What Is the Best Cat Backpack? 

 April 24, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

Cat backpacks are a wonderful way to let your curious feline explore the outside world. They come in an array of designs, but what should you look for in a cat backpack?

Cat backpacks should be chosen with careful consideration. The kind of activities you want to go on should influence the cat backpack you choose. It should fit your cat's size, have several entry points, ventilation, and safety straps. The straps should also be comfortable for the wearer.

Read on below to learn more about what you should look for in a cat backpack.

Features Of The Best Cat Backpacks

If you’ve been looking for a way to travel with your cat, a high-quality cat backpack is the answer.

Cat backpacks are the perfect way to take your feline pets as you go for a picnic, short hikes, weekend trips, and even on errands such as trips to the vet. They ensure that both you and your cat are comfortable, but it also has the features that cats specifically need to relax while outside of their comfort zone.

Before you choose a backpack model, there are many factors to carefully think about. Buying a backpack without careful consideration may lead to your cat being uncomfortable and unsafe in it. They may not even go near it after an unpleasant experience.

When you’re shopping around for the best cat backpack for your cat, here are some things to think about:


The kind of activities you intend to go on with your cat should influence the type of cat backpack you choose. Some cat backpack designs are better suited for urban use, while others are equipped with features you need during a hike or trek.

For example, if you plan to go on hikes, choose the best cat hiking backpack with soft yet durable materials and waterproof fabric. Expandable cat backpacks are great for providing a tent-like shelter for them while on camping trips.

On the other hand, a hard-shell exterior would be uncomfortable for hiking, but it would work just fine for short city trips and errands. Hard shell or bubble window cat carriers also provide extra safety and security during bumpy car rides.

It’s also helpful to consider the modes of transport you want to take your kitten to. Going on airline rides, for example, will require a cat backpack carrier to comply with carry-on restrictions.

Cat Size and Weight

Check the dimensions of the backpack to ensure that it can comfortably fit your cat’s size and weight. Your cat should be able to sit or even lie down inside the backpack with ease. They should also be able to move around inside without feeling cramped.

Choosing a cat backpack that is too small will make the experience extremely unpleasant for your cat.

Adequate Space

Your cat needs enough space to move around and rest. That’s why it’s critical to always know the size and weight of your cat, to see if the backpack you are considering can accommodate them safely and comfortably.

Expandable cat backpacks are extremely useful for giving your cat extra space to rest, sleep, and move around.

Entry Points

Some cat backpacks have just one entry point, though having at least two is ideal. Depending on the backpack’s design, entry points may be located at the top, front, back, or sides.

These give your cat options for entering the backpack, which is helpful if they are new to using backpacks as they may be a little hesitant in the beginning.


Ventilation is critical to the safety and comfort of your kitty.

The best cat backpack should have several air holes or mesh panels for ventilation to let them breathe easily. Some cat backpacks use a combination of both air holes and mesh windows as well. These not only make it easier for your cat to breathe but they also prevent them from overheating.

If you are using a bubble backpack, they usually have air holes at the sides and top of the window. Inspect all ventilation options in any backpack you are considering for your cat.

Despite ventilation features, it’s critical for you to always be aware of the temperature outside – this means staying indoors if it’s too hot for your cat to spend time outdoors.

Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority. Nobody wants their cats to escape when going on an adventure.

There are a few safety features to look out for when buying a cat backpack. One of the most important safety features is the presence of safety straps or a harness, which act like a leash attached to the backpack. They help prevent your curious cats from wandering too far or escaping.

In addition, you can attach another leash to the safety strap to enable your cats to explore a safe distance while giving you peace of mind that they won’t get too far.

A quality zipper is also crucial to safety; bonus points if they are lockable. Some cats are smart enough to detach velcros, which can increase their risk of escaping.


The best cat carrier backpack should also be comfortable for the wearer. Look for padded and adjustable shoulder straps to help you distribute weight evenly. They also play an important role in protecting your back.

