Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack Review 

 July 12, 2021

By  Keith Terrell

Back in the day, before the rise of budget airlines and the associated fees that come with checking in bags, travelers would use ill-fitting backpacks as a carry-on. These bags were usually too small or too big because there were no bags specifically made to serve the purpose of a carry-on.

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

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However, a new breed of travel bags has evolved over the last few years. The rise of carry-on travel rucksacks caters specifically to the unique needs of frequent travelers, and now we no longer have to deal with the burden of forcing a poorly-fitted bag into the airplane’s overhead compartment or stowaway. The cousin of the popular wheeled carry-on backpacks, these bags are more compact and ideal for free-spirited travelers. There are many things that make these carry-on backpacks superior to wheeled luggage, but perhaps the most important factor is its ability to be flexible and squeezed into tight airplane spaces, thanks to its soft sides. This is why travelers prefer these bags; not only are they efficient for use as a carry on even with the strictest airlines, but they also allow you to move more freely.

The Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack is one such backpack. Made for travelers who don’t want to spend money checking in their suitcase, its generous 40-liter capacity is perfect for keeping just the essentials on a few days away without the need for other luggage. On the other hand, this travel backpack is versatile enough to serve as a carry-on, complementary with your check-in luggage. Either way, you can’t go wrong with this bag for airplane travel.

The bag’s minimal and simple design caters to male and female travelers of all ages, but most importantly, it’s highly functional as a travel backpack. Even better, it can go from backpack to duffel bag within just a few seconds. This bag adapts to your needs, and not the other way around. It’s thoughtfully equipped with several carrying options as well as 2 grab handles so that you have options in safely lifting the bag from overhead compartments, beneath seats, and from trunks.

Aside from being a terrific carry-on bag, this backpack is designed to be practical enough that you can even use it when you get to your destination, or traveling from city to city on land.

Hynes Eagle is an expert at merging the needs of businessmen and travelers alike. They have a world-class range of travel bags, business bags, and everything else in between. Their products cater to the needs of travelers and professionals, even traveling professionals who constantly have to jet between boardroom to airplane. 

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carryon Backpack Features

Source: hyneseagle.com

The Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack is a must-have for any traveler. The water-repellent polyester exterior protects your valuables from the elements. It has been designed to fit in the maximum allowable size for IATA flights, and can easily go underneath the overhead compartment and the under seat storage as well. Its simple yet elegant style won’t cramp yours, and you can use it as a duffel bag whenever needed.

The bag’s notable features include:

  • Water repellent polyester
  • 20.1 x 13.4 x 9.8 inches, 40L capacity
  • Several exterior compression buckle straps to adjust its height
  • An authentic hands-free travel bag that can convert to a duffel bag within seconds
  • 1 front zip pocket with several interior slip pockets; a second compartment can be used for a 15.6-inch laptop
  • Adjustable sternum strap for added stability
  • Side storage for a water bottle
  • 2 durable grab handles on the top and on the side for safe and efficient lifting from overhead compartments and trunks
  • Interior slot pockets for smaller travel essentials
  • Zip mesh pocket within the roomy main compartment for extra storage

Frequent travelers can’t go wrong with the Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack. Considering that most carry-on bags have a capacity of 30-35L, this bag takes it one step further to provide you with even more storage space for everything you need including 2-3 days’ worth of clothing plus a few other essentials. It’s also very comfortable to wear, and with just the right number of compartments to help you stay organized on land or in the air. Simple and elegant, but durable and functional.

Pros and Cons

The Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack is a dream come true for busy travelers, and those who want to save money from checking in luggage. Imagine the time, hassles, and money it will save you if you have to check in luggage much less. Whizzing to and from airport security is time-consuming in itself, but this is one bag that truly saves you in that department.

Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack back view

Source: hyneseagle.com

According to customer reviews, people are happy about how this bag comes in handy not just on the plane, but for getting around in cities too. It functions perfectly as a carry-on, but it’s much more than that. Many appreciate how there’s not one, not two, but three ways of picking up or carrying this backpack. This feature is helpful no matter where you are or what form of transportation you’re using. Additionally, many have also commented about the comfortable and adjustable straps, because it doesn’t cut through your skin unlike other backpacks.

However, some customers were not pleased about the quality of the bag’s straps; some found it poorly made. Others commented on how the bag lacks a back structure or padding, which means that when it’s used, its weight would fall on the items so it isn’t advisable to only place electronics inside.

The Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack is overall a terrific carry-on bag, provided that it’s filled up properly. 

Where to Buy

The Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack is available on Amazon at a great price, and if you order it today, it will be shipped within just a few days – in time for your next trip!

The Verdict

For an all-in-one, versatile travel backpack, the Hynes Eagle 40L Flight Approved Carry On Backpack sure ticks all the boxes. From airplane to land travel, this is a reliable travel backpack that even the most seasoned travelers would appreciate.

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