Dakine Prom Backpack (25L Womans) Review

  • August 21, 2020
  • / By Keith Terrell
Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack

The time teenagers spend in school will always be part of the pivotal formative years. This is when you start to learn more about yourself, your personality, and your own unique style – especially if you’re a young lady. All of these should shine in and out of campus, because there’s no reason you need to sacrifice your very own aesthetic for function.

Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack

Source: dakine.com

Choosing the right school backpack can help lighten the load that comes with your most pressing academic years, both literally and figuratively. This is why using the right girls’ backpack can make all the difference: not only do they come in gorgeous designs to ensure your bag stands out from hundreds of others on campus, but a good one of high quality will allow you to pack just about everything you need for daily school use without causing pain in your back and shoulders.

It isn’t just all about the style: the ideal school backpack helps you stay organized because with all the pressures of school, the last thing you need is to waste a few more minutes of your precious time looking for a ball pen or calculator in your bag. 

The Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack is the epitome of the perfect school bag for girls. This all-in-one school bag is beautifully made with several designs to choose from. The roomy main compartment has a padded laptop sleeve where you can safely store most 14-inch laptops. It also comes with a thoughtful insulated pocket that keeps your snacks and lunch organized, separate from the rest of your school belongings.

An external organizer compartment has ample space for your other items such as mobile phone, water bottle, and even sunglasses in its fleece-lined compartment. The Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack was made to last a lifetime: it does the job well and even if you get it dirty, cleaning it is a breeze and all you need is some mild soap.

Dakine is a renowned bag maker that has been designing world-class yet affordable outdoor bags and accessories since 1979. They have consistently been able to create bags that solve problems by coming up with ingenious styles that are designed specifically to make doing what you love easier, no matter what it is. Whether you’re heading out for your first surf break of the morning or running to your next class, Dakine has got you covered.

Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack Back View

Source: dakine.com

The Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack is no different: this bag just shows how well they know what young students need out of a reliable school backpack. Excellent fit, superior comfort, awesome features, and a great overall look. The straps have been specially designed to fit well on a female body, and it has adequate pockets for school essentials including an insulated cooler pocket plus a padded laptop storage, on top of the generous 25-liter capacity for the rest of your belongings.

In fact, while the Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack is a best-selling school bag, you can easily see how its versatile features and design allows you to use it for traveling and at work, too. It comes in a great selection of colors and designs to suit your style and preferences.


Its features include: 

  • 18 x 12 x 9 inches, weighs 1.7 pounds
  • Made from imported polyester
  • Padded laptop sleeve that can fit most 14-inch laptops, a mouse, power cables, and other accessories
  • Fleece-lined sunglass or eyeglass pocket to ensure easy accessibility and protection from the elements
  • Insulated cooler pocket strategically placed on the front, where you can keep fruit, snacks, and lunches fresh for hours
  • Deployable, compact water bottle compartment that can be zipped up when not in use
  • External organizer pocket with storage for cords, pens, pencils, and your mobile phone
  • Lifetime warranty from Dakine

Insider Thoughts

When you read the reviews of the Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack, it’s easy to understand why this has become the bag of choice for many students. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to the right school bag.

It’s the modern school bag of choice, too; because it’s got dedicated laptop sleeves for today’s tech-savvy students. The bag is spacious enough for storing your notebooks and other essentials, but it can interchangeably be used as a gym bag as well. 

Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack Inside View

Source: dakine.com

Customer reviews are raving about the Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack. Customers appreciate its slim and compact build, and people are impressed with just how long it lasts. While other bags in the market easily give way after a few semesters, this bag has lasted as long as 10 years for some customers. That’s a lot of ROI for your bag, if you ask me. Many customers highly recommend this girls’ backpack for school, and it’s also perfect for a weekend getaway.  

However, if you are looking for a heavy-duty school bag for textbooks, you might be better off with another model. Its 25-liter capacity works great for many of your lightweight or compact basics, although it isn’t made to withstand carrying heavy textbooks. Some customers also found the zipper flimsy. But given that this bag comes with a limited lifetime warranty, it’s basically a risk-free purchase.

If you’re a high school or college student who needs a durable, reliable backpack for daily use, you can’t go wrong with the Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack. Affordable and ultra-practical, with the right features a student needs and none of the extras. 


  • Nice material
  • Many prints and colors to choose from
  • Versatile; good for school and other uses


  • Compartments are small
  • Some found the stitching to be poor
  • Smaller than expected

Who's This For?

The Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack was made for the ladies. Its straps were designed to fit well on a woman's body. At 25 liters, it is perfect to carry your daily needs. 

As a school bag, it is perfect for both high school and college girls. The main compartment has enough space for your books and notebooks. It also has a separate laptop compartment should you need to bring one. There are other pockets as well to store your small things, lunch or snacks perhaps.

The bag is quite versatile actually. You can take it to the gym or outdoors. 

Aside from its excellent organization, the bag also have comfortable padded straps, which make it very comfortable to use both in and outside of the school. The material is also water repellent so don't be afraid to use it for extracurricular activities.   

Where To Buy

If you’re ready to find out why the Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack is one of the best-selling school bags out there, we recommend checking out Amazon to see if they have any good promos. Amazon usually has terrific deals on school bags such as this, plus they’ll deliver it to your doorstep within just a few days.

The Verdict

Dakine has successfully made a name for themselves as a reliable bag maker for numerous occasions. The Dakine Prom 25L Woman’s Backpack is testament to their expertise in bags, and one that students from all over have trusted. This investment may be the best one you’ll ever make for school.