Swedish company Fjallraven is known for its high-quality, upscale backpacks and clothing; the attention to detail, superior craftsmanship and innovation in each product have won the brand quite a large number of admirers across the world.

A Brief History 

Fjallraven, named after the arctic fox, was founded in 1960, the brainchild of then-14-year-old founder Ake Nordin. When Nordin was planning out his hiking trip to the Vasterbotten mountains, the quality, design and discomfort of his hiking backpack left him sorely disappointed – this sparked his search for the perfect hiking backpack, and if you’ve guessed the rest of the story, you know that’s how Fjallraven came into existence!

Ake Nordin decided to take matters into his own hands and after a lot of research, trials, errors, and experiments using his mother’s sewing machine, he came up with his first prototype – a bag made of strong cotton in his mother’s basement, designed to keep the load high and close to the spine of the person carrying the backpack. He went on to add a wooden frame secured with leather straps and calfskin for support so that the weight would be better distributed, as would the ventilation.

Soon, Nordin’s backpacks found popularity, catching the attention of everyone, from the indigenous Sami people to normal folks, but it was only after his stint in the Swedish Armed Forces that Fjallraven truly took off – his time in the army had helped him realize that it was a potential market to tap into. This took him back to the basement in his family house, and the rest is history!

From a small company that operated out of a basement to getting on the Swedish Stock Exchange to opening its first store in New York to expanding its product lines to clothing and accessories, Fjallraven sure has come a long way.

What Makes Their Products Popular 

If you’ve paid attention so far, you know that Fjallraven products have unbeatable quality, functionality and durability. One common positive comment that runs through most users’ reviews is how Fjallraven products last for a long time, holding their shape despite all the travails that they’ve been put through.

This durability is aided by the fabric that Fjallraven uses to manufacture its products – the G-1000s, which keep your belongings safe from all kinds of weather and damage. Additionally, Fjallraven uses an eco-friendly variant, which earns them major brownie points in our eyes. Another material that they use is the Eco-shell, a weather-resistant, lightweight, eco-friendly fabric made from recycled polyester. The fabric’s water resistance comes from DWR PFC-free coating as opposed to traditional DWR treatments, which enhances the fabric’s eco-friendliness.

In addition to this, you’ll also find that Fjallraven’s products, especially their clothes and jackets, are all very versatile and breathable, the latter being an essential feature in outdoor clothing. Many of their winter clothing essentials are also extremely warm and comfortable – being a Nordic company, they know exactly what is needed to keep bodies warm during the harsh Swedish winters, and in this case, it’s down.

The down that Fjallraven uses in their products is not only of the finest quality (which means that it’s even more expensive than the usually expensive down available) but also ethically sourced; you can fully trace the down back to its source. Fjallraven representatives visit farms to ensure that birds are treated humanely in their lifetime and are raised for meat, making down a by-product; such measures have earned them a high rank among ethical brands.

You’ll also find that a lot of attention has been paid to the details, such as the pockets and compartments, zippers, stitching, and so on; therefore, you know that time and effort have gone into making and designing the product.

Why Buy a Fjallraven Backpack, in Particular? 

Apart from the high standards of performance and quality, Fjallraven backpacks are among the most comfortable backpacks to carry. Add to this their durability and ability to retain their shape for generations, and you have a class-A backpack on your hands.

The Kanken is one of the most popular models of the brand – this model boasts the highest sales among all the company’s products, still going strong despite having been launched more than four decades ago! The reason behind this? The innovative design. Though Fjallraven backpacks are styled in a very minimalist manner, you can’t fault much the design of the backpack itself, from the layout of the compartments and pockets to the size and capacity right down to the closures and access.

All Fjallraven backpacks are designed for easy packing and facilitation of easy access to the main compartment, with pockets that are spacious and effective while blending into the backpack instead of sticking out uncomfortably.

How Fjallraven backpacks are sized is another reason that they’re popular and another testament to the innovative designing – though the backpacks look slim, they pack in a surprising amount of space. Even better, they won’t look bulky or oversized even if they’re packed to the brim with a ton of heavy objects.

The Final Word

One of the most reputed brands out there, there’s very little margin for error if you pick out a Fjallraven backpack, no matter what the occasion or purpose. These high-quality backpacks come with long lives and tons of innovative features, all put together in well-designed, sturdily-constructed packages, all of which answer both questions – why Fjallraven backpacks are so heavily priced and why so many customers still swear by the brand despite the heavy price asked!

If you wanted to pick out a Fjallraven backpack, we hope our picks made the job easier, but remember, a product could be the best in the world but if it doesn’t meet your needs, expectations, and preferences, there’s no point shelling out a bomb for it. Therefore, don’t just blindly take our word for it; do your own research too!

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