What Is The Best Backpack With Charger? 

 June 12, 2023

By  Diane Wuthrich

There are few things more inconvenient than your mobile phone or gadget running low on battery when you need it. This can be prevented when you use a backpack designed with a charger. There are many backpacks with chargers out there, so how do you choose the best one?

There are a few things to consider before buying a backpack with charger. Chargers are usually powered by an electrical outlet, but solar chargers are available too. It should have ample space for the purpose you need it for; a backpack with charger should also have enough pockets for your gadgets.

Aside from these, there are other useful features to look out for in backpacks with chargers. Read on below to learn more.

Features of the Best Backpacks With Chargers

These days, hardly anyone ever leaves home with some kind of electronic device

Whether it’s your smartphone, tablets, laptop, or any other device, the key to making the most out of them is ensuring they always have power. It’s impossible for devices to retain battery life 24/7, but having a power bank or a backpack with charger ensures that you always have battery while you’re on the go.

A charging backpack is always useful. And there are many kinds out there on the market. Here’s what you should be looking for in one:

Power Source

Charging backpacks come in different designs. These include USB chargers, built-in chargers, solar-powered batteries, and much more. They each have their own pros and cons, so let’s take a look at each of them below:

USB Charging Backpack

Backpacks with USB charging ports are the most common type of power source. USB ports are usually located outside of the bag, which powers your device through a cable located inside, which can then be plugged into your portable power bank. Keep in mind that most backpacks with USB chargers don’t come with power banks, and you have to provide your own.

Backpacks with USB ports are widely available, and they are also the most affordable option. The problem with backpacks that utilize USB power sources is that USB ports are often outdated. Many smartphone and tablet manufacturers continue to change their USB port designs through the years, which means that most new devices may not be compatible with old-school USB ports.

Backpack with Built-In Charger

Backpacks with a built-in charger already have an internal power source, with or without a cable. The internal power source can be wireless or come with a power adapter that requires you to plug into an outlet or another power source. These are integrated with the backpack’s design, allowing you to conveniently charge your device anytime, anywhere.

When shopping around for backpacks with a built-in charger, it also helps to understand how strong the power source is. You can tell how strong it is, or how many charges it can support, with the metric mAh. This refers to a milliampere hour, a term that refers to a battery’s energy charge.

Around 3000mAh is usually enough for one charge, while a power source with 20,000mAh can charge a device over 5 times.

Also, keep in mind that backpacks with built-in chargers are more challenging to find since they aren’t as common. They also tend to be expensive due to the additional technology and engineering that goes into integrating these power sources into the backpack.

Backpacks with Cable Pass Through

Backpacks that enable you to charge your device through a cable pass are more versatile and flexible. These packs are designed with specific pockets and  You just need to have your own portable power bank and cable, it won’t be rendered useless when it’s time to upgrade cables or your power bank.

In addition, cables with a pass-through design are affordable because no technology is required for it to work.

Backpacks with Solar Charger

Backpacks with solar panel are more advanced models of charging backpacks. They are designed with solar panels outside of the pack that converts sunlight into energy that can power your devices or another portable power source, such as a power bank.

Solar chargers in backpacks are a fairly new feature, and they are expensive because of the technology that goes into making them. However, for individuals who spend a great deal of time in the outdoors, such as hikers, campers, and photographers, a backpack with a solar panel could be a good investment.

Aside from a higher price, backpacks with a solar charger also tend to be heavier. Additional weight is incurred by the implementation of the solar panel. If a lightweight backpack is your priority, you’re better off using a USB charger backpack or one with a cable pass-through system.

How Many Ports Does The Backpack Have?

In addition, it’s also good to know how many ports a backpack has. A student who only needs to charge their mobile phone will do just fine with one port. However, if you are packing for a trip with your family, then you may need a tech backpack that has at least two or more charging ports.

Always count the number of devices you need when considering the power sources of your backpack.


The material used in backpacks with charging ports varies. It’s important to choose based on your intended purpose for the backpack.

For example, if you plan to use your backpack for outdoor excursions, choose backpacks made from nylon, polyester, or a version of these fabrics. Water-repellent backpacks are recommended if you want extra protection from the weather.

On the other hand, if you need a chargeable backpack for business or school use, you are better off using durable materials such as oxford or polyester. Most laptop backpacks are constructed out of these fabrics.

The material used in backpack and compartment linings is also equally important. Quality, soft, and smooth lining are crucial for protecting gadget screens such as those of your iPhone or tablet. Polyester and nylon lining are recommended.


The best backpack with charger should have ample pockets to help you organize your devices, cables, and other tech accessories. There are endless pocket design options in backpacks these days, but it’s always best to consider one that meets your organizational needs.

