the other hand, you may find machine-washable bags a better option because it requires less maintenance. Bags can be durable, but you have to do your part in taking care of them properly too. 

Always read the manufacturer’s care directions before buying a backpack.

Other Features To Consider

Now that you know the most important features of a skateboard backpack, below is a list of optional or nice-to-have features that you may find handy:

Waterproof Material

Longboard backpacks are made from a variety of durable materials. However, if you spend most of your time outdoors and in unpredictable weather, consider getting a pack that’s coated with a water-repellent or waterproof material. It will give your things the protection they need in the event of a downpour.

Waterproof bags are also necessary if you are carrying electronics such as laptops, cameras, and tablets with you. These costly devices can easily break if they are exposed to rain or the elements.  

Anti-Theft Features

For riders who carry valuables and travel often, anti-theft features will give you some peace of mind and safety. Depending on the brand and design, anti-theft features vary. These may include an anti-theft lock, smart zippers, slash-proof fabric, and hidden pockets, among others.

USB Charging Port

Skaters who spend most of the day outside may find a backpack with a USB charging port beneficial. These ports are hidden in the pack, allowing you to connect your mobile phone or power bank to the docket so that your batteries can charge while you’re on the go. 

Our Recommendations for the Best Longboard Backpack

Shopping around for a longboard backpack can be quite time-consuming, with all the factors that you have to consider. To save time, check out the list below which includes backpacks that are popular among longboard skaters. Read on to find out why they’re so popular:

Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack: Board Blazers is a skate gear company founded by skateboard enthusiasts. They know exactly what skateboarders need, and that’s evident in this backpack.

Board Blazers Longboard Backpack

The Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack is a multi-purpose bag that can carry a longboard as well as an electric and non-electric skateboard. The board is held securely in place by durable grips, plus the harnesses, waist straps, and shoulder straps provide added stability during rides. 

The bag is constructed with quality, long-lasting materials. It has padding in all the right places, which makes carrying your board and other belongings easy. The main compartment is very roomy and has extra pockets for a helmet, a 17” laptop, a camera, several notebooks, snacks, and other things. 

The Board Blazers Electric Skateboard Backpack can be used by skaters with varying skate styles. This ticks all the boxes and is made to last a lifetime. It will definitely make a great gift for the skater in your life. 

IWonder Electric Skateboard Backpack: IWonder specializes in skateboarding accessories. They definitely have a pulse on precisely what skateboarders need. And sometimes, that’s a basic backpack for holding your skateboard while allowing you to travel comfortably with it.

IWonder Longboard Backpack

The IWonder Electric Skateboard Backpack is a simple, versatile, and adjustable skateboard backpack. The straps can be customized to hold most electronic skateboards as well as small fish boards and longboards. The fasteners are strong and made from high-quality materials while boasting superior compression resistance for the protection of your boards.

Keep your essentials safely in the easy access zippered pocket that is located in a strategic location in the pack. It enables you to reach for your things quickly and easily whenever you need it. Additionally, the backpack is equipped with wide and thick shoulder straps that are designed to protect your shoulders from the pressure of carrying a heavy weight.

The IWonder Electric Skateboard Backpack might seem simplistic in its features, though it’s perfect for those days when you don’t have to carry much with you and want to prioritize traveling safely with your board.

Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack: Hubro Designs manufactures quality travel backpacks and bags at reasonable prices. They are known for excellent craftsmanship and design, so you know you can’t go wrong with any of their items.

Hubro Designs Longboard Backpack

The Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack is ideal for anyone using boosted board longboards. Due to the very specific dimensions, always be sure to measure the dimensions of your board before purchasing. Having said that, this skate bag is loaded with practical features. 

The lined longboard panel offers protection from rips and tears, usually caused by friction between the grip tape and your clothing. Both front webbing loops are equipped with detachable reflective strips for safety on the road. You can also attach anything small such as carabiners and other belongings to them. 

The Hubro Designs Boosted Board Longboard Backpack features a soft-lined accessory pocket at the top. This is the perfect pocket for storing keys, mobile phone, wallets, headphones, and other small things. It also comes with mesh pockets on the sides for keeping your water bottles or an umbrella. 

If you need to travel with your laptop, keep it safely in the padded laptop sleeve. The bottom compartment is also padded, great for storing your charger separately from everything else in the main compartment. This backpack makes it easy for skaters to stay organized with their things at all times. 

