Can Any Regular Backpack Carry a Skateboard? 

 August 11, 2023

By  Chloe Farro

So, you're a skateboard enthusiast, eh? Perhaps you're wondering, "Can my trusty backpack double as a skate transporter?" We've all been there, right? When flat terrain turns into a mountainside, or it's time to swap our boards for books. It's an intriguing question - can any ordinary backpack carry a skateboard?

Not every regular backpack is designed to carry a skateboard. Look for backpacks with specialized skateboard straps or exterior straps that can securely hold the skateboard, ensuring it's stable during transportation.

Let's take a ride through this exciting labyrinth and let's iron out this puzzle together. Hang tight, it's going to be a thrilling journey!

Understanding the Skateboarding Experience

Skateboarding is more than just a sport, it's a form of self-expression, a way of life. You see, when you take that board and launch off the pavement, coast down the street, or dance around a park, your body and soul unify in a unique rhythm of freedom. But you quickly realize skateboarding is not just about mastering tricks and skate parks. It’s also about managing the equipment. And that's where the ingenious idea of a backpack comes to play.

The Role of a Backpack for Skaters

A backpack for a skater is what the batmobile is for Batman. It carries your essential trove – your skateboard. But, it's more than that; it's a portable locker room, a storage space, even a mini-wardrobe! You see, having a backpack that can comfortably carry your precious skateboard without losing focus on other essentials like water bottles, toolkits, spare parts, and yes, maybe some snacks defines the skateboarding experience. And bear in mind, we are not forgetting style. Just like your skateboard, your backpack is also a part of your identity, your style statement. So, can any regular backpack take on this significant role?

Evaluating Your Skateboarding Needs

Before you go stuffing your skateboard into your old high school backpack or purchasing a new one, consider your unique needs. Do you skate long distances or just around your block? Are you a fanatic street skater or do you prefer calm parks? What’s your size of skateboard? How many belongings are you looking to carry along? Also, check out if the bag is sturdy enough to bear the weight and stress of the skate. Ultimately, the perfect skate backpack should adapt to your skating lifestyle, not make you adapt to it.

You know what they say about skateboarding, right? It's not just a sport, it's an art, a lifestyle, and a hobby rolled into one. And like any other passionate endeavor in life, it needs the right tools to keep the wheels rolling smoothly. So, can any regular backpack carry a skateboard? Let's dive into it. 

The Conventional Backpack Vs. Skateboarding

It's time to dive into the crux of the matter - how does the conventional or regular backpack stack up against the needs of a skater? Do they make a perfect duo or is it more of a love-hate relationship? Let's break it down.

Common Features of Regular Backpacks

When we think of a regular backpack, some standard features immediately spring to mind. We picture a couple of large compartments for stashing away your laptop, textbooks or that emergency sweater for colder days. There is probably a couple of small pockets for your odds and ends, maybe for things like your keys, wallet, notebook, a bottle compartment, and certainly not forgetting that cushy, padded straps that nestle comfortably on your shoulders. The materials used are typically hardy, with a bit of water-resistance for those unforeseen downpours, but nothing too fancy. That's pretty much what makes up the bread and butter of backpacks, doesn't it?

Limitations of a Regular Backpack for Skateboarding

Despite the robust nature and versatility of a humble backpack, unfortunately, it seems that not all are cut out to handle the hard-hitting skateboarding lifestyle. “But why not?”, you ask. It all boils down, or should I say, skates down to the lack of special features for securely carrying a skateboard. So, what's the big fuss about it?

Consider this. A skateboard is not exactly a featherweight artifact. Plus, you also have to factor in its unusual shape. Not exactly conducive for sliding into those slim compartments, unless you're game for an impromptu ripping session of backpack fabric! Moreover, the gritty underside of the board can wreak its own havoc – it's a grave oversight to underestimate the scratchy potency of grip tape! Unprotected canvas or nylon versus grip tape? Not a pretty picture.

