Are Cat Backpacks Safe? 

 August 20, 2022

By  Diane Wuthrich

Cat backpacks are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel with your cat. They enable you to take your feline friends out for coffee or even on short hikes. But how safe are they?

Cat backpacks should meet certain requirements to be considered safe. A cat backpack should not be completely transparent, be big enough for your cat, and have enough air holes for ventilation, and be equipped with a safety harness. They should only be used for trips 6 hours long or shorter.

Choosing a cat backpack carefully and using it properly is necessary for your cat’s safety. Read on below to learn more about the safety features of the best cat backpacks.

Are Backpack Cat Carriers Safe

Cat backpacks are designed to safely transport cats. These are a fantastic invention that have allowed cat owners to enjoy the delights of traveling with your cats. Whether it’s for a quick trip to the vet or going on short hikes, cat backpacks are an ideal way to travel with your kitty.

However, not all cat backpacks are made equally. Sometimes, a cat backpack is not safe for your cat.

Below are safety considerations all owners must think about when choosing a cat backpack.

Not Transparent

It is not advisable to use cat backpacks that are completely transparent, especially if you have a fearful or anxious cat.

By nature, cats should be given the chance to hide. A transparent bag can be too overwhelming for them, while a backpack with mesh lets your feline choose when they want to be seen.


A good cat backpack should fit the dimensions and weight of your cat. Cats are generally comfortable in small spaces but the backpack should still have adequate space for them to move and turn around.

A cat backpack that is too large will cause them to slide and fall around, and if it’s too small they may end up constricted and squished.


Cat backpacks must have multiple air holes so that they can breathe in it. There should be air holes in at least two areas of the pack so that your cat can easily breathe even if they change positions, otherwise they may suffocate. Before you use the pack, always check that there is nothing blocking the holes, such as toys or pieces of clothing.

Safety Harness

Some cats may easily take the opportunity to leap out as soon as the backpack is opened.

You can prevent this by using a cat backpack with a safety harness. This way, your cat will always be on a leash attached to the pack, ensuring they don’t get too far.

Short Trips

Veterinarians recommend the use of cat backpacks for no longer than 6 hours at a time. Even when you are going on short trips, check on your cat occasionally and give them water. Taking short breaks every hour or so is ideal for your cat to access a litter and food too.

Last but not least, use the backpack correctly. Before setting out on a short trip, check to see if the zippers close properly.


Cat backpacks should be chosen based on these features. These considerations will ensure your cat is not only safe in a cat backpack, but improve the chances your cat will like it too.

About the author

Diane is our head writer and researcher for our backpack informational content. Her everyday carry is a Herschel.

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