Best Anti Theft Backpack: Slash Proof Bags with Hidden Compartments

How To Find The Best Anti-Theft Backpack

Whether you’re traveling on the train for your commute to work or boarding a plane to go overseas, your backpack is no doubt full of important possessions. These handy bags are carried on our back for comfort and support, but this positioning also leaves them open to more theft, which is why the anti theft backpack was invented.

Man with an anti-theft backpack.

If you’ve never owned an anti theft backpack before or are simply looking to upgrade, you likely already know just how many options there are. What should be a simple purchase quickly becomes a difficult one as you try and find your way through the countless features and specifications on offer, wondering exactly what you need from an anti theft backpack.

Thankfully, we’ve made this search a little easier for you by going through every anti-theft backpack review imaginable and narrowing it down to find the clear winners. With our helpful buying guide, you’ll be able to choose the best anti theft travel backpack to suit your needs and the ones that have been made with the highest of quality.

Not only can we help you find the best on the market, but we’ll show you the important features that no backpack should be without. There are anti theft travel backpack options or those for everyday use, so no matter your needs we’ll help you narrow down the search to find the very best one.

Our Picks For The Best Anti Theft Backpack in 2019

With literally hundreds of options on the market, you might already feel a little overwhelmed in your search for anti theft backpacks. After weighing up the countless reviews of the top bags on the market, we’ve compiled our recommendations for the best of the best.

Winner: DYSU Anti Theft Backpack

When you’re looking for an all-around anti theft backpack that can be used for just about anything, it has to be the DYSU one. This secure and safe travel bag has been designed to provide you with every security measure imaginable and a whole bunch of futuristic features to make it even more enticing.

This backpack is more of a multipurpose bag without any specific use, so if you’re after something that’s made for a laptop you might want to keep looking. It can fit smaller computers in its laptop compartment but its main purpose is for everyday use or travel so you should find something more suited to your specific needs if this sounds like you.

Hush GeckoOriginal Design Anti Theft Backpack

You’ll have absolute peace of mind while wearing this travel daypack that your belongings are safe with the countless safety measures included. You’ll get hidden zipper closures using quality YKK zippers, secret pockets for storing your most important items, and cut proof material that means sneaky thieves can’t snatch your bag away from you with force.

Another great bonus of this bag is that it’s been weight balanced, so not only does it provide you with security but it’s ergonomically designed.

This means you’ll be able to carry it for longer without becoming strained or sore, making it the perfect traveling companion. Some might even like to take their bag hiking or camping, and thanks to the durable material it would stand up against the wilderness for sure.

There are a few other tech features worth mentioning including an external USB port that allows you to charge on the go but be warned that you’ll need your own power pack to make this work. This charger can come in handy when you run out of battery though, however, some users have stated that it didn’t work with newer models of smartphones like the iPhone X.

By far the best thing about the DYSU Anti Theft Backpack is the low cost, and when you look at all of the features and the quality of it you’ll be pretty amazed as well. For a safe and secure way to carry your belongings, this is truly one of the best on the market.

Runner-Up: Xibonwe Anti Theft Laptop Backpack

If you’re someone who needs to take your laptop with you from A to B, you’ll understand how important it is to feel that it’s secure. Whether you’re walking the street or on the bus, your personal computer needs to be safe inside.

As one of the most expensive items we’ll ever purchase and the one device that holds all of our information and memories, this anti theft laptop bag by Xibonwe is a smart investment.

With plenty of space to fit a 17-inch laptop inside this will please most customers, but be sure to measure up before you get yourself one. The measurements of the backpack itself are around 12.6” x 7.1” x 20” which makes it's main compartment pretty large compared to others on the market so you should have no issues fitting all of your essential travel gear in it.

Womdee Laptop Backpack

The safety features of this travel bag includes an anti theft lock that will prevent anyone from entering your bag without your knowledge and plenty of hidden compartments for keeping your stuff safe. Although the material itself is quite durable, it’s not marketed as slash proof which is what some people look for in an anti theft device like this.

There are plenty of nice little features added to the Xibonwe Laptop Backpack including a headphone slot that lets you listen to music on the go and an integrated USB charging port. As with other travel backpacks like this, though, you’ll need to supply your own power pack to use with the bag otherwise you won’t be able to use the charging station.

The cardholder, sunglasses holder, and reflective strip are just a few other pieces that make it great to travel with as well.

This is certainly one of the more comfortable daypacks on the market so it’s ergonomically pleasing, too. There are extra wide and cushioned shoulder straps made from breathable materials so you’ll find it especially comfortable if you’re traveling long distances with it.

Overall, the Xibonwe Laptop Backpack is a great choice for a safe and secure bag to keep your laptop and other goods protected.