Adidas Kelton Skateboard Backpack: Adidas is a world-famous sportswear company. Their name is synonymous with high-quality apparel, packs, and gear. That’s why skaters trust Adidas for skateboard bags.

Adidas Kelton Skateboard Backpack

The Adidas Kelton Skateboard Backpack is a fantastic all-around longboard backpack. It has a sporty look in a classic black color, yet it’s versatile enough to use for business, on campus, and everywhere else in between. The two skateboard straps located on the front panel are strong and enable you to take your longboard just about anywhere.

The backpack’s main compartment features a soft, lined laptop pocket. It also has mesh zippered pockets where you can keep a smaller item or two inside. In addition, the generous 20L volume gives you lots of space to hold your daily essentials, including clothes for the gym, snacks, and other skating gear. 

This also doubles as an excellent college backpack or daypack, given all the space it has inside. You'll appreciate the reinforced padding on the shoulder straps. They enable you to wear the bag for hours without having to worry about soreness and pain in your shoulders, which is a common problem experienced by most people who have to travel around with a heavy longboard in tow. 

The bag has a top handle, which lets you conveniently carry the bag by hand whenever you feel like it.  You can switch to a backpack carry when needed to keep your hands free. 

Staying hydrated at all times is easy: there are mesh water bottle pockets on its sides, though they can also be used to keep other things. There are many ways you can use this bag; it can even double as a travel backpack or college backpack. 

Overall, the Adidas Kelton Skateboard Backpack is a wonderful skate backpack. Just keep in mind that there is a minor drawback: due to the absence of a sternum strap, this backpack is not recommended for use while longboarding.

Dakine Mission 25L Backpack: If you need premium bags and luggage for any sport, you can count on Dakine to have a top-notch choice. Even the pros trust Dakine for backpacks: everyone appreciates the superior functionality and top-of-the-line materials, which are just some of the major benefits they are known for.

Dakine Mission 25L Backpack

While the Dakine Mission 25L Backpack was originally designed for snowboarding, the durable front panel straps double as a longboard carry efficiently. This pack is ideal for boarding enthusiasts, who can use this backpack in both the snow and in concrete. It’s constructed from ultra-tough 300-600D polyester material, nylon, and Cordura ripstop (depending on the design you choose), topped off with a water-repellent coating for added protection.

This backpack covers a lot of bases, for both the sport and everyday life. Thanks to numerous features, this bag is definitely big on comfort: it’s equipped with an adjustable waist belt, generously-padded adjustable shoulder straps, and stowable web belt that comes with web wings. 

There are adequate pockets that the ultimate outdoorsman and skateboarder will find useful: fleece-lined sunglasses or goggle pocket, two zippered side pockets, a spacious interior mesh pocket, and a laptop compartment that can also be used to keep an ipad or tablet. All these organization options make it easy for your things to always be neat and tidy. You’ll also get to save time from fumbling through the pack’s interior. 

Meanwhile, the 2 front straps enable easy attachment of your longboard. It’s a heavy-duty bag that is made to support adventurous boarders of all kinds. The Dakine Mission 25L Backpack is highly recommended. 

Simbow Skateboard Backpack: Simbow is renowned for making high-performance backpacks for both men and women. They come in a wide array of styles and colors to suit individuals of different preferences. 

Simbow Skateboard Backpack

The Simbow Skateboard Backpack is one of the most popular longboard bags out there. Buyers have given it 5 stars and it’s easy to see why: this bag is packed with thoughtful yet practical features for skaters. Increase your mobility as you travel or commute: the front dual straps will securely hold your board in place at all times. 

Many students use this bag as a laptop backpack because of the many features that are useful on campus. There is a separate compartment for notebooks and laptops, while the mesh pockets on the side can be used for your water bottle or umbrella. Your valuables will always stay secure inside the secret theft-proof compartment located on the bag’s back.

The Simbow Skateboard Backpack is made with ultra-durable construction. The high-density polyester fabric is also water-repellent, making it useful in rain or snowy conditions. It’s also equipped with a luggage or suitcase strap for more efficient traveling. 

Because this backpack is so versatile, it makes a fantastic gift for a friend or loved one. Anyone who enjoys skating will definitely find this backpack useful. 


When it comes to the best longboard backpack, there are many aspects to carefully consider. It isn’t enough to just look at the price and how it looks: knowing how strong, durable, and comfortable the backpack is, as well as how well it fits into your lifestyle, are all equally important. 

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