Motorcycle Backpacks are a type of waterproof backpack which is used to carry around and store items while motorcycle riding. They also lets you carry your helmet while you’re walking which makes them more convenient than a tank bag. These packs can vary in size, shape, capacity, and style; however, generally speaking, function is the mainstay of the best motorcycle helmet backpacks.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Motorcycle Backpacks With Helmet Holder

There are many features you should consider when choosing the best motorcycle backpack with helmet holder, including to ensure durability and comfort of the product. Here are some suggestions for you.

Helmet Holders

Motorcycle helmets are heavy and bulky, which makes them difficult to carry from one place to another. A helmet carrier is essential for motorcycle riders who want to take their helmets with them on trips by motorcycle. A good helmet carrier makes it easier to carry your full face helmet for short or long distances as well as making it more comfortable.


Motorcycle helmet backpacks are designed to carry all of your essentials while you’re riding, so they need to be equipped with a wide variety of pockets. From a zippered pocket for your sunnies to side pockets for your cell phone and an insulated inner pocket for food or drinks, you’ll find that the best motorcycle backpacks are far more functional than regular backpacks.

Extra pockets such as zip pockets allows you to store items that need near-access so they are always on hand — such as wallets, phones, keys, and passports.

Shoulder Strap

Shoulder straps are a crucial element of any motorcycle backpack; they not only provide you with ergonomic support and comfort, but they also help distribute the weight evenly across your body. Padded shoulder straps are a great way to alleviate pressure and prevent chafing. A waist belt will help ensure that your bag is secure for the ride. A chest belt and padded back panel will keep you comfortable while riding.


A good motorcycle backpack should have enough pockets to store your riding gear and other essentials. The main compartment is the largest in the backpack, and it should have padded panels or walls to protect your gear from any damage during a fall or rough terrain.

A padded laptop sleeve keeps the interior inside of a motorcycle backpack safe and secure, protecting electronic devices that may be fragile. A laptop compartment means you can store your laptop or tablet where you can access them instantly.  A middle compartment and small compartment for your phone is also a feature to look for. A water resistant rain cover is also a great addition feature.

Molle System

Molle loops and molle straps makes all of the difference when buying a motorcycle backpack, it helps you to carry everything necessary for your motorcycle trip. Molle webbing is designed in the way that you can carry your tools, first aid kit, water bottles and many other things.

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