What Size Backpack Is Good for Kindergarten? 

 May 12, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

A backpack is an essential accessory for kindergarten students. This is where they will be packing all of their belongings for a day at school, so it needs to be the right size they can safely carry without compromising their back and shoulders. But what size do kindergarten students need in a backpack?

Kindergarten students need to fit their day’s essentials into one sturdy backpack. It should have a capacity of 20 to 28 liters, measuring 2 inches more than the distance from their shoulders to belly button and 2 inches longer than the distance between their shoulder blades.

These are general guidelines for helping you find the right size for a kindergarten student’s backpack. Continue reading for more helpful information below.

What Size Backpack for Kindergarten

Parents have a lot to think about when sending kids off to kindergarten. You always want to make sure that they have everything they need for the day packed safely into their backpacks while ensuring the pack is of the right size. Improperly sized backpacks can cause discomfort and even injury, which is why the correct size is important.


The ideal capacity for kindergarten backpacks ranges from 20 to 28 liters. This is adequate for packing their daily school essentials such as daily folder, snacks, lunch, school supplies, and other seasonal items without being too large or small.

The most important aspect you should keep in mind when it comes to determining the kindergarten backpack size for your child is that its total packed weight must never exceed 15% of their own bodyweight. Experts have determined that this capacity weight is ideal as well as safe: anything more can increase the risk of injury among kindergarten students especially in their shoulders and back.


The standard size for a kindergarten backpack is around 12 inches (L) by 7 inches (W).

However, there is no one-size fits-all dimension for kindergarten backpacks since kids of the same age will have different body types. Some kindergarten students may also need to pack more into their backpack than others.

It’s more important to use a backpack that is tailored to your child’s body type and their needs than to go with a standard size because at the end of the day, it should be comfortable and safe for them to use daily.

Measuring Your Child

To find out what dimensions a backpack for kindergarten should be, follow the step-by-step guide below. It will teach you how to measure your child and determine the right size pack based on these.

What You’ll Need

The only tool you will need is a measuring tape, which come in handy for measuring your child’s backpack needs based on their specific body type.

-   A measuring tape is the most efficient tool for getting the dimensions that you would base the size of your child’s backpack on


Follow these steps to get an accurate measurement for a backpack that’s best for your child:

  1. Measure the distance from the shoulders down to the belly button; add 2 inches to this length. This will determine the ideal length (height) of the backpack.
  2. Measure the distance from one end of your child’s shoulder blade to the other, from their back. Add 2 inches, and this is how wide the backpack should be.

Last but not least, also consider the height and size of your child’s belongings before you buy a kindergarten backpack for them. For example, notebooks and folders are around 12 inches in height, so the backpack should be at least 14 inches long.

Best Kindergarten Backpacks For Girls

There are many high quality kindergarten backpacks for girls in the market. Below are some popular models that you may want to consider:

-   Jansport Digital Student Laptop Backpack: Featuring two spacious main compartments that are perfect for keeping everything a kindergarten student needs, the Jansport Digital Student Laptop Backpack features a removable 15” laptop sleeve that they can use for keeping their folders organized. The fully padded back panel ensures comfort while carrying the pack, and it also comes with a side water bottle pocket.

-   Tilami Kids Rolling Backpack: A rolling backpack is highly recommended for kindergarten students who occasionally have to bring many items to and from school. The Tilami Kids Rolling Backpack offers a generous 35L of storage, perfect for keeping textbooks, a change of clothes, snacks, notebooks, and so much more – with the option of converting it into a wheeled luggage whenever it’s more convenient.

Best Kindergarten Backpacks For Boys

Boys have a wide selection of kindergarten backpacks to choose from too. Check out some recommendations below:

-   Nike Kids’ Youth Elemental Backpack: Ideal for active kindergarten students, the Nike Kids’ Youth Elemental Backpack offers lots of space in its 20L compartments. It has two large zippers for helping kids stay organized in and out of campus. Parents can have peace of mind that the durable material will keep up with the lifestyle of boys who are always on the go.

-   Adidas Youth Classic 3S Backpack: With dimensions of 11.5 x 6 x 17 inches, the Adidas Youth Classic 3S Backpack has just enough space for kindergarten essentials. The small pocket in front comes in handy for keeping snacks and smaller belongings, while the interior compartment is big enough to hold a lunch box plus textbooks, folders, and notebooks.


The best backpacks for kindergarten are always those that are customized to each kid’s size and needs. With so many designs to choose from, its’ easy to find a backpack that matches their style too.

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