Here is a list of compartments that may come in handy for you:

  • Padded laptop compartment, to protect your computer or tablet as you commute to and from the office or a café
  • Side pockets for water bottles or an umbrella, which will come in handy for commuters
  • Power bank pocket, either inside or outside
  • Dedicated tech pocket, where you can neatly keep your cables, headphones, mobile phone, and other items
  • Dedicated camera compartment, for photographers
  • Front access pocket, where you can keep something you need quick access too such as your wallet

Anti-theft pockets are also beneficial for extra security. Some backpacks provide these pockets, which are hidden from everyone else except you. These are great places for storing your credit cards, money, and other stuff, particularly when traveling.


The right backpack with a charging port for you should have enough space to carry everything you need. The right size will vary from one person to another, since you should consider your needs and lifestyle. Generally speaking, laptop and tech backpacks are usually around 25 to 35L in capacity though larger bags are available too.

If you need to carry your laptop and a few documents or books to school or work, then a backpack of 20 to 25L will suffice. Photography and outdoor enthusiasts should look into backpacks that are at least 30L.


The best backpacks with charger should always be comfortable to wear. The most important aspect to look out for is wide, thickly padded shoulder straps that have adjustable buckles. These are especially important if you are carrying heavy gadgets in your charger backpack, such as laptops and cameras.

Other useful straps that make a backpack more comfortable include a waist strap and a chest strap. These are efficient in helping redistribute the load of your backpack.

A padded and breathable back panel also adds to overall comfort. These prevent sweat and moisture from accumulating, which can happen if you use your backpack in hot climates or for long periods of time.

Other Features To Consider

Though not critical, you may find other features useful in a backpack with a charger. Below is a list of some handy optional features:

Anti-theft Features

Aside from hidden pockets, there are lots of different types of anti-theft features that some backpack models offer. At least one or two in a backpack are excellent for protecting your essentials from theft, especially during travel:

  • Zippers with locks
  • Tear-proof fabric
  • RFID pockets
  • Combination lock
  • Locking cables

Compression Straps

These straps reduce the overall size of your pack when it isn’t packed to its full capacity. As a result, it minimizes bulk and makes it easier and more comfortable to use. Compression straps can also have the added benefit of enabling you to attach additional gear or equipment.

Luggage Strap

A travel backpack with charger may come with a luggage strap. This is useful for attaching your backpack to a handheld suitcase so that you can walk around crowded places, such as the airport, with ease. Using a luggage strap offers a versatile way to carry your backpack as well when you want to give your shoulders a break.


Some backpacks with chargers are designed to be versatile. For example, detachable straps allow you to wear the backpack in different ways, such as a tote bag or crossbody bag.

Our Recommendations for the Best Charger Backpacks

Many renowned backpack brands have designed quality backpacks with chargers. They come in a wide range of prices to suit students as well as professionals, no matter what your budget is. Below is a guide outlining several popular models that you can choose from.

Best For Students

Shrradoo Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack: High school and college students will find the Shrradoo Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack extremely useful on and off campus. It has a sleek silhouette, and it comes in beautiful colors: purple, grey, red, and black – suitable for both men and women.

Shrradoo Backpack Charger

The built-in USB charger is located outside of the pack, while the charging cable is inside. This makes it easy to charge your mobile phone while walking and commuting. The price point is affordable for students, and you can find a low-cost power bank to pair with this backpack too.

The Shrradoo Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack has been designed with many thoughtful pockets which students will find useful. After all, considering university life is extremely busy, you shouldn’t be wasting time looking for your pens, keys, or calculator. The laptop sleeve is padded for extra protection too.

Given how rampant theft is on campuses, as well as on commutes, students can have peace of mind thanks to the backpack’s anti-theft features. These include a lockable zipper, which allows you to set your own password in order to access the main compartment. Additionally, the anti-theft pocket found on the lower back will keep your cash, credit cards, and other valuables safe from prying eyes.

This backpack offers plenty of space too, so students can use this backpack for other activities, such as after-school sports practice and even a weekend trip. It’s also compliant with TSA regulations, allowing you to use it for traveling as well.

However, the Shrradoo Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack doesn’t have the most durable straps. It’s best to avoid overloading the pack with heavy textbooks, which can risk strap breakage.

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack: The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is a stylish school backpack with superior functionality. With a 25L capacity, it’s just right for college students who use more tech than textbooks.

Modoker Vintage Charger Backpack

The external USB charging port allows you to charge your phones conveniently. It already comes with a cable, so you simply need to provide your own power bank. Meanwhile, the laptop pocket can accommodate laptops up to 15.6 inches.

The Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack is ideal for busy students. The spacious main compartment can be used to keep your everyday necessities, including school documents, folders, and textbooks. Furthermore, it comes with a second zippered pocket which is perfect for segregating other items such as notebooks, your wallet, a jacket for school, or a change of clothes.

It also comes with a pocket on each side. However, they aren’t mesh or expandable, though it can accommodate a small water bottle and an umbrella. The exterior side pockets are far too small to fit a large water bottle, though.

Even if your backpack is heavy, you can stay comfortable because of the thick, padded shoulder straps with an ergonomic design. This is a good basic backpack for school use, but it’s too small to be versatile enough for weekend trips.

