How Do I Properly Secure My Skateboard to a Backpack? 

 August 11, 2023

By  Chloe Farro

Ever been on the go and wonder the best way to carry your four-wheeled friend without actually using your hands or arms? The answer might be closer than you think. Yes, you got it! Your trusty backpack can become your skateboard's best friend. But how, you might ask?

To secure your skateboard to a backpack, use skateboard straps if available. If not, place the skateboard vertically along the back of the backpack, grip tape facing outward. Thread the straps or use external straps to hold it securely, ensuring it doesn't shift while you walk.

Getting this right not only makes your adventures hassle-free but also adds a cool quotient to your overall look. Excited much? Let's dive in together on this one!

Understanding the Importance of Properly Securing Your Skateboard

Skateboarding, like many extreme sports, comes with its own unique set of challenges. One of the most common yet often overlooked is managing your gear when you're on the go. Specifically, how do you properly secure your skateboard to your backpack? This may sound like a simple task, but doing it correctly is crucial for several reasons. This guide will discuss the significance of correctly securing your skateboard, focusing on safety concerns, how to prevent damage to your gear, and mostly about your comfort and convenience.

Safety Concerns

First and foremost, let's talk about safety. Skateboarding in itself can be a risky sport, so it's important to minimize any other potential hazards where you can. When you secure your skateboard incorrectly to your backpack, you pose a safety risk, not only to yourself but also to those around you. Imagine strolling down a bustling street, your skateboard carelessly attached and swaying with each step. It can knock into things, people, or worse, it could spontaneously break free, causing an accident. Ensuring your skateboard is tightly secured reduces these risks, keeping you and everyone around you safer. So the bottom line here is, why invite more trouble?

Preventing Damage to Your Gear

Next, we have the issue of damaging your gear. Anyone who is into skateboarding knows that skateboards, though tough, can also be delicate. They need to be handled with care. If your skateboard is constantly banging against your backpack, not only can it damage the board, but it could also harm your backpack. Maybe there are electronics, books, or other valuables in your backpack, and a badly secured skateboard can put unnecessary stress on those items. Think about it - does trading off properly securing your skateboard sounds worth potential damage?

Comfort and Convenience

And finally, let's not forget the aspect of comfort and convenience. Walking with a loose skateboard strapped to you could get pretty uncomfortable, right? It can throw off your balance, strain your back, and just make your journey a lot more exhausting than it needs to be. Additionally, if your skating spot is quite a distance away, having a skateboard correctly secured to your backpack makes the trek more manageable. It frees your hands, making it more convenient to do other things like answering your phone or holding a beverage. Therefore, appreciating the comfort and convenience of having your skateboard secured properly can make quite the difference to your skateboarding lifestyle!

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty: how do you properly secure a skateboard to your backpack? Stay tuned as we tackle this question head-on in the following sections.

Things You Need Before Securing Your Skateboard

Before you're out the door and on your way to the next big adventure, it's essential to ensure you have all you need to securely fasten your skateboard to your backpack. This would prevent any unfortunate accidents or damage to your gear. There are a few notable checkpoints in this process. Teaming up with a stylish, comfortable backpack, selecting the appropriate hardware, and having a good understanding of your skateboard are prerequisites. Let's get into more detail, shall we?

The Right Backpack

First and foremost, let's talk about the right kind of backpack. Now, you might be wondering, "Does any backpack work?" Well, not all backpacks are equal, especially when it comes to carrying your skateboard. Those bulky, ornamental backpacks or the ones intended for school use probably won't cut it. It's like trying to squeeze a square peg into a round hole—it simply won't work. 

Instead, you should opt for a backpack that's designed for adventures, like skateboard-specific packs or multi-purpose outdoor backpacks. These often come with straps on the outside that can secure your board. The best skateboard backpacks will provide ample storage for your other belongings and be comfortable to wear as well. And by the way, considering the aesthetics wouldn't hurt, too! After all, who says you can't be practical and stylish at the same time?

The Appropriate Hardware

Next comes the need for suitable hardware. Now, hold on, don't let that phrase scare you off. We are not talking about anything complex here; just a few handy items like bungee cords, carabiners, or buckle straps that can be wound tightly around your skateboard. You might call these the "superheroes" of the securing process. They are strong, flexible, and versatile, making them perfect for fastening your skateboard safely to your bag. Just ensure that you choose durable and quality-made items to enjoy maximum security.

Knowing Your Skateboard

Finally, you need to understand your skateboard. It's almost like knowing a friend's preferences. You might be thinking, "Hey, isn't a skateboard just a flat piece of board with wheels?" Well, yes and no.

Skateboards come in different shapes, sizes, and weight distributions. Knowing all these aspects about your own skateboard can be an advantage when it comes to securing it. You need to know where the heaviest part is, where to apply the straps, and how tight they should be. That's like recognizing your friend dislikes pickles—avoid these areas, and you're golden.

So this is the basic toolkit you need: the right backpack, the appropriate hardware, and a good understanding of your skateboard. These are the initial steps to ensure your skateboard rides safely and securely with you on your backpack. Up next, we'll discuss how to put this together. Does that sound good, my fellow skater? Let's roll!  

Step-By-Step Guide to Securely Fasten Your Skateboard to Your Backpack

Slapping a skateboard onto your backpack might seem like a no-brainer activity, right? Well, not quite. Just like you'd buckle up your seat belt for a smooth ride, your skateboard craves some of that consideration. Ready to learn? This guide will take you through the whole process, leaving no stone unturned.

Prepping Your Backpack

Before you fasten your skateboard, your backpack needs a bit of prep work. Not every backpack can safely and effectively carry a skateboard, hence the need to choose wisely.

