A small backpack with wheels, also known as a small rolling backpack or roller bag, is a portable, durable backpack with wheels that allows you to roll it instead of carrying it on your back.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Small Backpacks with Wheels

When you’re in the market for a small backpack, wheeled bags are a great option. They are light, durable, and offer many advantages over a regular everyday backpack. However, there is more to choosing one of these products than just picking out a pretty color. Here’s what you should keep in mind when looking for the best wheeled duffel bag for your needs.


Wheels are important because they give you the versatility to travel on different terrains while using one of the most convenient forms of luggage. Wheels make it easier to transport a backpack from place to place, whether in lines at the airport or out on long hikes.

A retractable wheel cover is a practical solution to the problem of how to protect your bag when not in use. A retractable wheel cover is useful as it can protect your rolling backpack from dirt and dust as you travel to and from work or school.

Oversized wheels provide smooth, high-speed rolling — with no bumpy or jerky motions. Wide wheel bases improve the stability of your bag while you’re in motion, and you can easily roll through crowds without worrying about your bag tipping over or getting caught on obstacles.

Spinner wheels have become increasingly popular in the best wheeled backpacks, particularly for business professionals. There are a few factors to consider when choosing between them and regular wheeled luggage.


There are many models of wheeled backpacks available for purchase. Some models have one compartment for stowing a laptop and other items, while others have different compartments for your various items. When buying the best wheeled backpack, consider how many pockets you want – one large space or smaller sections for pens, keys, and phones.

Zippered Pocket: Zippered pockets are one of the most important features when choosing a wheeled backpack. Whether you’re looking for a carry on backpack or just a day bag, zippered pockets give you easy access to your belongings. Lockable zippers protect your gear while traveling.

Side Mesh Pocket: Rolling backpacks have side mesh pockets for a reason. It’s because they are great for more than just water bottles! From a small umbrella to your keys and phone, any small item you don’t want left behind can be stored in a side pocket.


Compartments are important when buying a wheeled backpack. These pockets and pouches inside the bag allow for you to have a place for everything, which means you’re more organized and carry less stress.

Laptop Compartment: a laptop pocket is important when buying a wheeled backpack. It’s an area that should safely fit a 15″ laptop with some room for papers, books and other stuff.

Spacious Main Compartment: A very roomy main compartment is an essential feature for a wheeled backpack. It not only gives you more storage room, but also allows you to pack your gear in a way that keeps its weight distributed evenly, reducing the strain on your shoulders and back.

Multiple Compartments: Having multiple compartments in a rolling luggage is like having multiple benefits in a single product. It allows you to not only separate your belongings but also keep them organized and easily accessible within the large interior of the backpack.

Front Compartment: The front compartment of the best rolling backpack is actually one of the more important features to consider before purchasing such a product. It usually houses the most important items, so you want to make sure they are safe and easily accessible. The front compartment is also perfect for holding smaller and loose items that you would like to access during your commute.


A padded laptop sleeve inside your small wheeled backpack is essential for protection of your laptop. A dedicated laptop compartment allows you to carry your laptop inside any backpack and give extra protection to the computer from bumps and falls.


Wheeled backpacks are much more than just a convenient solution for business travel or adventure travel.  Business travelers need to protect their expensive materials from rain, snow and other weather elements without fail. Small rolling backpacks are travel backpacks that make it easier for business people and adventure travelers to travel in tough conditions.


Straps are equally as important as the bag itself. A good strap will allow you to comfortably lug your small wheeled backpack around, while a bad one will cause shoulder fatigue and even physical injury.

Padded shoulder straps: The use of comfort features such as padded shoulder straps, mesh-lined back panels, contoured waist belts and sternum straps not only allows for greater stability but also increases the wearer’s enjoyment.

Internal compression straps: With compression straps, you can optimize the space in your small backpack. This way, you can make sure that your valuables are safe and secure in the tightly packed inner contents of your backpack.

Padded hip belt: A padded hip belt is important in rolling backpacks because it distributes the weight of your load between your shoulders and hips. Even if you are carrying a lightweight backpack, adding a couple of pounds with extra clothing and camera gear can affect your posture and make even the most comfortable backpack feel heavy on your shoulders.

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