Snowboarding is a sport that requires you to carry all your gear with you wherever you go. That means, you need a snowboard backpack to help you keep everything organized and easy to find once you’re out there shredding.

Like other sports, the right backcountry backpack can be the difference between a great day and a frustrating one. A good snowboarding backpack needs to be durable enough to withstand whatever conditions Mother Nature might throw you.

In this article we will detail what makes a good snowboard backpack, explore some of the best options available today.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Snowboarding Backpack

This is something you should take a look at before you go out and buy a backpack — the features of the best snowboard backpacks. While it might not seem like a very technical aspect of a backpack, it can make or break your experience in the backcountry.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the features of a backpack depend on the type of gear you will be storing in it. Some of the main features you should look for in a backpack are:

  • Durability – The ideal backpack should last you years, even if you use it every day.
  • Storage capacity – The amount of gear it can store is also important. A backpack that’s too small will slow you down, while a backpack that’s way too large won’t be able to be used efficiently.
  • Pockets and organization – There should be plenty of pockets and organization options so that you can keep your gear organized, no matter what you’re storing in your backpack.
  • Easy access – You should be able to easily reach the gear in your backpack without needing to take everything out first.
  • Weight – It’s a common occurrence for backpack manufacturers to use high-quality materials, but add tons of extra weight to the bag. Look for a backpack that has a reasonable amount of weight for the amount of material it’s made out of.
  • Cost – As with any other gear, you don’t want to buy a backpack that’s too expensive. A high price tag doesn’t guarantee durability.

How To Choose a Snowboard Backpack

As with any piece of outdoor gear, you want to choose a snowboard backpack that has the right features for you. To do this, you’ll want to think about what you plan to use your backpack for. If you plan to use it solely for carrying your gear, then you can get away with a smaller, cheaper backpack.

If you’d like to be able to use it for traveling, or even as an everyday bag, you’ll want to choose something a little bit more durable. When you’re ready to choose a backpack, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, the volume of the backpack should be enough to hold all your gear. Next, check how the backpack is built. Ideally, the backpack should have a good amount of padding to protect against a fall. It should also be comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Finally, you’ll want to think about how much the backpack costs. If you want a high-quality backpack, you can expect to pay more for it.

Focusing on Storage Capacity

The amount of gear you can store in a backpack is one of the main features of the best snowboard backpacks. This, of course, depends on the volume of the bag itself.

The most commonly used snowboard backpack capacity is 35L. If you’re planning on carrying just your gear and a few accessories, this is a good amount of space.

However, there are also other snowboard backpack sizes like 60L and 78L. These are great options if you need to bring a ton of gear with you. In addition to the gear, you can also store enough food and water for a few days in the backpack.

While the standard 35L backpacks are great for most people, if you have a really high-capacity backpack, then it can be useful for multi day expeditions.


A quality snowboard backpack can help you carry all your gear without slowing you down, and it should be durable enough for whatever conditions you might encounter. When you’re ready to choose a backpack, keep in mind the features that make a good backcountry bag. From the amount of volume it has to how it is built, you’ll be able to find the best snowboard backpack for you.

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