Selecting the Right Spot

First things first, pick the right backpack. You want one with reinforced stitching and additional padding, preferably with skateboard carrying slots and straps. Remember, your backpack needs to handle not just the skateboard's weight but also its shape and size.

Making Room for Your Skateboard

After spotting the perfect backpack, it's time to clear some space. Let's face it- a skateboard isn't the lightest object to carry around, so you want to keep your backpack as light as possible. Clear out any unnecessary items and distribute the remaining ones evenly to ensure your ride isn't one-sided.

Prepping Your Skateboard

Now onto the guest of honor! Your skateboard requires a few checks before it safely lands on your backpack.

Deciding on Its Position

Logistics matter. You have to decide on the skateboard's positioning. Generally, it is best to fasten the skateboard on its side, with the gripped surface against the backpack. This way, your clothing won't get dirty, and you'll minimize potential damage to the grip tape.

Attaching Any Additional Hardware

Some skateboards or backpacks might require additional hardware, like buckles or grips, to ensure a firmer fastening. Make sure to have these at hand, and know how to use them effectively.

The Actual Fastening Process

With everything set, you're now ready to merge the two. Let's delve into the specifics.

Making Sure it's Firmly Attached

Slide the skateboard through the straps and tighten them up until the skateboard is firmly attached. You don't want it wiggling about, but avoid strapping it so tight that it risks ruining your backpack, or worse, the skateboard.

Double-Checking Your Work

Once done, the best practice is to double, or perhaps, triple check your work. Give your skateboard a few gentle pushes to see if it budges. Get into different positions and ascertain that it doesn't poke you. Remember, safety first!

Well, now you have the perfect guide to fasten your skateboard to your backpack. Pretty straightforward, right? The trick lies in making sure that both your skateboard and backpack are ready for the adventure. So, which spot is your skateboard headed for next?

Maintaining Security Throughout the Day

With your skateboard securely fastened to your backpack, you're ready to take on the world! But before marching off, there's something important you need to keep in mind. Just like any journey, whether it's trekking a mountain peak or navigating through a bustling city, maintaining your load's security is as essential as initial attachment.

Routine Checks: The Key to Continuous Security

Picture this scenario: You are halfway through an enchanting urban exploration or an adrenaline-filled downhill adventure, then you suddenly realize your skateboard is wobbly or, even worse, missing! It isn't a situation you would want to find yourself in, right? And that's where routine checks play a starring role.

Surprised? Yeah, you read it right. Routine checks are your secret weapon in making sure your skateboard continues to be securely fastened to your backpack. It doesn't require much — just a swift, attentive look over your shoulder every once in a while. Is the skateboard still fitting snug against the pack? Are the straps or bungee cords still tightly in place? Has the skateboard shifted to a cumbersome angle? These small hitches can turn into big troubles if not attended to immediately.

Just remember Mother Nature's rule — what you regularly inspect, you effectively protect. Listen to her and develop a hand-and-eye coordination dance while routinely checking. Are there any buckle; strap, or cord frays? Are adjusting slides still working properly? Just a few moments of vigilance can save your day from a skateboard rescue mission.

Adjusting to The Changes in Load

Change, they say, is the only constant in life. And it’s just as true with skateboard loads as everything else. As you move through your day, the contents in your backpack might be adjusted or consumed (a bottled water or snack, perhaps?). As such, the load will change, and thus, the way your skateboard fits on or against your backpack might change too.

Let's liken this to a seesaw. With two equally weighted individuals, the seesaw maintains a level. But as soon as one steps off, a significant weight shift occurs. Suddenly, the seesaw is off balance! It's quite the same with your skateboard and backpack. As weight shifts throughout the day due to consuming resources or adjusting content, the security of your skateboard can be affected.

So, stay in tune with the changes and adjust your straps, buckles, or cords as necessary. Each time the backpack load changes, recalibrate your skateboard attachment. By doing this, not only are ensuring the security of your skateboard, but you’re also maintaining a comfortable carrying posture.

In summary, routine checks and adjustments are crucial steps to maintaining the security of your skateboard throughout the day. Be proactive and mindful of these practices. After all, we want our skateboarding journey to remain enjoyable, right?


So, there you have it, folks. Mastering the subtle art of securing a skateboard to a backpack isn't as complex as it sounds. All it requires is a dose of patience and a sprinkling of diligence, and voilà! Regardless of whether you're using a skateboard carrier, slipping it through specially designed straps, or DIYing with your average backpack, we hope this guide has offered some practical insights.

Remember, the ultimate goal is to ensure both comfort for you and safety for your cherished skateboard – so experiment, tweak, and tailor these tips until you find the solution that works best for you. Happy skateboarding and safe travels!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a backpack with built-in skateboard straps more secure?

An inbuilt skateboard strap does offer a higher level of security and comfort. However, the level of security can also depend on the quality of the backpack and straps.

Can I secure my skateboard to any standard backpack?

Yes, with a bit of creativity, you can securely attach your skateboard to almost any backpack. However, carrying large skateboards with small backpacks might be uncomfortable.

Should I buy a new backpack to secure my skateboard, or can I modify my existing one?

While buying a designated skateboard bag can be beneficial, if you're on a tight budget, you can modify your existing bag with some DIY skills and resources.

Does securing a skateboard to my backpack have any impact on my comfort while traveling?

If done correctly, it should not significantly impact your comfort. However, it's essential to adjust the straps and ensure that the skateboard stays stable without leaning on any one side.

Is it safe to carry my skateboard on a backpack while riding a bike?

Yes, it's generally safe, provided the skateboard is securely strapped and doesn't sway heavily. Consider checking twice to ensure it's firm, as a loosely attached skateboard could cause balance issues while cycling.

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