Alternative: Iwalouges Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack

If you’re after an anti theft backpack that’s all business, this is the best option for you. Although it might not be as versatile as some of our other choices, it’s guaranteed to deliver on its specific promise to keep your laptop and other work related goods safe.

This is the ideal travel backpack for those who want a professional touch to their accessories, and it’s made with a simple grey colored durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric. This means your bag is soft to the touch but durable enough to keep your belongings safe, so there’s no need to wonder who has access to them when you’re out and about.

Measuring in at 20” x 12” x 5.7”, the Iwalouges Business Laptop Backpack should be large enough to fit most professional users. This backpack has a dedicated laptop compartment to fit devices up to 17 inches which is fairly standard, but if you carry one larger than normal you’ll definitely need to upgrade.

Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Headphones Port For Men Women Fits Under 17-Inch Laptop Grey

To keep your belongings safe, this business laptop comes with your very own combination lock that only you’ll know the code to. In addition, the zippers are durable and made from metal so they can’t be easily opened, giving you extra protection against potential thieves.

We probably would have liked to see a little more security from this bag, but what it offers should be more than enough.

The design of this bag is one of its strong points with three main compartments to carry your laptop and other items. You’ll also get a variety of compartments and small pockets giving you individual spaces for your phone, pens, tablet, documents, and more.

There’s no way you’ll ever lose anything with this travel backpack so it’s the perfect choice for anyone who likes to be strictly organized.

This is another comfortable bag option with plenty of ergonomic design features to keep your protected as well as your belongings.

The S curved padded shoulder straps mean you can carry the bag all day long without getting fatigued or putting unnecessary strain on your back and neck. For a bag that provides professional style, protection, and comfort, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Alternative: Aumaric Casual Anti Theft Backpack

At first glance of this backpack from Aumaric, you might not realize that it’s an anti-theft accessory, but it’s got just the right features to keep everything within it safe. Looking like a standard everyday backpack, this casual bag shouldn’t be judged on first appearances alone.

The layout of the travel bag is what makes it a good anti-theft device with the separate compartments designed to keep everything safe and hard to access from the outside.

However, there are no special locks or anything that keep your important electronics safe. In terms of its protection, it probably offers a little less than the others but it still quite a safe place to store your goods.

Anti Theft Business Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Headphones Port For Men Women Fits Under 17-Inch Laptop Grey

Although a little more expensive than other options, the quality and style of this bag are certainly worth the price tag. This is the perfect bag for school, work, and travel, and because it looks so casual and stylish it can complement just about any outfit or occasion. It’s comfortable to carry and looks laid back, so you’ll feel confident any time you wear it.

This bag measures about 16 inches tall so it’s fairly standard in size unless you are planning on carrying your laptop in it. Aumaric has made this a little on the smaller size with room for around 15.5 inches of laptop or tablet, so you need to measure your own device up before you decide if it’s worthy.

By far the best thing about this backpack is the material used in its construction, made up of 95 percent nylon and 5 percent PU leather. These work to make the bag water resistant which means everything inside it will be kept safe from the weather and it also has a polyester lining for extra protection.

When you’re looking for a travel backpack that focuses mainly on style and offers a little bit of extra security, the Aumaric Casual Backpack is it. Its sleek grey finish with tan PU leather makes it a modern fashion accessory and would suit anyone who favors style and comfort over anything else.

Alternative: OZUKO 3D Anti Theft Backpack

If you’re looking for a stylish black backpack that’s serious about anti theft features, you can’t go wrong with the OZUKO Anti Theft Backpack. This travel backpack is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to make sure your belongings are safe no matter where you go.

This water repellent backpack even has a USB charging port that can safely store up to a 15.7 inch laptop. Although the bag itself doesn’t include a battery, you can use a power bank for charging. This bag utilizes world-class anti theft design, evident in the fact that the zipper for the main pocket is completely hidden behind the bag, which means that only you can access it and no one else. It also has a secret pocket for your most important belongings which is ideal for keeping your passport, keys, and wallet safe wherever you travel. 

OZUKO Three Dimensional Backpack Front

The bag is recommended for people who value staying organized. There are several other compartments including an adjustable main compartment which is equipped with multiple spacious areas where you can keep your phone, pens, wallet, and laptop securely. 

The OZUKO Anti Theft Backpack was designed to protect slim laptops as well as other important travel gear. Its measurements are 11.02x4.92x16.93 inches, and a generous total capacity of 12 L. The bag is made from durable and eco-friendly nylon fabric, padded shoulder straps for comfort, and is light enough to carry. There is a total of 3 main pockets as well as 9 smaller pockets inside the bag, as well as 2 sealed side pockets so you can easily reach for your things on the go. Staying organized has never been so easy; it has a separate laptop sleeve as well as room for phones, tablets, pens, wallet, keys, and even books, clothes, and bottles. 

