What Is the Best Cat Backpack? 

 August 20, 2022

By  Diane Wuthrich

Cat backpacks are a wonderful way to let your curious feline explore the outside world. They come in an array of designs, but what should you look for in a cat backpack?

Cat backpacks should be chosen with careful consideration. The kind of activities you want to go on should influence the cat backpack you choose. It should fit your cat's size, have several entry points, ventilation, and safety straps. The straps should also be comfortable for the wearer.

Read on below to learn more about what you should look for in a cat backpack.

How To Choose a Cat Backpack

If you’ve been looking for a way to travel with your cat, a high-quality cat backpack is the answer.

Cat backpacks are the perfect way to take your feline pets as you go for a picnic, short hikes, weekend trips, and even on errands. They ensure that both you and your cat are comfortable, but it also has the features that cats specifically need to relax while outside of their comfort zone.

Cat backpacks should be carefully chosen; otherwise, you may risk your cat no longer enjoying it. They may not even go near it after an uncomfortable experience.

When you’re shopping around for the best cat backpack for your cat, here are some things to think about:


The kind of activities you intend to go on with your cat should influence the type of cat backpack you choose.

For example, if you plan to go on treks, choose the best cat hiking backpack with soft yet durable materials and waterproof fabric. On the other hand, a hard-shell exterior would be uncomfortable for hiking but it will work just fine for short city trips and errands.

Cat Size and Weight

Check the dimensions of the backpack to ensure that it can comfortably fit your cat’s size and weight.

Cats should be able to sit or even lay down inside the backpack with ease. They should also be able to move around inside without feeling cramped. Choosing a cat backpack that is too small will make the experience extremely unpleasant for your cat.

Entry Points

Some cat backpacks have just one entry point, though it’s ideal to have at least two.

These give your cat options for entering the backpack, which is helpful if they are new to using backpacks as they may be a little hesitant in the beginning.


Ventilation is critical to the safety and comfort of your kitty.

The best cat backpack should have several air holes or mesh panels for ventilation to let them breathe easily. They also prevent your cat from overheating.

If you are using a bubble backpack, they usually have air holes at the sides and top of the window. Be sure to inspect all ventilation options in any backpack you are considering for your cat.

Safety Straps

Safety should always be a priority. Nobody wants their cats to escape when going on an adventure.

Safety straps in cat backpacks prevent this from happening. These straps, located in the backpack interior, are attached to the cat’s harness or leash so that in the event they jump out, they won’t get too far. If your cat is extra curious, using a long leash attached to the safety strap will also enable them to explore safely while giving you peace of mind they won’t get too far.


The best cat carrier backpack should also be comfortable for the wearer. Look for padded and adjustable shoulder straps to help you distribute weight evenly. They also play an important role in protecting your back.

Hip and chest straps are also extremely beneficial if you intend to go on longer journeys such as hiking. They help reduce the weight from your shoulders.


There are certain designs and features that you should also consider before choosing a cat backpack.

Carrier vs. Bubble

Cat backpacks fall into one of two categories: carrier backpacks and bubble backpacks. Each of them have their own advantages; they primarily differ in design. Carrier backpacks are made with durable materials and feature mesh windows.

On the other hand, bubble carriers are sturdy thanks to their hard shell exterior. They have a bubble-like round window from where cats can see the outside world from a safe space inside.

Carrier backpacks, because of the softer material used in its construction, is more comfortable to use for longer journeys. Bubble carriers with a hard shell are then best suited for short trips. Regardless of the type you choose, it should be made with sturdy construction and a soft interior for your cat’s safety.

Solid, Cushioned Bottom

Soft, cushioned interiors will ensure your cat’s travels are comfortable. A solid bottom will also help keep them in place, which is essential if your cat is on the larger and heavier side.

Easy To Clean

Your cat may soil the backpack to relieve himself while in it. Removable bottom cushions, water-resistant interior linings, and waterproof outer material will make the task of cleaning the backpack much easier for you. 

Our Recommendations

Looking for the best cat backpack can be overwhelming, but here are some of our recommendations that you can start with:

Carrier Cat Backpack

Petsfit Cat Backpack: Travel in style with your cat aboard the Petsfit Cat Backpack. Made for small felines under 22 pounds, this cat carrier is constructed with a sturdy design to keep them safe and secure. There are two entry points located at the top as well as the side, making it easy for pets to enter and exit. Other thoughtful features include safety straps, mesh windows and air holes for excellent ventilation, and padded shoulder straps.   

Bubble Backpack

Lollimeow Cat Bubble Backpack: The Lollimeow Cat Bubble Backpack is one of the top rated bubble carriers, and for good reason. Cats can enjoy fantastic views from the clear bubble front while 9 ventilation maximize breathability. It comes with a pocket on one side for storing cat treats, while a small opening has been added to enable you to reach in for pets whenever you’d like. The expandable feature of the pack gives them more room to play and rest wherever you go.


Finding the best cat backpack is easy with all the fantastic choices out there. Narrowing down the places and adventures you want to go on with your cat will make it all much easier.

About the author

Diane is our head writer and researcher for our backpack informational content. Her everyday carry is a Herschel.

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