Do Cats Like Cat Backpacks? 

 August 20, 2022

By  Diane Wuthrich

Cat backpacks have become a popular way to travel with your cat. Thanks to these unique designs, cat owners can now take their feline companions on short trips. But many wonder if cats enjoy being in cat backpacks.

Some cats like being in cat backpacks. However, there are cats that may take time getting used to the backpack, while others may end up never liking them at all.

There are other things to understand about placing cats in cat backpacks. Read on below to learn more.

Do All Cats Like Cat Backpacks?

Cat backpacks are safe carriers and enable you to transport them or take them with you during short trips.

However, cats have different personalities so it may be difficult to predict if they will like a cat backpack or not. There will be some cats that will take a liking to them right away, while others will require time getting accustomed to it.

Then, there will be those cats that will simply never enjoy being in even the best cat backpack. You’ll be able to tell if they dislike it because they will not go near it.

How To Choose a Cat Backpack

If you want to increase the likelihood that a cat will like a backpack, it should have all the right features for them. Here are some tips for choosing a backpack that your cat may like:

1. Space: 

Having ample space is critical in selecting any kind of pet carrier. Cats especially require lots of space, so be sure that the backpack can give them enough room to lay down, turn around, and get up when they feel like they need it. On the same note, be sure that the backpack is sturdy enough to carry your cat’s weight.

2. Ventilation: 

A good cat backpack should have several ventilation holes for proper air flow. Look for air holes placed on the bubble window, side, bottom, and mesh panels among others. This is especially important for your cat to self-regulate their temperatures if you are going on excursions during hot weather.

3. Comfortable for your cat: 

Make the cat backpack as comfortable for them based on their personality as well as favorite things. Place their favorite toys, some treats, and even a rug. These will give them a sense of familiarity and safety while encouraging them to spend more time in it.

4. Hiding space: 

Some cat backpacks offer minimal transparency, such as through a bubble window. There are also cat backpack designs whose front exterior is completely transparent. Unless your cat is extremely social, you may want to avoid buying a backpack that has lots of transparency.

5. Comfortable for you: 

A cat backpack should have ample comfort features for the wearer while you walk or hike. For example, adjustable straps let you evenly distribute the weight or change the length as needed; not only will this be better for your back and shoulders but it will also ensure the backpack stays close to your body and minimizes impact your cat feels from your steps.

Our Recommendations for Cat Backpacks

If you are looking around for cat backpacks, these popular models are highly recommended for their great features that both you and your feline will appreciate:

-   Rolife Cat Backpack: For cats who enjoy traveling, the Rolife Cat Backpack has all the features you need for a fun and safe adventure. Six ventilation holes guarantee proper air flow, while the entire design has been airline approved.

Your cat can explore freely thanks to the zipped access, but when it’s time to rest or enjoy the sights from afar, the mesh and bubble window come in handy. Other nifty features include the D-rings, where you can attach a leash or collar. It also has two front pockets where you can stash toys or treats. 

-   CloverPet Luxury Bubble Backpack: The CloverPet Luxury Bubble Backpack is an ideal cat backpack for short trips or going on errands. Discerning felines will appreciate the soft microleather, and it can open up on each side for more space and comfort.

The padded straps will ensure your comfort while you wear it, and also help your cat feel more secure. In addition, the interiors have been completely lined with a removable fleece-padded bed, which is perfect for cat naps on the go.

-   Huo Zao Space Capsule Cat Backpack: This terrific all-around cat backpack boasts of many thoughtful features. The Huo Zao Space Capsule Cat Backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, a chest buckle, and is lightweight at just 3 pounds.

The honeycomb cover provides superior ventilation, while felines can have lots of space inside. It can fit up to 2 small cats as well. There are two side pockets that are useful for storing treats, food, a harness, or leash. Whether you’re going for errands or hiking, this is a versatile cat backpack.


There are steps you can take to make a cat backpack more appealing and comfortable for cats. However, at the end of the day, some may like them while others won’t.   

About the author

Diane is our head writer and researcher for our backpack informational content. Her everyday carry is a Herschel.

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