To top it off, declaring war with gravity is a common pastime for any skateboarder. As adrenalin-pumping as it is, this involves significant movement and, quite often, results in crashes. Having a secure, snug fit that keeps the skateboard stationary during these escapades is not only a convenience but a safety essential. It's similar to ensuring your cat is well secured in its carrier before a bumpy car ride, a loose skateboard can cause a serious tumble.

So, while it's not totally impossible for a regular backpack to go undercover as a skateboard carrier, it's certainly not the best-suited candidate. In other words, you wouldn't typically reach for a butter knife to cut an apple, would you? Sure, the job gets done eventually, but is it a safe or efficient method? Not so much. Ideally, specialized products are designed to handle specific tasks, and when it comes to skateboarding, it's much the same!

Skateboard-Carrying Backpacks: The Right Fit

Many people ask, can any regular backpack carry a skateboard? The short answer is theoretically, yes. But there's a catch. While you can technically strap a skateboard to any bag, not every bag is tailored to carry a skateboard safely and effectively.

Key Features of Skateboard Carrying Backpacks

So, how does a skateboard-carrying backpack differ from a regular backpack? You're in for a treat! First, these specialized backpacks come with dedicated skateboard straps or compartments. These hold the board securely in place, preventing it from bouncing around and potentially causing damage to both the skateboard and your back.

Additionally, these bags often feature reinforced material construction for added durability, bearing the skateboards weight and sharp edges without tearing. Many of them also include additional padding to provide extra protection for your skateboard, quite a handy feature, don't you agree?

Why Skaters Choose Skateboard Specific Bags

But why would skateboarders opt for these specific bags over, let's say, a regular, perhaps cheaper backpack? Well, there are a couple of fascinating reasons.

Superior Protection of Your Skateboard

Firstly, as mentioned, skateboard carrying backpacks generally have better protection elements for your skateboard. They maintain the board’s condition by preventing unnecessary scratches and dings that could occur if it was carried in a regular backpack. Much like a knight in shining armor, these bags shield your board from the hustle and bustle of daily commutes or adventurous trips to skate parks.

Ergonomic Design for Comfort

Another colossal benefit is comfort. Skateboard-carrying backpacks usually have an ergonomic design that makes carrying a skateboard more comfortable for the wearer. They distribute the skateboard's weight evenly across your back, minimizing the strain on any one part. Imagine it being like a well-trained masseuse, taking care not to overwork any single area but keeping everything nice and relaxed. That's what these bags do. They ensure you can carry your skateboard around with minimal effort, allowing you to focus on nailing that next trick or just enjoying your day.

So, while any backpack could theoretically carry a skateboard, not every bag can make the journey as smooth and protective as a skateboard specific bag. And let's be honest, doesn't your favourite board deserve the VIP treatment?

Can a Regular Backpack Do The Trick?

When you're set for the daily grind and your skateboard is your ride-and-slide mate, you might wonder, can an average, everyday backpack support your four-wheeled buddy? The answer is not a simple yes or no. It can be both a trick and a treat, depending on various factors. Let's roll into some details, shall we?

Factors to Consider When Using a Regular Backpack for Skateboarding

Before we jump the gun, let's consider some fundamental aspects. Picking any ol’ backpack off the shelf might seem like an easy solution. However, this could potentially lead to some bumps in the road - literally and figuratively. 

Think about it like this – can any shoe become a running shoe? Right, not really. Just like you need the right kind of footwear for specific activities, you need the right kind of backpack to carry your skateboard effectively.

Here are a few things to mull over:

  1. The Size of the Backpack: Is your backpack large enough to strap down your skateboard securely? Quick tip: A backpack designed to carry a laptop of 15” or more often has enough space for a standard skateboard.
  2. Durability: Is your backpack tough enough to withstand the weight of your skateboard without the seams giving way? Don’t forget, a sturdy build and high-quality material is crucial.
  3. Comfort: Can you carry your skateboard around comfortably with your regular backpack without feeling like you’re lugging around a sack of bricks?

These factors will significantly affect how well you can use a regular backpack to carry a skateboard. Your back will thank you for putting some thought into this.

