How Big Is a 24L Backpack? All You Need to Know 

 April 6, 2023

By  Keith Terrell

As a backpacking enthusiast, have you ever found yourself searching for the perfect backpack and wondering how big a 24L backpack is? This is a common question among backpackers because the size of a backpack can significantly affect its comfort, capacity and usability.

Most standard 24L backpacks measure 12-14 inches wide, 17-20 inches high, and 6-10 inches deep. It is considered a medium-sized backpack, perfect for everyday use and can fit larger items such as camera equipment, extra clothes, and several books.

Fortunately, this blog post has all the answers you need! Read on to find out everything you need to know about 24L backpacks and how to determine if one is the right size for you and your adventures.

What is a 24L Backpack?

A 24 liter backpack is a medium-sized lightweight backpack that offers great storage and organization options. It has enough capacity to comfortably fit all the essentials for a day trip and has several different compartments, including a main compartment, a laptop sleeve, and an organization panel. Both students and hikers prefer these backpacks because they are compact yet spacious enough to provide ample storage.

It should be noted, however, that 24 liters is not a one size fits all. Depending on the user's built and lifestyle needs, this may not be the right choice for everyone. While these backpacks are perfect for those who only need to carry light or small items on a day-to-day basis, they may be too small for those who want to carry larger items or need something big enough for longer trips. To make sure you choose the right size, measure your torso length with a tape measure first and then choose the right bag based on those measurements.

Ultimately, these versatile mid-sized bags are popular for their combination of convenience and portability without sacrificing space or functionality. With ample space for everyday use and multiple compartments tailored to organize specific items, a 24L backpack is undoubtedly a great option for most people looking for an easy-to-stow bag with plenty of potential capacity. 

However, it's important to know your own needs before committing to a particular size as everyone has different requirements when it comes to finding their ideal backpack size. So let's explore the typical sizes and capacities to better understand how much gear they can actually hold..

Typical Sizes and Capacities

A 24L backpack typically measures 17-20 inches in height and 12-14 inches in width. While this may vary slightly depending on the brand and design, the backpack's capacity is not precisely defined. However, it is generally spacious enough to fit a laptop, textbooks, documents, snacks, and everyday items such as your wallet and phone. It may not be ideal for carrying camping gear or larger items, but it is practical for those who prefer traveling light and minimalism.

The capacity of a 24L backpack depends on how much you are willing to compromise when it comes to packing. Although it may not be suitable for long trips, a lot of people can fit all the essentials needed for a day hike or even an overnight trip in a 24L backpack. Nevertheless, those who have higher storage needs may find it impractical due to its size.

Overall, a 24L backpack is a practical and functional choice for those who prioritize convenience, minimalism, and versatility. Its size may not accommodate all travel essentials, but it is spacious enough for a day trip or an overnight stay. Its compact size and versatility make it an excellent option for a variety of activities, including hiking, work, and travel.

The Benefits of a 24L Backpack

There are numerous benefits associated with owning a 24L backpack. These compact and lightweight backpacks offer significant advantages over larger  backpacks for both everyday activities and outdoor adventures. They provide just enough storage space for supplies you might need for a short hike, a business meeting, or school, such as documents. This can be invaluable when it comes to keeping things organized and tidy.

Another advantage of a 24L pack is its flexibility. It’s big enough to accommodate all your essentials but also small enough to fit snugly against your back when you are on the move. Many people find that this size is just right when commuting between school or the office during the week, leaving them hands-free and nimble on their feet.

Finally, 24L backpacks can save you some money in the long run since they are usually cheaper than larger models without sacrificing quality. If you opt for a smaller bag, you can take advantage of the same build quality as higher-priced models at prices that you can afford.

A 24L backpack can provide numerous benefits for both work and leisure activities. While personal preferences may vary, one aspect remains constant - prioritizing comfort and functionality when choosing a backpack is crucial.

Let's now explore some of the top options available to make an informed decision on which package would best meet our needs.

24L backpacks offer significant advantages over larger ones, including the ability to store enough items for everyday activities or outdoor adventures, flexibility to fit snugly while on the move, and cost-effectiveness. Comfort and functionality should be top priority when choosing any type of bag.

The Best 24L Backpack Options

Now that we've discussed the benefits of a 24L backpack, let's take a look at some of the best options available. With so much variety on the market, it can be difficult to find the best backpack for your needs. In general, the most important factors to consider when purchasing a 24L backpack are comfort, weight, and durability.