Best For Digital Nomads

Tzowla Anti-Theft Backpack: While many backpacks with chargers are often either affordable but not as durable or far too expensive for most people, the Tzowla Anti-Theft Backpack is a steal. It offers true value for money and has many features that digital nomads and professionals will appreciate.

Tzowla Backpack Charging

Among its many practical features, the Tzowla Anti-Theft Backpack is well-received for its simple and professional design as well as easy-to-use portable charging capabilities. Specific pockets inside the bag were created to keep your battery pack. It does come with a cord for headphones and for connecting to android mobile phones, though they are rather flimsy.  

The laptop sleeve could do with additional padding. However, this can be remedied by keeping your laptop in a protective sleeve before placing it in the bag. Despite that disadvantage, the other organizational features of this pack are excellent.

The Tzowla Anti-Theft Backpack is sleek and slim, making it easy for any nomad to travel with whether it’s on vehicle, train, or plane rides. It also looks professional and can be taken from the boardroom to cafes. This can fit around 18L, which is ample storage for a day of work.

Best For Travelers

Jumo Cyly Anti-Theft Backpack: Frequent travelers who need to carry a lot of tech will be satisfied with the rich features of the Jumo Cyly Anti-Theft Backpack. It offers a complete solution, including a built-in USB cable charger that allows you to charge while you’re outdoors. This backpack is protected with a waterproof design, so you can be sure all your devices are safe at all times.

JUMO Charging Backpack

Whereas other charger backpacks have a top opening, this pack is much more convenient for travelers because of its U-shaped loading design. Because of this, you can open it the same way you would a suitcase. One quick zip opens up to generous storage: one flap for your laptop and iPad, while the main compartment for clothes, shoes, and just about anything else you need.

The hard shell exterior isn’t too stiff either. It provides just the right amount of support to keep the bag upright. The handy luggage strap is another bonus for frequent and business travelers.

The price points aren’t bad, either. The Jumo Cyly Anti-Theft Backpack is proof that chargeable backpacks don’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Best For Hikers

RuK 40L Solar Backpack: If you spend a lot of time outdoors, the gray RuK Multifunctional 40L Solar Backpack is a good choice for charging anytime, anywhere. Designed with a solar panel and USB ports plus a 5V battery pack, you can quickly charge at least one device at the same time. This is a fantastic gift choice for the outdoor lover in your life!

Ruk Solar Charger Backpack

The insulated and sealed meal compartment, a drink pocket, and a segregated laundry compartment make this perfect for camping and hikes. In addition, it’s equipped with a laptop pocket for laptops up to 17 inches. The water-resistant hard shell keeps water and moisture out for the safety of your belongings in the great outdoors.

As a bonus, this backpack even has a super-tough Kevlar roller luggage strap! These features, which aren’t found in others, are a good indicator of just how durable and reliable the RuK Multifunctional 40L Solar Backpack is. It’s comfortable to wear, too: moisture-wicking and padded shoulder straps keep hikers cool despite long hours under the sun.

Best For Women

Lovevook Laptop Backpack For Women: The Lovevook Laptop Backpack for women combines both fashion and functionality into one practical charger backpack. It’s available in many beautiful colors, from vibrant to neutral.

Lovevook Charger Backpack

It’s no surprise why this backpack is among the best-selling models for women. You can choose from three options to accommodate laptops of varying sizes. There are several smart features, including a USB port for charging headphones, tablets, and phones.

Using the power source in this bag is easy. All you need to do is plug the USB cord into an external power bank, then use it! Whereas other chargeable backpacks are complicated to use, this is extremely easy.

The Lovevook Laptop Backpack has a wide zippered opening, allowing you to easily see the bag’s contents at one glance. Female travelers will appreciate this feature, just as much as anyone else who uses it. Whether you’re a nurse, student, or a professional, effortless organization is priceless.

It would have been better if the front access pocket had two zippers for a more efficient opening. However, the Lovevook Laptop Backpack is still a great buy for women.

Ytonet Anti-Theft Backpack: Women who lead busy lives and travel frequently can’t go wrong with the Ytonet Anti-Theft Backpack. It’s ultra-spacious and loaded with features that women who carry around a lot of gadgets will appreciate.

Ytonet Charger Backpack

This bag is equipped with an external USB as well as a built-in charging cable design. Simply provide your own power bank, and you’re sure to always have a charge. Keep your credit cards safe from theft during travel thanks to the high-tech RFID blocking feature, which can block signals of 13.46 MHz and more.

The Ytonet Anti-Theft Backpack comes with a luggage strap, allowing you to easily attach the backpack to a suitcase or luggage handle. Women who travel with backpacks are always top targets of thieves, especially since you can’t always tell what’s going on behind you. Keep your valuables safe by storing your cash, credit cards, and passport in the anti-theft pocket located in the back.

This backpack has a total of 15 compartments and organizers. Considering how many small items women always carry around, this is definitely one of the best backpacks with chargers.


Even if no device has an everlasting battery, you can make sure you always have a power source when you use a backpack with charger. Use this guide to help you easily find the right one for your needs.

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