If you’re browsing the internet for backpacks, it is hard to miss UA and there is a reason for it. This company is committed to making durable and comfortable products that are made without harming the environment.

The company is also sincerely committed to building relationships with its consumer community where the manufacture takes place. They are all about having a value system and honoring it.  So let’s see what are these values that make Under Armour such a success.

The Secret to Success: Values and Loyal Buyers

Right off the bat, UA has unabashedly declared its love for athletes. They clearly state that most of their consumers are athletes and their teammates and UA is proud and honored to serve them.

The brand strives to make products that sportspersons cannot work without. That is just one of the reasons for UA products to be such a hit with this demographic.

They are also clear that sports empower individuals irrespective of their race, nationality, and gender. It is a powerful thing and they want to show support and appreciation for this quality in their customers. The company also advocates equality, justice, and opportunity for all. They also believe in teamwork, which is why they are big on community outreach.

UA has also always been proud that they are a leader and had the courage to be bold and defy convention. This is why they strive to create products that are functional and give you the look you deserve.

What Makes Under Armour Trustworthy? 

UA is big on community values. They strongly believe that to make a successful product, a company must be mindful of their supporters and find a way to give back. This helps grow businesses and develop relationships to cherish.

They have chosen to do that by incorporating sustainability and philanthropy into their business model.


UA believes that the future of good performances is possible only when we respect our planet and its habitat. So while they are keen on supporting athletes with the best gear, they want to do it in ethical and sustainable ways.

They do it by reducing dependence on elastane which causes moisture and odor problems. It also takes longer to dry and wears out sooner than some other materials. But most importantly, it is not recyclable.

So, UA has developed better thread texturing techniques that help raw materials perform better and last longer. These materials are also 100% recyclable.


The brand works with athletes and believes in teamwork. So it is not surprising that they believe in mentorship and giving back to the community. Each member of their team dedicates 32 hours a year to volunteering to help make the world a better place.

What’s in the Bag? 

It is said that the founder Kevin Plank came up with the initial idea on a sultry day outdoors while carrying a heavy, uncomfortable backpack. That is probably why UA products have a distinctive style.

They come in specific sizes and are meant for a certain demographic. If you pick one at random you might just be disappointed but if you get the one that’s for you, you will keep coming back.

That is why UA has a loyal customer base. Their products are colorful and made with comfort and longevity in mind.

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