A hip and chest strap is also extremely beneficial if you intend to go on longer journeys on foot. They help reduce the weight on your shoulders. Additionally, make sure there are no sharp corners or edges inside that may accidentally hurt your cat.

Carrier vs. Bubble Cat Backpack

Cat backpacks primarily come in one of two designs: carrier (also known as a soft, or soft shell) or bubble (hard shell) designs. Each of them has its pros and cons, which you can read about below.


Carrier backpacks are made with durable materials and feature mesh windows. Because of the softer materials used in its construction, carrier backpacks are the more comfortable choice if you and your cat are going on longer journeys.

Bubble Cat Backpack

On the other hand, bubble carriers are sturdy thanks to their hard shell exterior. They have a bubble-like round window where cats can enjoy the view from a safe space inside. Good visibility can ease the anxiety of nervous cats.

These are well suited for short journeys such as car rides to the grocery store or a restaurant, or a hike lasting up to 45 minutes each way.

Other Features To Consider

Now that you know the important features to look out for in a pet carrier backpack, below are some optional features to think about. Depending on your lifestyle and your cat’s needs, you may find these features handy: 


A cat backpack with adequate pockets will help you stay organized. Side pockets are excellent for neatly storing cat treats, food, and other pet gear you may need during your trip. If you aren’t bringing much else of your own belongings, pockets in a cat backpack can also be used to provide storage for your own things. 

Solid, Cushioned Bottom 

Soft, cushioned interiors will ensure your cat’s travels are comfortable. A solid bottom will also help keep them in place, which is essential if your cat is on the larger and heavier side.

Easy To Clean

Your cat may soil the backpack to relieve himself while in it. Removable bottom cushions, water-resistant interior linings, and waterproof outer equipment will make the task of cleaning the backpack much easier for you. 

Bag Structure

Soft-sided backpacks are ideal for short trips, such as taking them to and from the car and to a restaurant or the grocery. On the other hand, a rigid and solid backpack structure is necessary for your cat’s comfort during long trips. Solid backpacks won’t accidentally collapse on them and provide added support during trips.

Ease of Use

Some cat backpacks are simpler to use than others. It’s always recommended to choose a cat backpack carrier that’s easy to use, as opposed to using one that has too many complex features that you won’t be able to maximize. These may only be an inconvenience to you and bog you down during your travels.


If you have a cat that’s too heavy for you to carry in a backpack, or you plan to travel in crowded places and long distances, you may want to consider a product with more portable features. For example, backpacks that are equipped with a telescoping handle and wheels make it more convenient to navigate crowded airports and groceries.

Our Recommended Cat Backpacks

Looking for the best cat backpack can be overwhelming. Check out the list below of our teams recommended products; you can click on the links to find out more about them to:

Carrier Cat Backpack

Petsfit Cat Backpack: Travel in style with your cat aboard the Petsfit Cat Backpack. Made for medium to large felines under 22 pounds, this cat carrier is constructed with a sturdy design to keep them safe and secure. 

There are two entry points located at the top as well as the side, making it easy for pets to enter and exit. The solid construction helps the bag retain its shape while making sure that your cat always has enough space. When you’re enjoying the great outdoors or going camping, give your cat the comfort and rest they need thanks to the double-sided mat/

The Petsfit Cat Backpack has two openings located at the top and the side. This makes it effortless for your kitty to get in and out. Safety straps give you peace of mind that they won’t be wandering too far. If you are looking for a lightweight travel cat backpack, this is among the best picks in the market.  

Texsens Cat Backpack: Active felines will appreciate the unique expandable design of the Texsens Cat Backpack. It offers more expandable space than most other cat backpacks, which does an amazing job for ensuring the comfort and safety of your cat during transit. You can even turn it into a tent!