Making the Most Out of Your Regular Backpack

So, you've considered the size, durability, and comfort of your backpack and have given it a thumbs up? Great! Now, how can you make the most out of it? You’d be surprised by the ideas that might unravel – it’s almost as exciting as mastering a new skate trick!

The first step is securing your skateboard. Some backpacks come with external straps you can use. If yours doesn’t, a creative solution might be using additional bungee cords or straps. You’ll want to ensure your board is tight and right, without moving around too much.

Additionally, distributing weight evenly in your backpack can help. You don’t want all your books on one side and the skateboard on the other – let’s avoid the Leaning Tower of Pisa experience!

Does any regular backpack still sound like a less-than-ideal skateboard carrier? Maybe. But with a little extra thought and creativity, you might just make your casual backpack work skate-tastically!

Safeguarding Your Skateboard – A True Investment

When you have invested money, time, and energy into your passion for skateboarding, the last thing you want to happen is for your beloved board to be damaged, right? Think about it like this, would you transport a precious piano in a pick-up truck without a protective case? Probably not! The same principle applies to your skateboard.

Potential Risks in Using a Regular Backpack for Skateboard

Now, you might be wondering, "Why can't I just shove my skateboard into any old backpack?" Here's the thing, though: regular backpacks, while great for carrying your everyday essentials, weren't actually designed to handle the unique features of a skateboard.

Think of it this way - Picture that you're using a regular backpack to transport your skateboard. What if there's an unexpected bump, or your backpack isn't secure enough and your precious skateboard slips out? The scuffs could become deep scratches and the impact could warp the board. Sounds grim, right? And certainly not the fate you want for something you've likely poured heart and soul into honing your skills on.

Regular packs also tend to lack the specialized compartments that could help keep your board protected and separated from other items. And not to mention the comfort factor. Skateboards can get heavy, and without the right ergonomic design, you might end up with more back pains than joyful rides.

Advantages of Specialized Backpacks for Skateboards

On the flip side, have you ever considered getting a bespoke backpack for your skateboard? "Why," you ask? To put it simply, these are not just 'bags,' but more like 'bodyguards' for your skateboard, tailor-made to fit, safeguard, and offer longevity to your board.

Take a moment, and imagine having a backpack with designated compartments, perfectly aligning with the contours of your skateboard. Suddenly, everything fits like a glove - a secure, protective glove with cushy padding, and straps sturdy yet adjustable enough to resist all curve balls that your commute might throw at you. Sounds like a dream, right?

That's precisely what a specialized skateboard backpack is. Most come with extra pockets for your skateboarding gear and other belongings, padded straps for comfortable carrying, and of course, a dedicated space specially designed to fit and safeguard your coveted ride. In the grand scheme of things, isn't it better to slide your baby -err skateboard, into a protective environment that's literally created for it? 


So, can your regular backpack really carry a skateboard? Absolutely! There's no concrete law of physics that states differently, and we've seen how it can technically be done. However, the practicality and comfort of carrying a skateboard using a regular backpack can often leave a lot more to be desired.

For occasional use, you might get away with strapping your skateboard to your standard backpack. But for regular skaters, or for those long journeys, a specially designed skateboard backpack that offers the right balance, comfort, and security is well worth the investment. Why make the journey tricky when it can be a smooth ride?

Frequently Asked Questions

Will carrying a skateboard on my regular backpack damage it?

While a normal backpack can carry a skateboard to an extent, over time it might damage the bag due to the weight and the rough edges of the skateboard.

Can regular backpacks designed for school or work support the weight of a skateboard?

Most regular backpacks can hold the weight of a skateboard, but it's not the most practical or comfortable way to transport your board.

Are there backpacks specially designed to carry skateboards?

Yes, there are numerous designs of skateboard backpacks available today that allow for comfortable and secure transportation of your board.

Is it safe to carry my skateboard on a regular backpack while biking or skating?

It's possible, but it's not the safest or most convenient method. A skateboard-specific backpack would offer better balance and security.

Can strapping my skateboard to a regular backpack impact my balance or mobility?

Potentially, yes. The weight and position of the skateboard could cause imbalance or discomfort when moving around, particularly over longer distances.

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