The backpack also comes with other thoughtful and secure features, such as the reflective stripe found on the front of the bag. The reflective stripe makes the bag easily more visible at night, making it safe for you to walk around even in dark places.  OZUKO has been able to create a product that is not only secure and highly functional, but also protective and affordable. For as long as it fits your laptop, your gadgets, and other valuables, it makes a terrific purchase.  Anyone looking for a secure anti theft backpack should consider this as it’s definitely one of the best options in the market. 

Why You Should Invest In An Anti-Theft Backpack

If you’ve never owned an anti theft backpack or bag before you might be wondering why exactly they are so important. Most obviously, there’s no denying that the rate of crime is increasing around the world so it’s never been more crucial to keep your belongings safe.

In addition to the rise in crime, it seems the belongings that we carry with us now are also more important than ever. When you think about 30 years ago and the items we might take in a travel bag, there’s very little to be lost except for a wallet and keys. Today, though, we have laptops, smartphones, cards, wallets, keys, and other devices full of sensitive information.

Imagine that you’re traveling the world and all of a sudden find that your passport and credit cards have gone missing, or during the train ride to work your laptop is stolen right out of your bag? That’s where an anti theft backpack comes in handy to prevent these things from occurring and offer you other benefits too, like ergonomic construction and stylish designs.

Anti-theft backpacks don’t have to be as extreme as they sound, with people usually conjuring up images in their head of heavily padlocked bags and bulky devices. Nowadays, these bags look just like a standard luggage but with added secret features that make them safer, so there’s really no excuse not to upgrade to one.

What To Look For In An Anti Theft Backpack

We’ve shown you our top choices for the best anti theft backpacks on the market, but what exactly makes them so good? When choosing one of these secure accessories for yourself there are a few things you can look for to ensure you’re getting something worthwhile.

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    Size - They come in all different sizes, and when you’re looking at an anti-theft travel backpack, in particular, you might think the smaller the better. But, even larger travel backpacks like this have plenty of smaller compartments so you can keep your belongings safe. You can tell the size of a backpack by its measurements, and sometimes it will show the capacity in liters.
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    Size Of Your Laptop - If you’re purchasing an anti theft backpack purely to house your laptop, you’ll need to make sure it’s going to fit. The standard size that these backpacks cater to is around 15.7 inches however this won’t fit all laptops or tablets. Before purchasing, measure up your device and choose a backpack based on what will fit it snugly inside. 
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    Safety Features - There are a few common safety features on these backpacks, and depending on how much protection you need you might want one with all of just a few. Combination locks, RFID blocking, padlocks, hidden compartments and pockets, concealed zippers, and slash resistant straps are some popular ways to keep thieves from getting your goods. 
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    Extra Features - Although their main purpose is to keep your possessions safe, there’s no reason you can’t upgrade to a travel backpack with a few extra features for convenience. Inclusions like headphone slots, USB chargers, water bottle holders and reflective straps are just a few ways you can spruce up your backpack.  Many different color bags are also available.
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    Material - There are various materials used for these backpacks that have a specific purpose. Polyester, PU leather, nylon, and oxford material are all common due to their strength but lightweight feel. You can choose backpacks that are breathable, tear resistant, waterproof, or rugged, and it all comes down to the material. 
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    Ergonomic Design - Safety is important with these backpacks but it’s also important to wear something comfortable and supportive of your body. Look for ergonomic features like extra wide straps, padding, and weighted designs that help you stay balanced and improve your posture. 

The Only Way To Keep Your Belongings Safe

Before the anti theft bag and travel backpack revolution occurred, people simply had to put their faith in their standard backpack to keep everything safe. Thieves became smarter though and were able to expertly slip inside bags or remove them from your body without you even realizing, and so this innovative concept was designed.

There are a number of features that can be installed on a bag to make it anti theft, so it’s just a matter of finding what level of protection you feel safest with. For those who want a little bit of extra protection but prefer the style factor over anything, there are some great options out there.

Laptop backpacks.

However, if the look is less important to you but you just want reassurance that your goods are safe, you can go with the most serious of all anti theft devices.

These bags cost the same as standard backpacks and come in so many different styles that it’s hard to choose. There’s no reason not to put an extra layer of protection on your backpack whether it’s for travel, work, or leisure, especially when you know there are no extra costs involved.

Anti theft backpacks will no doubt only get more advanced over the years, but for now, these represent some of the best on the market. There’s no need to spend a fortune on a secure bag like this, as you can see, so you shouldn’t put off this important investment any longer than you have to.