Clear backpacks are transparent. You can see what is inside your kids backpack without needing to open the bag. They are the perfect solution for parent’s who want to stay on top of school security without compromising comfort or style.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Clear Backpacks

The benefits of using a clear backpack are plentiful. Simply put, transparent backpacks are both functional and come in fashionable styles. It is important to find the right one to ensure you meet your needs and stay organized.


Popular brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Herschel have all released their own line of clear backpacks, making them a trendy and desirable item to own. Meanwhile, smaller brands such as Under Armour and Loungefly have had great success with clear bags, showing that clear bags are going mainstream.

Plastic Type

Before comparing clear backpacks, you should look at the material used. Although clear backpacks are made from the same plastic, TPU is different from PET or PVC. You can also consider the thickness of the material when finding a suitable clear backpack.


You should always choose your transparent backpack based on the size of the items you intend to carry. If you plan to travel with textbooks, pens, books, school supplies, or even laptops and your phone, it’s important to choose a backpack large enough to fit all your belongings.


Pockets are important because they help you organize items and keep track of what you’ve got. Clear plastic backpacks often have less internal compartments than regular backpacks but a front pocket or pouch is a standard accessory on most.

Laptop Compartment

Protective inserts keep laptops safe, and brand logos visible. Laptop pockets inc clear backpacks for school protect your laptop and other valuables from damage without obstructing them with a standard backpack.

Other Options

When you shop for a clear bag another option you need to consider is comfort. Padded shoulder straps is something a busy student should consider for getting around campus, as well as color, Office workers should consider if the design is suitable for their job

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