In terms of comfort, look for extra padding in areas such as the shoulder straps or back panel. If you plan to pack heavier items in the backpack, opt for a model with adjustable shoulder straps and additional lumbar support to ensure maximum comfort on the go.

As for weight, remember that lighter is often better! Look for models made of lightweight fabrics such as ripstop nylon or durable polyester, and avoid features like excessive pockets or dense padding, which can add more weight without offering significant benefits.

Finally, always choose a product that is built to last. Look for products with thick zippers that won't fail after just a few uses, and read reviews left by previous customers to get an idea of how well their bags have held up over time. These small details may seem insignificant at first, but they can make all the difference in finding a reliable backpack that will outlast its competitors.

Once you've found the perfect 24L backpack for your needs, you'll be ready for everything from day trips to weekends away — who knows where the adventure will take you!

Day and Weekend Trips 

When looking for the best 24L backpack, day and weekend trips should be taken into account. This type of backpack is perfect for short, one- or two-day trips. They usually have a compressible frame and side straps for easy adjustment. These backpacks are usually made of lightweight materials and offer extra space without weighing the wearer down. They also usually have pockets that can store items like wallets, phones, water bottles, and snacks, making them ideal for light hiking.

Depending on the purpose, they can be useful, but they are not always suitable. Some people may find them too small as they do not offer enough storage space, and some essentials do not fit inside. In addition, they are more fragile than other backpacks due to their lighter material composition and require special attention if you are carrying sharp objects or heavier loads.

Ultimately, deciding which backpack is best for day trips or a weekend away comes down to personal preference and individual needs. That being said, there are a lot of great options that cover a variety of needs. So it's important to do your research to make an informed decision. As we consider what type of bag is suitable for trekking and lightweight backpacking adventures, we will explore these options in more detail in the next section.

Trekking and Lightweight Backpacking

When it comes to trekking and lightweight backpacking, a 24L backpack is an ideal choice. Adventurers who want to challenge their bodies and traverse rough terrain rely on an appropriately sized bag that won't weigh them down. This size not only offers enough space for essentials, but also the freedom to move with agility and speed.

On the one hand, those who enjoy trekking may prefer a larger bag that can accommodate bulky items such as sleeping bags and stoves. These adventurers have the luxury of bringing extra provisions in case their journey proves more difficult than expected. Lightweight backpackers, on the other hand, value minimalism and agility, so a 24L backpack fits their needs perfectly. As they plan to travel further without burdening themselves with unnecessary items, a backpack of this size offers them more mobility and helps them pack smarter.

The advantages of using a 24L backpack for both activities far outweigh the disadvantages. Trekkers can pack sleeping bags and essentials without carrying too much weight on their backs, while light hikers can easily fit all their must-have items with ease. It’s also important to remember that this size of bag is also suitable for short hikes and day trips, which means its versatility is twofold and highly desirable. Lastly, if something unexpected happens on your hike, you will always have enough space to improvise accordingly.

Overall, choosing a 24L backpack can be beneficial for any type of outdoor excursion. Whether you're spending a few nights with your friends or embarking on an extreme adventure in the wilderness, you can be confident that the right backpack will get you there and back safely, with everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size should a 24L backpack be?

A 24L backpack should generally be between 17-20 inches in height, 12-14 inches in width, and 6-10 inches in depth. This size range is designed to fit most adults comfortably with enough space for the usual supplies needed for daily activities. The size provides ample storage space without being too bulky or oversized. Additionally, the tall and narrow design provides a comfortable fit to carry more weight with ease.

What items can I fit in a 24L backpack?

A 24L backpack is the perfect size for everyday items such as textbooks, snacks, a laptop, and other small essentials. You can also comfortably fit a light jacket, an umbrella, a water bottle or two, and possibly a few paperback books if needed.

Alternatively, if you’re traveling or heading out for an outdoor adventure, you can also fit plenty of supplies in your 24L backpack. These include sleeping bags and blankets, spare clothing, cooking utensils, a cooker, as well as other smaller camping equipment such as a hatchet or a tarp.

Depending on the items you need to bring with you and their size/weight, you can fit more in a 24L backpack!

How much does a 24L backpack weigh?

Generally, a 24L backpack weighs between 1.2 and 3.5 pounds, depending on the material and design of the bag. For instance, a canvas bag weighs less than 1.3 pounds while a sturdier or waterproof model might weigh closer to 3.5 pounds. 

Furthermore, additional features such as zipped pockets and padded straps can make the bag a little heavier but also increase its comfort and durability. Ultimately, decide on the right bag for your needs and make sure you know how much it weighs before you purchase it!

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