This cat backpack can accommodate larger cat breeds which weigh up to 18 pounds. Three sides of the bag are designed with PVC mesh for maximum ventilation and air flow, while a removable mat makes cleaning so much easier. You’ll be comfortable using this pack too, because it’s equipped with chest buckles to alleviate the pressure of carrying the pack. 

The Texsens Cat Backpack also comes with a spacious pocket on each side for keeping your travel essentials organized. It’s affordable, durable, and convenient for both you and your adorable feline companion. 

Petami Deluxe 2-Way Pet Carrier: Versatility, functionality, and comfort: The Petami Deluxe 2-Way Pet Carrier has it all – and a great price too boot! This is an awesome choice for hiking and traveling with your cat. Measuring 12.5 x 10.2 x 16.3 inches, there’s more than enough space for small and medium cat breeds here.

There are numerous safety features in this backpack. This includes reinforced construction that prevents the backpack from collapsing. Another is the safety strap and buckle that prevents your cat from escaping. 

The Petami Deluxe 2-Way Pet Carrier is comfortable to wear too. The shoulder straps are equipped with thick padding, while chest and waist straps lend extra support for outdoor adventures. Keep your pet supplies safe and dry in the side pockets, while the front pocket is perfect for storing items you need quick access to.

With a super durable 600D polyester construction, you can be sure this backpack will last a long time. 

Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack: The Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack is a stylish cat carrier that you can take almost anywhere. Despite the soft exterior, it holds up perfectly well and won’t collapse. It’s spacious enough to hold cats as well as smaller dogs. 

The expandable design provides a mesh shelter or tent-like feature for outdoor adventures. It’s also airline-approved, which means you can take your cat with you on flights. Just be sure to always check the size restrictions of the airline you are flying with.

It’s wonderful that the Pecute Pet Carrier Backpack has an accessible top opening. From here, your kitty can stick its head out and explore the views. If you are traveling to a sunny location, the handy clip-on shade gives excellent protection from the heat and sun’s rays.

Other fantastic features of the Pecute Pet Carrier backpack include its ergonomic design, wide and adjustable shoulder straps, removable bottom, and removable cloth cover. The side pockets are a nice touch as they provide additional storage options. It’s made from premium 300D oxford cloth, which is also non-toxic, breathable, waterproof, and scratch-proof. 

Bubble Backpack

Lollimeow Cat Bubble Backpack: The Lollimeow Cat Bubble Backpack is one of the top-rated bubble carriers with thousands of stellar reviews, and for good reason. Your cat can enjoy fantastic views from the clear bubble front safely, while 9 ventilation holes maximize breathability.

It comes with a pocket on one side for storing cat treats, while a small opening has been added to enable you to reach in for pets whenever you’d like. The expandable feature of the pack gives them more room to play and rest wherever you go.

The Lollimeow Cat Bubble Backpack is constructed with premium and durable materials. Despite that, it’s lightweight and extremely easy to clean with a few wipes. Its expandable design allows you to convert the backpack into a spacious tent where your cat can rest and sleep during your travels.

Cat owners can comfortably carry this backpack either in your front or back. There is also a thoughtful opening where you can reach in to pet him or her whenever they are anxious. The double-sided mat, as well as the flannel blanket, ensure you already have everything you need for a fun and safe trip.

Beikott Cat Backpack: The Beikott Cat Backpack is available in several different colors. More importantly, it’s loaded with practical and functional features that both you and your cat will appreciate.

Unlike other bubble cat backpacks that only have a small window to peek out through, this backpack’s entire front is transparent for greater viewing enjoyment of your cat. It enables them to safely interact and communicate with the outside world while you travel. There are adequate ventilation holes that promote air circulation and keep them safe too.

The Beikott Cat Backpack is made of tough materials including oxford and polyester fabric throughout its design. The backpack already comes with travel essentials, including a security leash, soft mat, and even a collapsible pet bowl for your convenience.   


Finding the best cat backpack is easy with all the fantastic choices out there. Narrowing down the places and adventures you want to go on with your cat will make it all much easier.

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