A hunting backpack with frame can be a lifesaver when you are in the wilderness. But hunting backpacks have to be right for the job, which means they need to be designed for heavy use and loaded with extra space, pockets and pouches to keep your gear organized so you don’t need to carry extra bags or an extra fanny pack.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Hunting Backpacks With Frame

Selecting the best hunting backpack for you can be tough. To make sure you’re getting the right one, it’s important to consider that the frame and material on your new hunting pack, as well as its organization features, will be able to accommodate a lifetime of use.

A hunting backpack frame is important for off-trail hikes as well; a rigid carbon fiber frame on your backpack keeps you upright as you march through rough terrain.

Hunting Style

Different hunters have different needs. That’s why hunting backpacks come in a wide variety of options from pack makers — size, material, color, style, and more. Whether you’re climbing mountains or hunting in the woods, you need a pack that works for you.

Firearm hunting: If you’re looking to carry your rifle while still having quick access to it, hunting packs are a great option. These are designed to strap rifles on securely so they don’t jostle around while you’re walking.

Deer hunting: You need a hunting backpack that can carry your gear comfortably and securely to your location. You also want something that will be easy to carry on your back while you’re hunting in the woods or fields.

Backcountry hunters: If you are a backcountry hunter, one thing you must have is a hunting backpack. The reason backpacks have become so popular is that they help hunters carry everything they need for their hunting trips without having to worry about the weight or space.

Frame Type

A good backpack frame is necessary for any hunting trip. The pack frame acts as a backbone for the pack, helping to evenly spread weight across the shoulders. Not only does it provide rigidity and support, but also protects your back from unnecessary pressure and strain.

When you’re on the hunt for a reliable hunting backpack with frame, it’s important to know the difference between external and internal frame packs. External frame packs will use metal or plastic structures outside of the bag itself to hold the weight evenly, while an internal frame pack is designed to fit within your backpack to distribute weight and eliminate some bulk.

A hunting pack should have a sturdy frame, but also be lightweight so it doesn’t slow you down. Look for sturdy frames with padding and adjusters that allow you to customize the fit.

Haul Meat

Hauling meat is the common practice of loading a backpack with meat after a successful hunt. Hunters can load their haul in their hunting backpacks and return home with it as they would with any other piece of equipment, keeping the game fresh until they are ready to cook and eat.

A load hauling shelf is a special compartment on the back of a hunting backpack designed to haul heavy loads. A load shelf or built in meat shelf is a prized accessory for serious hunters, who often target large game animals — such as elk and other heavy load and end up carrying meat in remote, rugged locations.


Shoulder straps are important for a hunting backpack because it allows the weight to be distributed evenly so that you can trek long distances without getting tired. The shoulder straps should be padded and adjustable so that they fit snugly and comfortably on your shoulders.

Bottom straps are important in a hunting pack— they make the weight of your items redistribute to your waist and hips, relieving pain and discomfort. A waist belt or hip belt will also help spread the weight of your items evenly throughout your body, you’ll be able to hike longer without feeling weighed down.

Good hunting packs should also have enough space to store all of your hunting gear and accessories. It is best to get a backpack with expandable pockets so that you can easily fit everything inside.

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