What Is the Best Backpack for Disney World? 

 June 28, 2021

By  Keith Terrell

A visit to Disney World is one that you will treasure forever. However, days at the happiest place on earth can be long, requiring you to bring some essentials along on a backpack to keep your hands free. But with all the great backpacks out there, many people often wonder about the right type for Disney World.

The ideal backpack to bring to Disney World is one that is lightweight, has thick straps, roomy, built with compartments for easy organization, and water-resistant. There are other features to consider since some people prefer to pack light, while others have to pack for everyone in the family.

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Choosing the right backpack for Disney World doesn’t have to be stressful. Keep reading; we’ll help you think about the factors to select the backpack that’s perfect for your needs.

Backpacks are the most practical and comfortable way to bring your belongings for a day at Disney World. After all, your days will be long and filled with going from ride to ride as well as a number of other activities such as eating and shopping. Backpacks ensure even weight distribution on your back as opposed to a purse or other types of bags, while keeping your hands free.

There are so many backpack models out there, but here are the features you should look for:


Empty backpacks weigh anywhere from 1 to 6 pounds, though those in the ultralight range weigh 1 to 2 pounds. It’s recommended to go with the lightest backpack you can find or afford, so that you stay comfortable even if your pack is full. Keep in mind that the recommended total backpack weight when full should be no more than 10% of your overall body weight to prevent the risk of injury or discomfort.

Thick straps

Thick straps, especially those that are padded, are the best choice for day packs that you will be carrying for long hours at a time. Thin straps tend to dig into your shoulder which will cause discomfort. Look for thick, padded straps that are also adjustable for maximum comfort.


The appropriate capacity for a day pack to be used in Disney World will depend on whom you are packing for. If you are only packing for yourself and one or two people, you can opt for a day pack ranging from 20 up to 35 liters in capacity. If you are packing for your whole family including children, you can use a medium-sized travel or hiking backpack with a capacity of 35 to 45 liters.

It also helps to know that Disney World prohibits bags that are larger than 24in L x 15in W x 18in H in any of their parks, so be sure that your backpack is smaller than these dimensions. You can learn more about items prohibited inside Disney parks on their website.


Strategic compartments located both inside and outside of your backpack will help you stay organized while in Disney Word. For example, a small pouch on the front exterior is perfect for storing commonly used but small things, such as hand wipes, hand sanitizer, your mobile phone, and wallet. It will help you save time accessing things you will need throughout the day, since if you pack it inside, these small things tend to fall to the bottom of the pack, causing you time and trouble looking for it.

Side pockets are an excellent feature too; they can be used to store your water bottles for hydration. If the side pockets are big enough, one can also keep an umbrella. If you find a backpack that meets all your needs but doesn’t have compartments, you can make use of extra pouches but don’t go overboard because they can make it slightly harder to go through security checkpoints.

Water Resistant

A water-resistant backpack is always recommended for any vacation, most especially to Florida which is notorious for unpredictable rain. But even if the forecast says there will be clear skies, a water-resistant backpack will be a practical choice because of the many water rides available within the park. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and dry.

If you are unable to find a bag to your liking that’s also water-resistant, simply use plastic bags to store your gadgets and prevent them from getting wet.

It also helps to use a backpack that’s airy and breathable. The hot and humid weather at Disney Land Florida means it’s easy to work up a sweat, and the last thing you need is a backpack that makes you sweat even more.

Examples of Great Backpacks for Disney World

Here's some examples of bags we'd recommend that cover everything you need for a great experience at Disney world that are available on Amazon:

  • Osprey Daylite Plus Backpack: This backpack is the perfect-sized daypack with all the features you need for a fun day at Disney World. The spacious main compartment makes it easy to stash your belongings while stretch mesh side pockets allow you to keep your water bottle and a mini umbrella. It also comes equipped with a smaller front pocket for keeping smaller items that need to be within reach. -> Check price on Amazon.
  • Gregory Jade 53 Women’s Hiking Pack: If you’re packing for your family trip to Disney World, this 53L hiking pack has all the space you need and more. This backpack is equipped with generous airflow, so even if you’re packing diapers and lots of essentials for the kids, your back will stay cool. It also comes with a thoughtful U-shaped access zipper, allowing you to easily find what you need. -> Check price on Amazon.
  • The North Face Borealis Backpack: If you need a little more space in your backpack, the 28L North Face Borealis backpack is perfect. It’s equipped with several compartments both inside and out for total organization, while the FlexVent suspension system and injection-molded shoulder straps ensure ventilation and comfortable support. It’s made for hiking but in just the right size for a day trip to Disney World. -> Check price on Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to pack in a backpack for Disney World?

There are certain essentials that should you should have in your backpack when visiting Disney World. These include:

  • Hand sanitizer/hand wipes
  • Tissue paper
  • Refillable water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Umbrella
  • Sunscreen
  • Change of clothes
  • Small towel
  • Basic first-aid supplies
  • Portable phone charger
  • Portable fan or small misting bottle

Last but not least, don’t forget your wallet, identification, and Disney World passes!

About the author

Keith is a one bag traveler and the owner of Backpacks Global. His go to backpack is the Osprey FarPoint 40.

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