There’s a lot to think about when buying a sports backpack. How much space do you need? What features are important to you? Do you need one that’s waterproof or has a padded laptop sleeve?

Once you’ve considered all these things, the next step is finding the best sports backpack for your needs. The market is filled with options, from small and cheap duffel bags to expensive technical backpacks. It can be hard to know where to start.

If you’re new to buying sports backpacks or want more information before making a purchase, this article will give you everything you need to know about them. Here we’ll look at the different types available, their pros and cons, what features are most important.

What Is a Sports Backpack?

A sports backpack is one of the most versatile types of bags available. They’re perfect for hiking, trekking, climbing, cycling, traveling, and almost any other outdoor activity.

They’re also great for gym goers who want a bag that can fit all of their gear and be comfortable to wear. While backpacks are obviously designed for carrying on your back, sports bags have a few extra features designed for athletic activities.

They usually have padded straps and sometimes a chest strap for extra stability. They might have a breathable back panel for better air flow, or a water-resistant design for protection against light rain. And a sports backpack will usually have several compartments and be able to hold a lot of items.

How To Choose a Sports Backpack

To choose a sports backpack, first decide what you’ll be using it for. Are you going to be traveling and need a bag that can fit a laptop? Or do you just want something for the gym?

You’ll also want to consider how much space you need. Do you need a bag that can hold a lot of items, or are you more interested in one that’s smaller?

There are a few features that are important on every sports backpack.

You’ll want one that’s comfortable to wear and stable, even when loaded down with heavy items. You’ll also want to pick a bag with a breathable back panel (to keep you cool), and a water-resistant design if you want protection against light rain.

Waterproof Sports Backpacks

These bags are specially designed to be waterproof. They’re usually made from a material such as tarpaulin or PVC. They’re not meant for light rain, but heavy downpours or being submerged in water.

If you’re after a waterproof bag, there are a few things to consider. Does it have a roll top or compression closure? This will give you a better seal, making it more waterproof. And does it have a rain fly? This is an added layer that protects your bag from heavier downpours.

Soft-shell and Hard-shell Sport Bags

Soft-shell sports bags are made from a durable material, usually a synthetic material like nylon. Hard-shell bags, on the other hand, are made from materials like polyurethane or PVC.

These are more durable and water-resistant, perfect for inclement weather. Hard-shell bags are not always waterproof. They may be water-resistant and perfect for light rain, but are not made for swimming in a lake. Soft-shell bags are often waterproof, but are not made for heavy rain.

They’re great for light showers, but you’ll want to find a hard-shell bag for heavy weather.

Which Is the Best Hard-shell Sports Bag?

There are a lot of different options for hard-shell sports bags. It’s hard to name the best one, since they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. But we can look at the most important features of a bag, and see which ones have them.

You want a bag that’s water-resistant and durable. It should have a strong zipper and seams, and be comfortable to carry even when fully loaded. You’ll also want a bag that has a few compartments to keep your items organized.

A strong and stable frame is nice, but not necessary. And a bag made of breathable materials will be more comfortable to wear in hot weather.

Which Is the Best Soft-shell Sport Backpack?

Soft-shell backpacks are some of the best sports bags. They’re great for travel, hiking and almost any outdoor activity. If you’re after a soft-shell bag, look for one with a durable material and quality zippers.

The bag should also be lightweight, and have plenty of storage compartments. You should also consider the bag’s build. Does it have a welded or stitched construction? Stitching is less durable, but still an effective way to keep your bag together.


A sports backpack is one of the most versatile bags you can own. They’re great for hiking, cycling, travel, and almost any other outdoor activity. They’re also great for gym goers who want a bag that can fit all of their gear and be comfortable to wear.

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